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How Outbound Links Improves Your SEO? – External link SEO Benefits

The outbound links or external links are those links that are pointing out some external domain from your site. This will not...

Outbound Links

The outbound links or external links are those links that are pointing out some external domain from your site. This will not only improve your SEO. It will also enhance your content marketing strategies. At first glance, you will feel that outbound links are not suitable for your site as they will navigate your viewers to other sites. This means the viewers can travel to another location where they do not have any control.

These outbound links are quite helpful when the users are searching for their desired useful content. These outbound links are quite beneficial when you are following any organic method of search engine optimization. These external links will help you to build a good, trustworthy relationship between you and other businesses. This trustworthy relationship will help you to enhance your SEO.

How External Links Improves Your SEO?

The outbound link is useful, especially when you want to improve your website connections. To use these links reasonably is to give the option to open the links in different browsers. This is the proper safest method to use external links. Suppose you are giving the choice of another browser. Automatically the viewers do not have to leave your page also.

Here are some of the excellent points that will help you understand the value of outbound links.

Do Outbound Links improve SEO?

The first thing is that outbound links or external links will enhance your trustworthiness among the other sites. The backlinks will give the viewers to search down their desired page. That will surely be going to count as a positive point from the viewer’s perspective. The external links work as a signal strengthening factor in google. The authority of our site will be enhanced easily.

 If you are giving the power to use the external links, you can improve your backlinks’ functions also. Trusted partners can improve both websites if you see the google review badge. You will find how the backlinks will help you to find your desired page from Google itself. The myth of the harmful effect of using backlinks today is almost gone.

External Links Build-up A Trusted Bond

The external links always build a trusted bond between you and other websites. If you want to add the external links’ criteria, that also works fine to add the external links.

But whenever you do not give any options or guidelines to apply the external links from those very moments, the backlinks of your site will have the possibility to be in the non-functional mode. Every business has some strategies. If one company lets you use their platform, then that company also expects the same from you.

How to Analyze the Links?

The links analyzer tools will help you to do that math. You will get multiple options, from free tools to paid ones. A more efficient tool like google analytics provides information about both links also: inbound and external links both analyses can be possible when you are using these multi-working tools.

In a straight word, if you are interested in applying your backlink to some specific site. Then first, you have to give them the chance to use their external links on your page. These external links look like a promotion from any other page perspective.

When Is the Appropriate Time to Add the link?

The external links redirect the viewers to another page some time; the site owners do it very frequently on a single page. But frequent use of external links is making a not entirely comfortable situation for the viewers. First, you have to analyze your own site viewers; not then, you have to fix the ratio of the external links usages. 

Social media can create good backlinks as well. Check the pros of social media.

When you are just a beginner, or you are just starting a page at that moment. The over usage of external links will create a negative impression among the viewers. Unique and relevant content website external links will help you to keep the audience busy. Suppose viewers are searching about the database content. Then here, you can use the WordPress searchable database plugin as an external link.


The backlinks are beneficial when your search engine optimization is based on organic search. The websites’ owners are mainly using the backlinks to give extra knowledge of the relevant topics. They cannot add to their page. In every context, you will find the site owners clearly describe the source of the contents.

When you want to apply any outbound link, the authenticity checking of the link’s domains is necessary. The authentic outbound links will help the users find more relevant content, and they will easily dig up the source of your content. If you are giving any trusted sites external links, the trust between you and your viewers becomes strong.


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Written by Mashum Mollah
Mashum Mollah is a tech entrepreneur by profession and passionate blogger by heart.

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  1. Backlinks too play an important role as u said. Thanks for these wonderful suggestions. Backlinks from an higher domain authority website adds more value to your website. Surely will try to implement these strategies.

  2. Mashum & Robin,

    It was a good read today. Indeed, I simply use Google search to find the perfect articles appropriately – that can enrich our blog posts value and engage users with abundant information. And these external links on our pages can pass authority link juice, boost domain authority and of course, makes search engines to crawl our pages even sooner. It works!

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