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Tips for Launching Your Career in Digital Marketing

Today, digital marketing has grown to become an immensely prosperous tool to build a career. In the fast-evolving modern world, where everything...

Tips for Launching Your Career in Digital Marketing

Today, digital marketing has grown to become an immensely prosperous tool to build a career. In the fast-evolving modern world, where everything from shopping to health care to education, everything has spread its base in the digital mode, a career in digital marketing is highly promising.

Digital marketing is a highly inclusive space where anyone can build a career without any official qualification needed. Age, gender, color, or any other parameter is irrelevant, as long as you know how to build your presence on digital media platforms.

And the best part is, you can easily learn the basics of digital marketing strategy just by using the available online resources and interacting with a global audience.

What exactly is digital marketing?

The term “digital marketing” refers to a type of marketing that makes use of internet-based digital technologies as the medium of promoting a certain product or service. These internet-based techs include both devices such as computers and mobile phones, as well as digital platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and so on.

The scope of digital marketing has extended over the years as more and more people are inclined towards shopping online instead of in physical shops. Online marketing, the internet-focused sub-section of digital marketing, has numerous channels that include SEO, SEM, content marketing and automation, influencer marketing, data-driven marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing to name a few.

But even beyond the internet, digital marketing extends into other digital media channels such as television, telephones, and SMS/MMS.

Can digital marketing be a good career option?

With companies shifting and transforming themselves to work compatible with the digital world, there is a significant rise in the need for people to take up digital marketing jobs. Today, every possible industrial sector, whether that be a conglomerate like ITC, or a budding business such as Breakout Escape Rooms, is willing to invest in good digital marketing professionals.

The scope for such jobs is wider than any other prospects since most organizations offer remote job roles for digital marketers. There are also several job roles that come under the career field of digital marketing. To make the best out of the budding opportunities, you need to study the area carefully and find your niche. Once you have identified your interest field, all that is left to do is pursue it and capitalize on the high market demand for digital marketing professionals.

Tips and tricks to kick start your career in digital marketing

Hundreds of people take professional digital marketing courses, and yet only a few succeed in their careers. Why so? It is because there are certain pieces of knowledge that go beyond classroom textbooks. Let’s go through some of those pragmatic tips that will help you spark off a successful career in digital marketing.

1. Become well-versed in the basics

Before you look for a career in digital marketing, you must know what it is and what its basic components are. To put it precisely, “digital marketing” is an umbrella term used to refer to various types of marketing on the internet.

One of the key aspects of being a good digital marketing manager is to be able to access and work with any of the multiple channels of the field. But that does not entail you mastering it all up in a single day. As you continue to work in this area, gradually, you will be exposed to working with different tools and technology.

2. Create a website of your own!

When a company hires a digital marketing manager, they not just look for big certificates but rather for people who can prove themselves through their work. Creating your own website will provide you with the necessary space to learn different concepts and showcase the same before prospective clients. This, in turn, will help in convincing your clients to trust you for the work and thus hire you.

Simply knowing the theory behind SEO is not enough. You also need to know how to apply those skills practically. All throughout your career, your major work would be to drive organic traffic or increase sales through social media marketing. For this, practical knowledge in working with SEO is what you would need.

Hence, the first thing to start with would be by creating a blog/website of your own. Through this blog or website, you can then work extensively to increase your rankings. At the same time, you can also work to create or find a product that you can effectively promote through your advertising skills.

3. Work on getting a Google Ads Certification

A major part of your job in digital marketing would be to make use of Google Ads. This will help you to promote products or services on the various websites found on the internet.

The best way to acquire the essential skills to become successful in digital marketing would be by getting a Google Ads certification. This certification can make you stand out before potential employers, as they will see how you have the required skill set.

4. Work diligently on Facebook Ads advertising

As a specialist in the field, knowing the niches of various social media platforms is quite mandatory, with Facebook and Instagram being the primary ones.

Facebook today has become an important tool for digital marketing campaigns. With a growing number of users, getting organic exposure on Facebook has become difficult. So, as a professional, you need to master the ways to use it as an advertising platform. If you have already learned to use SEO and Google Ads, then using Facebook Ads won’t be a problem for you.

5. Know how to work well with Google Analytics

You need to befriend Google Analytics as if your life depends on it. In a digital marketing campaign, almost everything is measurable; and if you know how to use this measurable data to drive more traffic, your job is done. Google Analytics provides you state-of-the-art insight on every single component of your campaign, from who has viewed your campaign to who has clicked on your ads. This helps you make informed decisions when executing your marketing strategy.

6. Start working as a freelancer/intern

The next vital step for you to flourish in your career is to gain experience on the job directly. Starting on creating a website of your own to practice the different techniques involved in digital marketing is a whole different story than working for a client.

Start working as a freelancer to enhance your ability to handle your clients. You will notice how it will gradually push your limits and improve your analytical skills. You will also get first-hand knowledge of how to communicate with your client effectively.

As you start working as a beginner, do not head towards complex projects in the first go. Start with working on simple and easy projects and then slowly head on towards the challenging ones.


Starting your career in digital marketing can open up many avenues to you, especially since the demand for such professionals is at its peak right now. Work on building the necessary skills and understanding the many disciplines of the subject. It is okay to take your time to explore and learn about them. As long as you are seriously pursuing the knowledge, professional opportunities would follow in plenty.


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