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7 Ways Technology Has Impacted on Recruitment Process

Technology has been impeccable in human lives, and rightfully so. Primitive people might not have even though, such innovations have been created...

Recruitment Process

Technology has been impeccable in human lives, and rightfully so. Primitive people might not have even though, such innovations have been created and inventions have been made in the last few decades.

Technology has made human lives easier. The work that took hours to complete now gets done within minutes, again; all thanks to the technology.

The last year has been every shade of strange. Coronavirus has taken a toll on human lives. The world had hit a pause button for many months and during that period, many people lost their lives, many businesses went down and many people were unemployed as if all of us had hit rock bottom altogether! 

Technology and the Recruitment Process

As already mentioned above, COVID-19 has led many people to lose their jobs and hence, their careers. If you’re looking to adjust your job opportunities as per the current scenario, you are at the right place.

Technology has revolutionized almost all sectors and processes, even the education sector! The hiring process is no exception of the same. It was already affected by the technology, even before 2020. But many things have been redefined ever since. And now, recruiters have set different criteria. To gain more understanding regarding how technology has impacted the recruitment process, keep on reading.

Excessive Data

Technology Has Impacted on Recruitment

More than 95% of Fortune 500 companies use employee tracking systems for their hiring needs. This software collects, fetches, and stores the data of candidates. Everything has become computerized and digitalized. This helps HR incredibly well. They don’t have to go hunting for prospective employees. They can manage all their hiring needs with one software. However, all that glitters is not gold and likewise, the same goes for technology as well. 

Since many people register themselves to get a job, all at once. The data organically becomes excessive. Sometimes what happens is, that the software stores abundant amounts of resumes and the company refers to those for recruitment purposes. When the job is filled, the rejected resumes still stay in the data. And that creates chaos and confusion. Now, of course, they can be used for future references when the hiring need arises. But what until then? Well, it slows down the systems and creates confusion.

Use of Applicant Tracking Systems 

As already mentioned above, Covid-19 has completely changed the course of human lives and the way we live through it, and the recruitment process has not been the exception of the same. More and more giant organizations are using software like Resume Management Software, ATS integration to hire talent for their professional setup and which has been working incredibly well and in their favor. Applicant Tracking Systems offers functions like storage of resumes, an online testing questions bank, and an automated recruitment process. It helps HR in a great manner as it decreases their workload. Thus, since technology has taken over, the world hasn’t remained stagnant, it has been changing every passing moment, with better innovations and improved changes. If you’re a candidate and looking for a job, then keep these things in mind and build your resume likewise. Because let’s admit, technology is here to stay, it’s not going anywhere and we’ll have to change ourselves according to that.

Generates Chaos

We are so heavily surrounded by technology that we often forget, man-made technology and not the other way round. Undoubtedly, technologies have made human lives easier and faster but they also brought chaos along with them.

For instance, when a candidate uploads his or her resume, many things get rejected by an automatic computerized process. Things, which are important and probably could increase the candidate’s chances of being hired. Computers have this ideal format and if some resumes are not identical to that, or a ‘misfit’, they get dismissed. And in this process, a candidate might miss out on his or her dream job and the recruiter might miss out on having the best talent working for the company!

Open to Everyone

Technology has brought people closer and those people are also employers and employees! There are no geographic constraints to anyone, anymore. You can apply for a remote job, right there from sitting on your couch. Nothing can stop you from getting your dream job, and the good part is, you don’t have to travel physically to the respective company.

The company will take all the candidates under consideration, and won’t put any geological limits on any of the candidates. Not only through the first processes but also during the interviews. Candidates can give interviews sitting at their houses, with the help of technology. Just a laptop and an internet connection and you can have the online interview!

Brings Authenticity

Technology has in a way, brought a lot of authenticity to the hiring process. The candidate has to fulfill all the details to complete the procedure of uploading the resume. Details, which ensure that the respective candidate is genuine and not faux.

Companies can guarantee that when the recruitment process is done with the help of technology, they will get bonafide candidates. To have that sort of confidence and belief while hiring is good for the owner and the company.

Thus, companies can save themselves a lot of time and trouble, because there is a surety that every registered candidate is a real person and the degree that she or he holds is not fake. 

Multiple Skill-Set

We live in a time where you can always use some extra skills. If you’re bilingual, trilingual, or even quadrilingual, you can have an abundance amount of opportunities. For instance, if your dream job is to work for an MNC, they will quite obviously have many international clients, and if you know languages other than English, you will naturally be very helpful to them when you mention that during your interview, they will be impressed with you, and the chances are, you might increase chances for yourself to get the job.

Likewise, if you’re a writer and you have SEO knowledge, your job profile will instantly be glorified. And you will enlarge your chances of sealing the deal!

Technology has made it easier for everyone to learn things faster. With just a stable internet connection and undying zest of learning new skills, this combination can change anyone’s life by 360 degrees!

Increased Demand for Digital Jobs

As the whole process gets digitalized, it will be safe to say the skills related to that will also be in great demand. And thus, youngsters and even millennials are being fascinated more and more by the skills. For instance, more and more Gen Z are taking up coding as their prime career option.

And for the recruitment front, companies will also require such manpower when the importance of computers is only increasing every passing day. Hence, people would be keener in making their career in those fields. 


Every coin has two sides and a double-edged sword cuts both ways. By the same token, technology also works. It’s up to us how we perceive it and to what extent we choose to use the same. Technology has brought some wondrous changes to human existence, but that doesn’t mean it does not have a downside. Know things, understand the process, weigh down your options, and take your decisions accordingly.

This was a little tour of technology and the recruitment process from our end. Remember it’s just a sneak peek, technology has made some bigger and greater changes in our lives. Changes, have worked incredibly well in our favor and will continue doing so in the future as well.


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