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Explore the top mobile application tools in 2024 here

With the rapid advancement in technology, mobile applications have become highly useful in solving various problems. Digital payment applications, entertainment apps, food...

With the rapid advancement in technology, mobile applications have become highly useful in solving various problems. Digital payment applications, entertainment apps, food delivery apps, coding apps, security apps are a few of the many examples.

With the development of these mobile applications life has become a lot easier and better. You can download the application from the Playstore. It is time-saving, easy, and handy. With the incoming of such applications, entertainment, food, updates, all have become available at the tip of our fingers.

However, while we enjoy using these interesting applications one must not forget about the labor that goes into developing these applications. These applications are the brainchild of some fantastic application developers who endeavor to make our life easy and comfortable.

It requires a lot of research, analysis, and application of various technological tools to bring forth an application. The application developers are experts or some budding talents with new and innovative ways to cater to various issues prevailing in the world.

Meet mobile application experts

To develop a mobile application, an IT professional with programming skills comes into the picture. There is a dearth of people possessing mobile development skills. However, there are many professionals who are experts in programs as Java and Web Development.

A mobile developer needs to start developing an application by conceiving an idea that is unique and beneficial in a way to its users. In order to start the development process, a thorough brainstorming followed by research and analysis needs to be undertaken. The target audience and goals of the app need to be specified to achieve the application.

One needs to choose the appropriate platform where the application will be developed. One may develop an iOS or Android application. While you develop an application, feedbacks, customer needs, advice from experienced developers must be undertaken to ensure the successful development of mobile applications.

The last step of mobile application development- testing

After the development of the application, it is time for implementation. In order to ensure perfect implementation of the applications, various testing measures through testing tools are adopted to ensure proper implementation of the applications.

Testing forms a very important part of mobile application development as it becomes the last step prior to a release. Repeated testing ensures the proper construction of the app. Steps can be taken to remove any loophole if discovered. It is important to curb these loopholes as they shall facilitate perfect mobile application development.

There are various mobile application tools available that shall facilitate mobile application testing. These tools are highly useful and help in the successful development of mobile applications. Some of the top testing tools are-


Kobiton is one of the renowned mobile application testing tools available. One gets the advantage of manual testing in this tool. Additional support is provided for the camera, multi-touch gestures, orientation, and so on. The automatically generated activity logs are provided for the discovery of the loopholes and curbing using various methods.

It offers the latest cloud-based trials and configurations, the presence of internal device lab management which helps in the effective utilization of internal devices. It also offers a comfortable user experience by simplifying it. It helps in streamlining the test sessions. One can use the free trial option available without using one’s credit card.


Explore the top mobile application tools in 2020 here

The application Squish by Froglogic is available for both iOS and Android users. This tool offers automated testing support for native Mobile apps, Web apps on mobiles, and also for a mixture of both. Squish does not allow the developer to root the device or jailbreak. It offers gesture support in an advanced version and support for embedded web content. It provides end-to-end testing and source control integration. It can also be used for testing in the Cloud.

Testing Bot

Testing Bot provides for mobile application testing for the development of applications on the cloud. It offers running on automated and manual tests on Android and iOS phones. Testing Bot supports the latest Appium and Selenium versions. It can also be easily integrated with one’s CD and CI pipelines. There is a possibility of live interaction with physical iOS and Android devices. Access can be made to various screenshots, videos, and various other metrics of the device. One can test on the older, new, and beta versions as well.


mobile application tools

If an app developer wants to go for a cheap mobile testing application – Testdroid is the one. One can reduce operational and unpredictable expenses with the help of this tool. It is the fastest testing tool available against many Android and iOS devices. These Android and iOS devices have HW platforms, screen resolutions, and many other features. But with the Testdroid mobile app testing on these devices is easier and cheaper.

Remote manual access is available to around three hundred real devices on Android prior to the launch of an application. It is cheap, minimizes the risk with real devices and agile testing. It is also very useful to enhance ratings and daily active users.


KIF can be exclusively used for testing for iOS devices. It offers integration with XC tests. If the business people are not involved in writing or reading test specs, one must use KIF for mobile application testing on iOS phones. It has got active support, an impressive command line, and CI. It also offers reasonable support for gestures and is easy for iOS developers to pick up. It is beneficial to the app developers and provides great testing for mobile application testing on an iOS device.


Calabash provides for native and hybrid testing through libraries allowing test-code. It provides APIs which are native apps-oriented operating on touch screen devices. The business owners and non-technical staff can have a better understanding of this mobile application testing tool since it provides supports to framework cucumber.


Explore the top mobile application tools in 2020 here

With the help of Headspin, a business can enhance mobile performance as it provides an insight for the user. The detailed visibility into the performance by Headspin helps in facing the challenges from the customer’s end. The business also gets an insight into the visibility of customer experience across every layer –ranging from client to server. 

Headspin provides wide coverage of real devices over 150 plus locations worldwide. Pre and post-launch visibility are also available on Headspin. It provides a hundred percent uptime on devices. There is the availability of load testing as well. It is highly beneficial as one can pay as he uses this testing tool. It has many advantages that make it one of the most lucrative mobile application testing tools.


Explore the top mobile application tools in 2020 here

TestComplete is a brainchild of Smartbear. It is an automated testing tool with UI. One can easily create, maintain and execute test scripts for desktop, web, and mobile applications. TestComplete helps in increasing test coverage and in ensuring high-quality tested software. It can be used for testing on both Android and iOS devices.

It is a keyword-oriented tool that helps in easy recording on one device and facilitates execution in multiple devices. It is a time-saving application as it creates and maintains tests by proper identification of UI elements. The user can track the progress from the single-user interface of the desktop, web, or mobile application.

Monkey Talk

Monkey Test can be used for testing both Android and iOS applications. It is highly beneficial as it is easy to learn and use. It comprises three segments namely operator, script, and the IDE. It can handle small smoke tests to large and tough data-driven tests for native, hybrid, and web-based applications.

It is easy to use since one does not require any special scripting or programming knowledge to perform application testing. One can easily create XML and HTML reports with this device. In case of any failure, screen capture is available for easy usage.

Today, with the development of various mobile applications being used for various purposes, it has become a necessity to deploy an application testing tool. It is of utmost importance and will facilitate the proper launch of the application without any hindrance. The loopholes shall be discovered easily facilitating readiness of the application for a launch into the market.

Abstract 1

While you endeavor to use these mobile application tools to test the application development you must keep in mind a few factors before opting for these applications. Firstly, one needs to develop rigorous research into the software product that needs to be tested. In case the tools fail to deliver, a backup must also be prepared. This backup will serve as a survivor in case of any emergency. The testing tool must be discussed with the respective team members before the final implementation.

Abstract 2

Whereas there are various tools to test mobile applications, it might not be a guarantee that every application test tool might bear the same result. It is vital to choose an application after detailed research that will help the developer in proper implementation. It shall be cost-effective, easy to use, and must facilitate proper implementation. All the above-mentioned tools shall serve the purpose of easy testing and proper implementation.

Abstract 3

Amidst the growth in technology, it has become imperative to make the right choice in terms of mobile application testing tools. Whether it is iOS or Android, it has become extremely important to ensure cost-effective and easy-to-use applications to be put in use. The applications listed above facilitate easy implementation and accurate results.

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