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Different Types of Digital Marketing and Their Use

If you are new in the field of business then most probably you are looking for the marketing of your business. The...

Types of Digital Marketing

If you are new in the field of business then most probably you are looking for the marketing of your business. The major motive behind marketing is to enhance the reach of business and boost its growth using the different types of digital marketing techniques.

But you can’t rely on traditional marketing strategies to boost your business. No doubt, traditional marketing is effective, but now we all are living in the digital era, where we get better marketing methods than the old ones. Using these latest marketing strategies you can easily enhance your business that too at large scale as well as at affordable prices


Digital marketing is the one such latest technique that is widely used by businesses to boost the business at digital platforms because most of the audience of your business activities in these social media platforms. Now, digital marketing becomes the most effective marketing technique in comparison to traditional marketing methods and that’s why the demand for digital marketing firms is at its peak.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing comes in the market with the arrival of electronic devices and various digital platforms. Now most of our time spent on using smartphones and during that time we mostly used social media platforms. So, digital marketing is the latest technique that uses a digital platform like the internet, social media, search engines, mobile devices, and various other different platforms to reach customers and enhance business growth. 

Different Types of Digital Marketing

Let’s discuss different types of digital marketing that help in enhancing your business and enlarge its reach among more people at affordable prices.

  • Search Engine Optimization

SEO refers to the process of increasing the online visibility of your search engine results in unpaid (organic) search engine results. After searching for some keywords in a search engine such as Google or Bing, users appear on SERPs or search engine results pages. Each user receives an individual results page based on keywords, user location, and browsing history.

Organic search results are identified and categorized using the algorithm of the search engine. Such algorithms change as people change the way they browse and interact with web content. The more traffic you put on a SERP, the more chances are to have an active user from a passive visitor.

Search engine optimization involves several variables from keywords in the text to web-based links. It includes on- and off-site SEO. On-site SEO applies to the actions you follow in order to improve your SEO on your own website. Off-Page applies to your interactions and behavior outside the SEO website.

  • Social Media Marketing

You are now conscious that social media is an important aspect of the communications campaign. Yet you know the ins and outs of the use of social media? Marketing in social media gives you greater visibility. You will interact more closely with your clients. You can receive important customer input from this engagement and will help you enhance your customer experience, product, or service.

Once you post quality content, social media marketing lets you achieve further scope. Social media marketing is all that you do to improve traffic or industry on your social media platforms. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or LinkedIn, all this is social media marketing.

  • Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM covers the area of SEO neglect, paying search engine traffic. By SEM you are buying promotional space in the SERP of a customer. Google AdWords and Bing Ads are the most commonly used paid search platforms.

The search engine charges a marketer with a default price to show an advertisement on the SERP created by such keywords or phrases on a variety of sites. Pay-per-click or PPC is one example of SEM. PPC is a digital marketing strategy in which search engines bill a client when their ad is clicked.

Social media platforms in recent months have started adopting PPC advertising. This commercial appears in the news of the target market of a client. This system is a great example of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that bleeds into different types of digital marketing. SEM overlaps with social media marketing in this context.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to the conversion payment procedure. Consider hiring a salesman for your product or service. The member earns a commission. The threshold for affiliate marketing is determined. You bill now for transformations. This means that affiliate marketing has no upfront expense. Most of the e-commerce sites and bloggers use affiliate marketing.

If you want to use affiliate marketing, make sure you think about both terms and limits in advance. You want your client to bring the image of your brand next to them. Think of the kinds of vocabulary that you want the participant to use. Naturally, you will always make the contract fit with the partner.

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to the practice of providing your users with quality content for sales and leading purposes. The material can be available online anywhere. Content marketing includes tweets, YouTube videos, and blogs on your web. Content Marketing works by integrating excellent content with other forms of digital marketing, such as SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Take into account your audience when developing content. Recall about whom and what they’re looking for, who you refer about. The topic of your content will be determined. While finding knowledge online, remember the language the audience uses. To raise your SEO you can use these keywords.

  • Email Marketing

E-mail marketing enables you to regularly update your e-mail subscribers on your business. In comparison to any other digital marketing form, this promotes a relationship. Your email notifications offer your customer interest. It generates the confidence and loyalty of brands.

The best email marketing campaigns include a list of the subscribers who have not paid for their content and company. Those who want to subscribe to your e-mail are more likely to become a successful buyer.

  • Influencer Marketing

The newer forms of digital marketing include influencer marketing. Influencer marketing uses traffic and sales drivers that are commonly accessible online to well-known experts in your target market.

Marketing influencers on social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are common. Instagrammers are employed by businesses to advertise their products through one or more images of the product. Companies often conduct “takeovers,” where the authority they recruited controls the social media site of the organization, for a certain duration, usually a day. Such social media uptakes push the influencer to increase their new followers and their exclusive views on your social media platforms.

Before working with any influence, always make sure that you perform proper research about him. You need to verify their Google analytics and various other aspects to confirm his account.

  • Viral Marketing

Viral marketing means a post of some kind that is trendy, amusing, or weird enough to win a huge share online. In a short time, viral marketing is triggering an immense increase in web traffic. This is difficult to do, but the advantages alone are worth the time.

B2C companies are better served by viral marketing. B2C businesses will use social media to reach a massive market via their active channels.

  • Mobile Phone Advertising

Every type may occur on a mobile device for digital ads. Some marketing types that use a mobile phone do not match the digital marketing types mentioned. SMS ads may be useful for local marketing activities. You should allow your customers to send your SMS to their company to receive promotional offers, coupons, and updates.


Most probably now you all are aware of different types of digital marketing. You can use these digital marketing types online to increase your online visibility and engage the consumer. We must emphasize that this is the true purpose of digital marketing of all forms. Build interactions for your target audience that raise your brand’s attention. Both you and your target audience benefit from quality marketing. Always make sure that you effectively use these different types of digital marketing and for the better result you can work with top digital marketing company that can effectively market your business.

Written by Anshul Sharma
With having huge knowledge about advanced technologies and digital marketing tactics, Anshul Sharma is the CEO and Founder of the leading SEO marketing company, BrandBurp. He believes in providing advanced digital marketing solutions to businesses and love to explore his knowledge through words so that most people get benefits.

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