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Troubleshoot or Refresh your Android Phone with these hacks

Smartphones as always doing the job. Whether we are trying to entertain ourselves or trying to search for some content. All the...

Smartphones as always doing the job. Whether we are trying to entertain ourselves or trying to search for some content. All the time smartphones is functioning with other components such as the internet. It is quite natural that these electronics may come up with technical errors which might be minor or major at some point. However, you must know how to deal with them.

You must know small tricks to handle your smartphone. Sell your old mobile phone online if you are not able to fix the issues with the basic solutions. You can simply troubleshoot your android phone while you are facing some common problems that are faced by many users. Some of the basic ways of troubleshooting your android phone would help you to fix many problems.

1. Restart

Restarting your mobile phone is not a huge task. You do it once in a while. However, it is a great way to relax with your mobile phone after being used for such a long time. Whenever your mobile phone is lagging or showing some signs that it is exhausted, you must restart the device. A few minutes to cool down the mobile phone is the best idea to naturally limit usage. No matter on what page you are stuck on your phone, you can directly click on the switch-off button and wait for a while. After a few minutes, you can restart the device and it should be back to normal. 

2. Airplane mode

Airplane Mode is like a savior. The best thing when you want a mobile phone and disturb. You can still use all the activities and functionalities of your phone while you are in Airplane Mode. That is what differentiates it from switching off the mobile phone. Whenever you are facing any issues with the connection such as a network or data you can certainly click on Airplane Mode. After waiting for a few minutes you can take the Airplane Mode off. You will see that the mobile phone has connected to the network with a better connection.

3. Reinstall certain applications

You might not realize but certain applications might be causing the issue or technical errors. It might be difficult for you to realize which application is causing the problem. You can delete all applications and reinstall the upgraded version of it. In this way, any type of bug or virus will be fixed and cleared up some applications. However, you should be choosy enough to keep the useful applications. Piling up some unwanted applications will only occupy more and more space on your device. It will cost obstacles to the functionality of the mobile.

4. Upgraded version

The upgraded version of applications as well as the software is needed. If you are functioning on the older version of the security update then this is what might be causing the issue. That is why you must always keep on checking for updates in the applications as well as the software. You can also set this setting as an automatic update installation. Security updates or software updates are the most basic way to experience the new features that were sent to eligible devices. Some devices might not receive security updates anymore as they are outdated devices. However, you can still choose to use the outdated device but you will not be able to experience the latest changes.

5. Factory reset

Factory reset is the most used option when nothing at all works. Factor set for maths or erase all the data on your phone. It is always advised that you take the backup of all the data on your mobile phone on another device. Only then you must go for the factory reset option. Once you have factory set the mobile phone and all the data is gone, it will never come back. You cannot recover or retrieve the data that is erased through factory resetting the device.

6. Mobile repair

The last possible solution that you might want to experience is mobile repair services. As it might be difficult for you to search for the proper solution by yourself. It is always better to be guided by a professional technician and follow the rules. You might want to fix it by yourself with the help of the internet. However, it is not always possible. Fixing your android mobile phone might require some expert guidance.


You must realize that these tips must work for minor issues that keep on emerging again. However, if you are not able to fix the issues with these tips, you might need a phone repair service. Only a professional technician would know to figure out what is wrong with the device. Only Under professional guidance, your mobile phone will be treated properly and a solution will be placed.


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