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5 Ways Innovation in Technology is Impacting the Promotional Landscape

Successful brand promotion, whether it’s through advertising, PR, or comprehensive marketing, greatly depends on the implementation of modern technology. With technological advancements...

Innovation in Technology

Successful brand promotion, whether it’s through advertising, PR, or comprehensive marketing, greatly depends on the implementation of modern technology. With technological advancements quickly becoming the essential drivers of every industry in the world, business leaders across the globe are increasingly emphasizing the integration of AI-driven solutions and other smart software into their processes in the hopes of establishing a competitive advantage.

From introducing chatbots into the customer service department, generating advertisements with laser precision, improving personalization, all the way to improving your entire content strategy and getting people to read your content, there is a lot to be gained by integrating technology into your business. Here’s how innovation in technology is impacting the promotional landscape.

Redefining the art and science of PR

Back in the day before the web became the primary place of advertisement and the foundation of digital marketing, public relations depended on print media and press releases, television and radio, and of course, word of mouth. Even though these are still valuable communication faucets for experienced PR managers and business leaders, it’s important to note that the art and science of PR have greatly migrated into the online realm.

Technology has made it possible for public relations to become more efficient and effective by broadening a brand’s reach and amplifying its voice to reach global audiences quickly. Social media platforms, automation tools for content management and posting, big data, influencer tools, and more are now making it possible for PR managers to optimize their entire strategy in order to reach the hearts and minds of their audience. They achieve this by collating relevant industry data into actionable reports that they can later transform into moving speeches, videos, and other content.

Leveraging AI to outperform human-made advertising

With the rise of online entrepreneurship and digital marketing all over the world, online advertising is becoming increasingly competitive and nuanced. The need to create story-driven landing pages, craft actionable CTAs, and optimize advertisements for maximum visibility on search engines is making ad creation increasingly difficult with each passing year. Why? Partly because there are more companies out there fighting over the same customers nowadays, and partly because modern customers can easily identify a poorly-written ad.

If you are to succeed in all forms of online advertising, including native advertising, you need to integrate artificial intelligence and smart software into the creation process. More importantly, you need to monitor relevant KPIs and act on the reports you create. You can achieve all of this by extracting valuable information from AI-driven reports on CTA effectiveness, content performance, attention spans, tone of voice reports, and more. For example, use AI to identify the wording that makes a CTAs convert in order to make them that much more effective for every subsequent ad campaign.

Combining personalization with valuable incentives

Modern brand promotion, be it through advertising or marketing, is all about personalization. Nowadays, there is little that drives brand loyalty and trust in the competitive market like personalizing and tailoring content, visuals, and promotional products to the customer. From personalized emails to social media giveaways that drive engagement through valuable gifts, there is a lot you can achieve by either branding or personalizing every process.

This is one of the reasons why branded promotional products such as the prepaid Visa card have been so widely adopted by businesses in recent years, as entrepreneurs and marketers have identified the need to provide their customers with gifts and incentives that are not only valuable but inspirational as well. In essence, when you put your brand on a promotional product or personalize an item to fit your customer’s preferences, you are effectively making your brand an integral part of their everyday life. This is a powerful way to promote your business as a whole.

Using voice search to boost SEO and engagement

Without a doubt, voice search is on the rise across the globe. With people increasingly searching for products, services, and information by asking their AI assistants a question rather than typing in a string of keywords, companies need to optimize their SEO strategies to remain relevant in the SERPs.

Optimizing for voice search will bring more quality traffic to your website and improve your engagement rate through Google snippets and other relevant content. For this to be successful, though, you will need to adapt your content to answer questions concisely and accurately, while incentivizing the customer to follow the link to the full article, video, or infographic.

Capitalizing on social media influencers and their reach

Finally, there is a big emphasis nowadays on working with prominent influencers to improve brand reach, awareness, and reputation online. While influencer marketing is not a new concept, it’s interesting to note just how technology is making it easier for companies to get matched with the best influencers in their niche.

Through automation and AI-driven software, marketers can filter, organize, and reach out to the influencers that fit the company’s tone of voice, personality, and values. This will ensure that your messages reach the right audience, which will lead to more conversions down the road.

Marketing and advertising are the foundation of successful businesses nowadays, hence the need to take the art and science of promotion into the 21st century and leverage technology to achieve better results. With these five innovations in mind, go ahead and optimize your entire promotional strategy for more engagement, traffic, and conversions.


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