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Top 9 Questions to Ask Android Developers Before Hiring

Are you looking to hire android app developers for your company? We know how important and challenging it is to hire android...

Top 9 Questions to Ask Android Developers Before Hiring

Are you looking to hire android app developers for your company? We know how important and challenging it is to hire android app developers that suit your project requirements well. 

Several businesses found difficulty when they looked for android app developers for hire. The massive number of candidates is that choosing the best out of many requires examining skills. You must know that the information below will help you identify the best android developer for your project.

In this blog, we have mentioned almost every question you should ask the android app developers for hire to identify their knowledge and skill. The questions include some basic, intermediate and advanced level questions, which you can choose according to the qualification and skill claimed by the android developers.

Current Market Stats on Android Developers

â According to Statista states more than 2 billion android users worldwide.

â Android, the leading mobile operating system worldview in January 2022, has control of the mobile market with a 70% share, whereas iOS was only 25% in the mobile operating market.

â According to Statista android app developers’ hires accounted for 21.23 percent in 2019.

Top 9 Questions To Hire Android Developers

It is vital to know that all these questions are essential to ask as they will help you know the unique knowledge and skill set of android app developers hired. So please read the entire blog to get the complete information and get your answers.

Q1. What is a Fragment in Android?

The activity, which is somewhat modular in the Android system, comprises fragments. It is vital to know that fragments are movable, reusable, and can join forces with other pieces to create a single action. Hire android developers that have a comprehensive piece of knowledge on this topic.

Q2. What are Default Resources? Why are they Useful?

Default resources consist of the standard strings and files. It is vital to know that if these files are not found in the system that it leads to errors appearing on the screen and can make the downloaded application perform less smoothly. The reason behind their existence is that these are beneficial since the downloaded application can be run in them because they are subdirectories of the project directory.

Q3. What steps are Involved in Creating a Bound Service through Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL)?

It is an essential thing that you must ask a developer when you’re ready to hire developers for your project. The answer should be:

To create a bound service through the android interface definition language you must follow this step-by-step guide and enhance your skill.

Step 1. Create-

Create a .aidl file that explains an AIDL interface.

Step 2. Save the file-

Any application that needs to attach to this service should save this file in the src/ directory of the application hosting.

Step 3. Create your program-

The attachment interface file will subsequently be created by Android SDK tools and placed in your gen directory.

Step 4. Enforcement-

You can perform this interface by extending the created attachment interface and enforcing the inherited methods .aidl file.

Q4.Can we Prevent ANR in the Android System?

Yes, it is stoppable, but first, knowing the complete form of ANR is essential. ANR refers to Application Not Responding. It is an error that arises when a UI thread in an application is not working for more than 5 seconds.

To prevent this, you must know that the android system is prevented from terminating responsive code via ANR. By generating a child thread, the minimum amount of unresponsive times can be shown, and the majority of the real-time working of the code can work.

Q5.What are Some of the Drawbacks of the Android Operating System?

Many Android app development companies claim the android operating system has some significant disadvantages, which every android developer should know. The Android operating system has the following drawbacks.

â Application Fraud

It is vital to know that thousands of fraud apps on the market can harm your data in storage and steal if installed.

â Background Processes

It’s never a good thing to have many background processes running as it quickly drains the battery.

â Issues with Streamlining

As we all know, there are numerous android smartphones on the market. Every smartphone has a distinct screen size and size, but more crucially, each runs a different version of the Android operating system. While developing an android app, it is essential for a developer to continuously work on updating their application for the new operating system.

Q6.What are the Main Components of the Android Application Framework?

The foundational libraries needed to leverage device resources for app development are available via the Android application framework. 

It is the most crucial interview question that android developers need to ask to clarify some classifications, including activity, service, and broadcast receiver. You must look to hire the best android app development company that can offer you application maintenance and support post-development.

Q7.What are the Main Features of Android?

Numerous features in Android make it simpler for programmers to create and update applications. Below we have mentioned some qualities of Android that you should know.

â It’s an open-source network

â Configurable and flexible operating system

â Encourages the creation of a range of different apps

â Compared to iOS, it is more straightforward.

â Support a variety of media kinds, storage, networking, messaging, and online surfing services

Q8.What is an Adapter?

It must be a simple question, but every android developer should know the definition of adoption. An adapter must connect to an external data source to use an AdapterView (such as a ListView or GridView). It is essential to know that the connection is made via an adapter, which is also in charge of transforming each data entered into a view that can be added to the adapter view. Look for android app development services or developers that know everything about it.

Q9.What is ANR, and Why Does it Happen?

ANR stands for “Application Not Responding” in Android. It implies that a dialogue box with the message “application not responding” shows when the user interacts with the activity while in the on Resume method.

It is essential to know the error occurs when we begin a demanding and time-consuming job, such as downloading data, in the main UI thread. Use the Async Task class to start your demanding processes in the background to solve the issue.


Hopefully, the information mentioned above was helpful for you in knowing about these great questions. All of these questions are relevant and will help you hire the suitable candidate of your choice if you are one of the people looking for a mobile app development company or developers for your upcoming project. In that case, considering these questions as the most critical tester is quite an intelligent step.


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