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Top UX Designing Mistakes limiting your business growth

Designers! Are You Limiting Your Growth Due to These UX Designing Mistakes? Are you confident about your UX designing skills? or Are...

Top UX Designing mistakes

Designers! Are You Limiting Your Growth Due to These UX Designing Mistakes?

Are you confident about your UX designing skills?


Are you able to achieve the desired growth with your UX?


Read on to know the common UX mistakes that may be limiting your business growth. Whether you are running a business or working on a website, you are definitely “onto something”. While it’s true that you must have a unique recipe that can make your audience tick, scaling is not the only way to scale success.

If you think that a fascinating website with brighter hues and good imagery will do wonders for your business, you’re dreaming. Bugs, friction in the UX, technical limitations, and other UX flaws can hinder your growth.

Several other mistakes and misconceptions about UX Designing

And there are several other mistakes and misconceptions about UX Designers! Are You Limiting Your Growth Due to These UX Designing Mistakes? that you might be making. Let us tell you, some of these may be just a tiny flaw, but can multiply your efforts if you’re trying to scale up your business game.

1. Climbing on every bandwagon

It is always good to seek inspiration by observing others’ work. But having a mob mentality where you blindly follow what others are doing can put your UX at a higher risk of failure.

Plus, blindly adopting a new UX Designers! Are You Limiting Your Growth Due to These UX Designing Mistakes? the trend is a major-mistake you may be making. Trends come and go.

Just when you think you’ve adopted one UX trend, a new-trend-will drop, encouraging you to rethink your strategy. Also, not every-trend is genuine, and it may be just a blind prediction with no real data or consumer metrics to back it up.

Hence, whenever you come across a new trend, do not adopt it blindly. Instead, take the time to review its key performance indicators, evaluate if the change will positively impact your brand, and weigh the reward v/s risk. Make sure it is the right move for your site or business.

2. Not Putting PEOPLE at the forefront

In the raging online competition, there’s no wonder that website owners are hustling. Almost every one of them is using the same formula – ranking for specific keywords. The irony is everybody is making the critical mistake of disregarding the main priority of search engines – PEOPLE.

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Web owners forget that Google and other search engines keep changing their search algorithms to make the user experience fruitful and more-pleasant. That is why SEO came into existence – to set-up specific guidelines that every site owner must follow to offer an optimized user experience.

No doubt, one must design an SEO-optimized website. However, your goal should be to offer outstanding UX designing to your users. Always keep your users or people at the forefront. Winning over your audience can get you more traffic and higher page rank.

Therefore, design your website for humans first and then for the search engines. 

3. Not Designing “Responsive”

Designers are well-aware of what responsiveness means. Still, they commit the mistake of forgetting to design responsive sites. According to a Google study, 90% of people move between smart-devices, like laptops and mobile phones to, accomplish a goal. Designers must ensure their websites look great on every gadget their audience may use. If not, you could be losing an enormous crowd.

Besides responsiveness, you must also offer your users all the essential elements on the web pages. For instance, a cart page on an e-commerce website should have a specific cart button to access that feature.

If You fail to build your website with a responsive layout, your users won’t enjoy the experiences while exploring your site from a tablet or mobile phone. You should even redesign your existing site to add responsiveness to it for the best user experience.

4. Neglecting Content

You might be wondering what designers have to do with the content. Let us tell you, your website UX is incomplete if the content isn’t optimized or inept.

The content was and is still the King, even in 2021. You are committing a big mistake if you are ignoring the importance of content. In order to offer optimal UX, your website must have high-quality, authoritative content from experts.

Here are a few fundamental content principles for optimal UX:

  • Pay attention to quality.
  • Make your content keyword optimized.
  • Post new blogs consistently.
  • Revise old content to keep it fresh and relevant.
  • Polish spelling and grammar.
  • Produce landing pages to boost conversions.
  • Guide your users through the sales funnel with content.

Remember, your content’s focus should be on the readers and not the search engines. Your content must also use your brand’s tone and voice while offering valuable and interesting information to the customers.

The Takeaway

This isn’t it!! There are numerous other UX mistakes designers often make that knowingly or unknowingly can ruin their efforts. No matter how much experience you have gained, there’d be something you must work upon. Make sure you learn about them and come up with great human-oriented products that your customers can enjoy.

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Written by Eshan Cheema
Eshan Cheema, CEO of Zoptal Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is a strategist that has formulated and perfected the nuances of the digital marketing world.

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