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Ruby on Rails: 5 Reasons to Choose It for Your Website

Website development involves using programming languages to create a web page or pages. There are various programming languages available to be used....

Website development involves using programming languages to create a web page or pages. There are various programming languages available to be used. One of such programming languages is Ruby on Rails. Why should you consider Ruby on Rails programming language? When to use ruby on rails?

This article will give you the details on why ruby on rails is a good programming language. And also pinpoint why many platforms like Airbnb, Shopify, and SoundCloud were built with it. Before we see why you need ruby on rails website and ruby on rails development services, see the definition.

Ruby on Rails: definition

Ruby on rails or ROR is an open-source programming language for web development. It is an object-oriented language that is easy and fast to use. The rails act as a guide or framework that gives the code written structure. The language uses a model-view-controller (MVC) model and it is convenient and easy for repetitive tasks.

Aside from the MVC model, ruby on rails programming language also uses the “Convention over Configuration” (CoC) principle. This is why it is perfect for handling repetitive tasks. The codes written are only of unconventional aspects, the conventional ones are already included. Ruby on rails supports the “don’t repeat yourself” and the “active record pattern” of software development paradigms.

With this definition, then you may want to ask; why ruby on rails? Keep reading to find out 5 benefits of using ruby on rails programming language:

Benefits of Ruby on Rails

Fast and easy

Everyone does want some ease in what he/she does and web development is not an exception. Ruby on rails is not just a fast programming language to use, it is also easy. The CoC, don’t repeat yourself and the active record pattern principles make it fast to build a ruby and rails software or website. Ruby on rail sites is considerably faster to build because the language is simplified.

The developer using the ruby on a rails programming language is more productive. The object-oriented, and handling of repetitive tasks makes it intuitive and adaptable. The rails make it easy to use the best means to write the best ruby on rails software. With ruby, the best codes are written with minimal time.

Community and open-source

A community of users is not just a networking platform. The ruby on rails programming language has built a flourishing community of users. This offers a sure place of solution for developers working on ruby on rails’ websites. The supportive group ensures that the best advice and tips are available to every user. It makes getting a problem solved easier and faster as many people must have faced similar situations in the past with solutions shared.

Ruby on rails app development is a community affair as you can easily share your journey with fellow developers. The ruby and rails programming language is also an open-source package, making it available for anyone at any time.

It’s cost-effective

Ruby on Rails is an open-source programming language that makes it cheap to use. Ruby on rails websites can be built without having to pay for licensing. The open-source feature makes it available to anyone without having to pay for it. This makes the process fast and cost-effective.

Another factor that contributes to its cost-effectiveness is the ease of use. It takes less time to create a ruby on rails website and that means less charge by the web developer. It is also not costly to maintain the website or app. The developer need not worry over endless repetitive tasks, better codes will be written for a smoother ruby on rails app development.

Trust and popularity

The simplicity and efficiency of ruby on rails have made it gain the trust of developers. This in turn has opened the room for its popularity. Several popular brands have used ruby on rails for their website and apps. This means there is something special about the ruby in question. If it is not up to the task, it definitely will not be at the fore.

Popular brands using this programming language include; GitHub, SoundCloud, Zendesk, Dribble, the popular Airbnb, and several others. This popularity further brings more trust and confidence. All of these are enough reasons to try out Ruby on the rails programming language.

Constant growth

Innovation is one thing that the ruby and rail team has made a priority. Ruby on rails is always evolving to accommodate the latest trends and functionalities in web development. Users are endlessly committing to improving the usage of this programming tool with the help of “RubyGems.”

“Rubygems” is a feature that allows developers to create and share programs and libraries. Many developers have created improved ruby on rails frameworks and have them uploaded as gems. These gems are available for download by anyone on the RubyGems website. Thus, there is no limit to how much growth the ruby on rails programming language gets.


Several words have been used already to describe how good ruby on rails is as a programming language. Despite that, it cannot be over-emphasized that it is a choice you should make for your next web development project. Still, wondering why ruby is on rails? The quality of this programming language is evident in its wide usage by popular companies and brands.

It offers an amazing web development tool that is fast, easy, and cost-effective. This means you can have an outstanding website or application without breaking the bank and in no time at all. The vast community of ruby and rails users assures rapid solutions to any challenge a web developer may face while using the programming language.

In summary, there are several advantages to the use of ruby on rails. To strike a balance, you should note that not all hosting platforms accept ruby on rails. But that is not a big deal as there is a host of those that do. It is important to contact an experienced web development service provider for any of your web development projects to decide what’s best for your expected result.
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