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Know About the Top Trending Blogging Platforms Before Starting Your Blog

If you are thinking of starting your own personal blog, but you are confused about which platform you should use. You might...

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If you are thinking of starting your own personal blog, but you are confused about which platform you should use. You might be wondering that are there any free blogs sites to create a free blog or website? If you ever come across this question, you will definitely find your answer in this article. Well, here the good news is, you can start your personal blog or website free of cost using different platforms. In this comparison, you will understand the basic differences between the top 3 best free blogging platforms which you can use. Moreover, I will explain the honest pros and cons of each blogging platform.

As the title of this article indicates, WordPress, Wix, and Blogger are the top 3 blogging platforms. They have hundreds of thousands and even millions of blogging sites. Wix, Blogger, and WordPress specialists claim their own platforms to be best, and there is no doubt that each of them is best. But still, there are some features and functions that are present in one platform but not in others.

  • Choosing a free blogging site or platform is apparently an easy decision, but you should consider all features of each platform before selecting one.
  •  You will not have to worry about initial setup and hosting because they will readily be done for you. Moreover, you get a domain name – all of them at zero cost.
  • Keep in mind that you will not get a custom domain in the free version; instead, you will get a shared domain.
  • Choose a platform that offers higher security because your content is valuable to you and your visitors. Similarly, backup is also necessary for your blogging site, so don’t forget to backup your content regularly.
  • Select a platform that provides up-to-date features, including regular feature maintenance and security updates.
  • Select a platform that provides you with the option of upgrading your website.
  • These free blogging platforms impose some restrictions like you won’t be able to monetize your blogs, and some platforms may not give you complete authority over customization options.
  • Be critical while choosing a platform because if you think you may want to make your website more professional, it is good to choose a platform that allows you to upgrade your site in the future.

Remember all the above-mentioned things before selecting a platform for your blogging site. Let’s have an insightful overview of the comparison between these top 3 blogging platforms.


I don’t think you have not heard about WordPress before, because it’s one of the most trending blogging platforms. No doubt, this platform has one of the best content management systems, making it a suitable platform for every kind of website.

The main reason for its fame is its remarkable and features. It provides multiple theme options for bloggers and a large number of plugins that might be suitable for your blogs. Additionally, the best thing about this platform is that it releases regular security and maintenance updates.

Moreover, WordPress specialists claim that it is a beginner-friendly platform. You can quickly start your blogging site on this platform without any knowledge of coding.


  • Multiple options of free themes
  • User-friendly – best for beginners
  • Everything is pre-installed, free hosting and domain name
  • Security provided by WordPress – Plus a lot of security plugins


  • You cannot use premium options.
  • You will not have complete command on your site. Your site will be suspended if anything goes against their policies.
  • The free version has limited options in the customization of your blog.


Wix is another blogging platform for creating engaging and user-friendly websites. With plenty of features like drag and drop templates, free site hosting, etc., it is one of the top free blogging sites to start a new blog.

Like WordPress, Wix also offers multiple theme options for your blogging website. However, it doesn’t have as many plugins, but it releases regular maintenance and security updates. The best thing about this platform is its App market that helps you enhance your features to the next level.


  • You will get access to 500 + free designs for your website
  • Built-in beautiful designs. You can choose any of the design for your blogs
  • One of the best things about this platform is you have an option for upgrading your site – whenever required


  • The free version shows Ads.
  • Later, you may not be allowed to change the template because of limited features.
  • Your blog can be suspended because you have no complete authority over it.


Blogger is the most user-friendly free blogging platform. It is super-easy to use, because this platform is owned by Google, and was formerly known as BlogSpot. You can quickly start your new blogging site within minutes with the help of this platform.

If you want to do blogging in a simple and easy way, Blogger is best for that. It is a straightforward and easy-to-use platform, but it also offers some fantastic features that can be useful for your blogs – like its collection of themes. However, it doesn’t release any security updates like the other two platforms.


  • Blogger is simple to use.
  • Security is enhanced by Google.
  • Free domain and hosting – No setup is required
  • You can earn money via Google AdSense


  • Less support, fewer updates, and new features
  • You won’t be able to upgrade your site later

The free version can cause a suspension of your blogging site if anything goes against the platform’s policy or guidelines.

The Bottom Line:

This is an honest comparison, and maybe some users like one platform from others. The choice is yours, but you have to be confident before choosing any one of them.

Let’s recall the best things about each platform at the end.

  • Blogger is best if you want a simple and easy-to-use platform.
  • WordPress offers a significant number of features, themes, plugins, and updates.
  • Wix is best for having an easy-to-use interface with multiple theme options and App market.

If you still want some more information regarding these platforms, you can contact Two Runs. They have Wix, Blogger, and WordPress specialists that can guide you precisely

Written by Smith Gray
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  1. There are other good options like Medium and Drivetribe for the specialists. WordPress is useful for making great blogs as well as websites, but the features others provide is too helpful to over-rule. Excellent article and will share this with my friends.

  2. Hey Smith Gray & Robin ,

    Awesome post with fabulous work. Glad to say that you have introduced the best blogging platform for bloggers to create quality contents. You have presented each blogging platform in impressive way along with their features and crucial information that are true enough to understand.

    Your included table is also very helpful and providing better understanding as well. According to me all the blogging platform included by you are great and they must be used by every blogger.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge,ideas and such a helpful post.

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