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Market Your eBook Like a Pro With These Proven Strategies

An eBook can serve a great many purposes in today’s content-driven digital world, but only when you can get it in the...

Marketing your ebook

An eBook can serve a great many purposes in today’s content-driven digital world, but only when you can get it in the hands of the people, it’s written for. Unfortunately, this is where most authors that take the self-publishing route struggle. Research tells that an average self-published digital book sells only 250 copies in its lifetime. You surely didn’t spend a ton of your time, effort, and (if you’ve got it written from a professional eBook writing service) money to get your eBook to a couple of hundred people.

Change the fate of your eBook by promoting it in the right way. Here are the ten proven effective eBook marketing strategies that can help you do that:

1. Consider Co-Marketing

Remember the old, widely used phrase two heads are better than one? Well, if not anywhere else, it holds true in eBook marketing. Not only does it allow you to think of better marketing tactics, but working with another person/party also increases the reach of your marketing campaign and adds more value to it. Having someone unrelated to the book talk about it and promote it also increases the value of your content and can make it more appealing to a broader audience.

Explore your options for collaborative partnerships for your eBook marketing. Make your offer mutually beneficial to find better opportunities and get better results. When both partners have something to gain from an agreement, they put in more time and effort to make it successful.

The easiest way to form such a collaborative partnership is to go for the good ol’ “lead magnet swap” method. You promote someone else’ s product, and they do yours.

2. Work with Industry Influencers

Whether you choose to go the traditional co-marketing or not, you can’t utilize the personalized outreach of industry influencers to your advantage when promoting your eBook. Here are a couple of days to do this:

Quote industry leaders or refer to their work in the content pieces you create to market your eBook

This may be the more difficult route, but it’s also more organic and will likely offer better results. Get in touch with established authors in your niche or industry experts and work out the idea with them. Ask them to share their viewpoint on the topic you’re writing on or take permission to refer to some of their existing work.

What you’re looking to achieve here is to have them share your content with their audience. But, it’s important to remember that they likely get numerous such requests every day. In order for them to consider yours, make it worth their while.

Collaborate with social media influencers

Love them or hate them, but you can’t ignore them. Social media influencers hold a significant position in the world of marketing today, and even the leading brands are leveraging their power and reach. You can too.

Reach out to some book influencers on social media; ideally, those working in your specific niche, and strike deals with them.

3. Write Blog Posts

Assuming you already have a website and blog, you can write blog posts on or around your eBook topic to promote it. If you don’t have a blog, create one now.

Here are a few ways these blog posts can work in your favor:

They help establish your expertise in the subject area/topic.

You can use these blog posts to promote your eBook. Add CTAs to tell people you have a whole eBook on that topic.

You can redirect blog traffic to your eBook landing page.

Your blog allows you to promote your eBook to your organic traffic. Make sure you’re taking full advantage of it.

4. Add CTAs to Your Best Performing Blog Posts

Those who already have a blog for any length of time can also make the most of their organic traffic by putting in CTAs on already existing, well-performing blog posts. Just make sure the posts are relevant to what your eBook is about.

5. Write Guest Posts

Whether or not you have your own blog, you can benefit from writing on other platforms. Many websites accept guest posts. Find some related to your eBook topic and write for them. You can also reach out to other writers and bloggers in your niche and do guest posts for them.

Guest posts are a great way to increase your reach without too much effort. Use them to your advantage.

6. Repurpose the eBook Content in Other Ways

Giving your audience sneak peeks into your eBook content is a great way to build their interest in it. While writing blog posts is the most common way of doing it, it’s certainly not the only method. You can use your eBook content to attract the audience in various ways. Create infographics, make videos, create social media posts with engaging images and/or graphics, start a Twitter thread or host Twitter chats, or run webinars with different thought leaders, industry experts, or influencers. You can also share snippets of your eBook on various social media platforms.

These are all different ways you can use the content of your eBook to build an interest in your offer, and if you do them right, create hype around it.

7. Spread the Word with Press Releases

Reach out to PR firms and media publications to spread the word about your eBook. Professionals know the best marketing platforms for various products and can help get the news out in the best manner.

8. Use the Good Ol’ Email Marketing

Reaching out to a new audience can be arduous. While you can’t really promote your eBook without outreach campaigns, do not forget your already existing network of audience in all this. If you have had a website for any length of time or are actively involved in the industry in any way, you must have a list of contacts comprised of your clients, partners, associates, colleagues, customers, and/or subscribers. Use that to market your eBook. However, instead of bombarding everyone with your promotional emails, it’s best to do a bit of homework to make your email marketing more effective.

Shortlist people that you know your eBook can be appealing or helpful to or those who previously expressed interest in similar content offers and make them the target audience for your email marketing campaign for the eBook.

Another important thing to consider here is making your marketing email(s) highly engaging to drive results. So, make sure you don’t rush through this step.

If you struggle with writing a marketing email, you can also get in touch with a content writing service to do it for you. If you have got your book written from a professional eBook writing service, you can also ask them if they offer an email writing service (many do as part of eBook marketing services) or if they can refer some other reliable company to you.

You can make your marketing emails more effective, and your content more appealing by offering early access or special discounts for the eBook.

9. Run Paid Ads

The good old paid ads might not be your favorite way to promote your eBook, but you can’t deny their effectiveness. The targeting options you get with Google and Facebook ads are great and allow you to present your offer to a specific group of people you know would be interested in it. It’s an opportunity that you only get with paid ads, so no matter how much you do not like them, never rule them out from your eBook marketing strategy.

10. Build Excitement with Pre-Launch Campaign

A pre-launch campaign is a great way to build hype and anticipation for your upcoming eBook. You can use any or all of the tactics mentioned above to create the right environment for your eBook where people are looking forward to having it officially available for purchase. You can also share sneak peeks of the production process, such as cover reveals, offer an early-bird discount on preordering the eBook, add a countdown timer on your eBook landing page or social media, or run small contests on your social media platforms and offer free copies of your eBook for the winners.

All these are different ways to create buzz about your eBook before it comes into the market. You don’t have to use them all; just select a few according to the nature of your eBook and audience (what you think might work best for you), and use them to run your eBook pre-launch campaign. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a big, extravagant campaign. You just need to find the right tactics and use them smartly.

Remember the Conversion Funnel to Keep Things Streamlined

With so many ways to market your eBook, things can get quite confusing and complicated and can go a little haywire as well. Remember the conversion funnel and divide your marketing tactics accordingly to avoid it and keep things streamlined. You should be targeting people at all stages of the conversion funnel to get the desired results.

Does this all sound too complicated to you? You can always get help from a professional eBook writing service. They don’t just do eBook writing for you; many also offer eBook marketing services.

Remember, writing an eBook is one thing; it’s another to make people buy it. Both tasks require a completely different skill set. Just because you have written a great eBook doesn’t mean you can also market it effectively. So, identify your skill set and do what you’re best at. Let other experts take care of other things.


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Written by Rob Davis
Rob Davis is a master of the trade when it comes to ghost eBook writing services. With a small team of seasoned eBook ghostwriters at Ghost eBook Writers Compan

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