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How to Find Your Own Style of Blogging

You’re thinking of starting your own blog? That’s a great idea! Blogging is one of the greatest ways to share your thoughts...

Style of Blogging

You’re thinking of starting your own blog? That’s a great idea! Blogging is one of the greatest ways to share your thoughts and beliefs. As well, if you’re an entrepreneur, having a blog can help you raise your brand awareness and promote your business.

I believe that by now you’ve already sorted out almost everything – from the topics of your blog post to what you want to achieve through blogging. That’s great!

However, blogging requires more than that. If you want a job well done, you’ll need an effective strategy. To create a good strategy you must know yourself, your main goals, and you must find your own style of blogging.

Perhaps you haven’t imagined that through blogging you can do really amazing things, and if you do a really good job, you’ll be able to bring lots of loyal customers for your business.

Therefore, if you want to make the best out of your blog, stick with us and find out all you need to know about finding your own style of blogging.

What is Blogging Style?

To put it in simple words, your blogging style is shaped by the rules and guidelines that you’ve established according to the language style and tone, the imaging, and the design of the blog page and blog post. Of course, all this information is best to be kept in one place so you can make improvements easier.

It’s all a strategy after all. The blogging style you’ll stick to will serve your company’s best interests. Everything will be in accordance with everything. For instance, the language tone you use will be in accordance with your target audience, the same as the web design.

Why Do You need to Find Your Own Style of Blogging?

Just imagine writing a blog post with no fixed structure, in whatever writing style and tone that comes in your mind, and with images placed randomly throughout the article. Basically, you’ll write a blog post that serves to no purpose, at least not to one that benefits you.

It’s crucial to find your blogging style in order to create a strategic blog post and maintain their quality and consistency. Every blog owner should find its own style of blogging and create a document with all the rules and guidelines that help him serve his purpose.

As well, when your business grows, you most likely won’t be able to face everything by yourself, so you’ll bring on more writers to help you maintain the blog. Imagine how easy it will be for the new writers to understand and meet your expectations as long as you have the perfect strategy of your blogging style in one document.

Finding Your Blogging Style – Guide

  1. Target Audience

The first and most essential step to find your blogging style is finding, understanding and knowing your target audience. You can’t write an outstanding blog-post if you don’t know who you’re writing it for. All your blogging style should revolve around your target audience as they are the ones that feed your business.

  1. Brand Colors

Colors have the power to make everything feel alive. Black and white are simply boring and common these days, regardless of your target audience. But what’s so important about choosing the brand’s color?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Having a set of 3 to 5 colors wisely chosen and used allows you to spread your brand awareness. Everything from your logo and web design to images, graphics and infographics will be a mixture of the colors you have chosen.

This is a strategy that makes the reader associate the colors with your brand. Therefore, every time he sees those colors it will remember your brand.

  1. Imaging Rules

One image can speak a thousand words. Therefore, instead of boring the readers with statistics and details, present an image with a suggestive graphic, and ta-da – the reader is hooked. But the way you’re imaging your blog is more than choosing suggestive images wisely.

There must be a set of rules regarding the selection and structure of pictures, just so you can ensure that everything falls into pieces no matter what. Here are some possible imaging criteria:

  • The place of pictures in articles.

  • The size and clarity of the images.

  • How you credit the images.

  • How you format the captions.

  1. Choosing Fonts

Choosing fonts may be an obvious step in choosing your style, but not less necessary. The font style and size should be readable and well-chosen. If you work with more writers, then you must know what fonts and font sizes they should be working with.

Be aware as you must choose more fonts. When you write an article, you’ll use a title and more headings besides normal writing. For each, you’ll use different fonts and font sizes.

  1. Writing Style and Tone

There are so many things you must decide regarding the writing style and tone. Of course, every decision you’ll make must be in accordance with your target audience, so you should do your research and find out what writing styles they favor.

The experts from Essay Mama suggest several important things that you should establish regarding the writing style:

  • Learning the basics of styling – many brands require their writers to learn from the same source about writing styling, in order to have the same knowledge about styling in writing.

  • British English or American English? – It depends on your target audience.

  • Writing tone – you should create your brand voice that must be in accordance with your niche and, of course, your target audience. So, will you sound friendly and playful? Or perhaps authoritative and distant.

  • Language – it’s obvious that the language you’ll use have to do mainly with the age of your audience, so if you’re aiming teenagers you should try a “cool” approach and keep up with the latest trends.

  • Abbreviations – would your blog be the type that uses abbreviations or not?

  • Quoting and sourcing – how will your writers quote and how do they link the quotes?

  • Oxford comma – how do you feel about this rule? Will you follow it or not? There are many writers that don’t follow this rule, will you be one of them?

  1. Organize

Now that you’ve established all your rules and guidelines, you can start writing your first blog as you’ve just found your writing style. The last step you have to make is organizing your blogging style rules properly. This way, when you’ll broaden your writers’ team, they will be able to get familiarized with your style of blogging quickly and easily.


Blogging becomes art once you understand its power and dedicate to it entirely. Practice is key.

Many people underestimate blogging and that’s exactly why they don’t succeed. Now that you’ve discovered its secrets and the main things that you should focus on, you have placed yourself on the path towards success.

One more thing you should keep in mind – change is the only constant in this world. Everything changes – people change, things change, laws change, trends change. Nothing stays the same. Therefore, you should embrace and learn how to leverage everything that changes around yourself in order to improve your blogging strategy.

Written by Jacob Dillon
Jacob Dillon is a professional writer and distinctive journalist from Sydney. Being passionate about what he does, Jacob likes to discuss stirring events as well as express his opinion about technological advancements and evolution of society. Find Jacob on "Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Practice makes perfect. I was also one of the blogger who wants to copy other blogger style but what i discover is that i need to learn more for me to innovate other blog style by turning it to own my own style. Blogging is indeed pushing us to be more a great blogger.

  2. Hi Jacob,

    This is an excellent article for new bloggers. You have shared in-depth information which will be very helpful to lot of bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

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