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Best Ways to Make Your Writing More Interesting for Readers

This is the 21st century, and of course, everyone is high in using technology and gadgets, starting from a ten-year-old to the...

Make Your Writing More Interesting

This is the 21st century, and of course, everyone is high in using technology and gadgets, starting from a ten-year-old to the eldest one. With just a click, today you can simply search for a topic and get thousands of articles on it. In those thousand articles, your article needs to be the best to grab the reader’s attention. Although many eWritingServices on the internet are always ready to guide you with your writing presentation, today I am here to help on how you can make your writing More Interesting, different, and exciting for the readers. All you have to do is to follow some secret tips which I am going to reveal to you below.

Think before writing

Think as if some guests are about to come to your place for dinner. So before preparing the food, you must have a sense about what the guests like, their taste, their eating habits like do they prefer vegetarian food or nonvegetarian food. All of these things have to be kept in mind. Same goes for your writings. Yes, you heard it right. Maybe it sounds like a piece of simple advice but is a very beneficial one. Before starting to write, you must focus on the type of audience you are writing for.

Write a compelling title

Whether your writing will get enough readers or not is simply decided within a blink of an eye. If your writing has a suitable title to snatch the interest of the reader, then there are surely more chances that your article will be read, as compared to the one having typical old mediocre heading.

Do your research properly?

Researching on your topic is very important. Although it depends upon the type of article you are writing, e.g., if the article or blog is about the fitness or some exercise you can definitely take help from the internet, still while researching you should concern the most reliable sources. Your writing will turn out to be much easier if you stay up to date with the topic. So, try to gather all the information that you can collect before writing it in your own words.

Use simple language

Write your article using simple English words. Try to frame small sentences which are easily understandable, so that a major section of the audience can find it easy to read and interpret. Make sure your content is original and not copied from anywhere.

Brainstorm interesting questions

Maybe you think that the topic you have to write about is too boring and there’s no way to make it interesting. Guess what?? You can do so by asking the audience questions that you have about the topic. Make sure that the questions you are asking seem interesting to other people, not just you.

Use active voice

Although this one is the most basic advice still a lot of people make a mistake by writing in the passive voice. Writings in passive voice lead the article to be less energetic and interactive. It sounds more intellectual and academic, making it the least interesting to read. Remember that active voice is when the subject “acts” and passive voice is when the subject of the sentence is being “acted” upon.

Provide new information

For your article to stand out from others, you need to put on some extra efforts. Provide the readers with some new information that they probably wouldn’t know. For this, you need to be strong in your researching skills. Even if you are not able to get new information about the topic, try digging a little deeper into the topic.

Answer questions

You should try to cover questions that other articles failed to answer. For example, if you are writing a blog about your previous visit to any hill station, you can surely answer some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ), that other writers have failed to answer. In this way, you will be two steps ahead in grabbing the reader’s attention in comparison to your other counterparts. You can use the Question/answering sites for that.

Be grammatically correct

One of the most important things is to be good with your grammatical skills. Never write sentences using incorrect grammar rules because it can be very dangerous to your article or blog. It will prove not to be just bizarre for your article but also make your article a matter of joke in the eyes of the reader. You can check out many sites for learning and correct your grammar and spellings.

Avoid writing long paragraphs

Put yourself at the place of the reader and analyze why they are into your article? Yes, you are right. For basic, short, crisp, and to the point information. So never try to drag the content unnecessary without having any more information to please the reader. Also, writing longer paragraphs leads to the problem in the ranking of the content on search engines.

Avoid repetitions

Remember that the reader is investing some of his precious time in your article. So, don’t bore him with the same lines again and again. Keep a check on your writing and come out with new ideas to put your point in front of the user in a more efficient manner. So, never use the same redundant lines again and again.

Tell your readers a story

Grabbing the reader’s attention is big of a task. Telling them a relatable story will engage them to connect with your writings superfast. Try to tell them how you found out this information by building your knowledge into a story.

Believe in yourself

Most importantly believe in yourself. This one is the ultimate key to success. When you feel confident about your text, you will surely attract more readers towards your writings. On the other hand, when you yourself are not confident about your writings, you tend to make more mistakes and ultimately lose the reader’s attention.

Build a flow

Don’t try to explain everything in one go. Your readers will stick to your text as long as they find it relevant. Don’t jump into unnecessary detailing without requirement. Build a natural flow to the content while jumping from one paragraph to another.

Be consistent

Don’t get bothered by failure. Be consistent and regular in your approach towards writing. Remember that it is an art to make someone read your thoughts, and your writing has the power to change the readers’ mind. Learn from your previous experiences and move on.

Edit ruthlessly

You should be willing to delete, edit, cut, shorten anything, and everything that does not add to the meaning. Never try to inject extra words in order to make your writing more casual and appealing.

Add a suitable quote

You can beautify your writing by adding a simple and sober quote which suits the title well. Many readers find it very engaging to read famous quotes in between the text.

Accept criticism

Always try to find some honest critique of your work. The one whom you trust can give some genuine advice for correction. Listen to the criticisms and preferences of your trusted ‘first readers’ and make changes accordingly.


Be confident in what you write and try to be as honest as possible towards the readers. They are the ones who will finally give you credit or criticism. Always be ready for both of them. Remember that life comes with a mixture of good and bad, and no one is perfect. It is not possible to become the eye candy for every reader, so be ready to learn newer ideas.

Always believe that anything and everything is possible, so there are several scopes in writing. All you have to do is to keep writing and practicing your work without facing boredom. The best writers are the one who keeps striving for the best. So, be empowered and be confident; that’s the ultimate key to success.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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