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Under Construction Page WordPress Plugin Review

Everyone has to start a website and to develop a completely functional website it may take a week or a month. And...

Under Construction Page

Everyone has to start a website and to develop a completely functional website it may take a week or a month. And I know it will be embarrassing to show our visitors a website which is not complete, our visitors will either never return to the website, or a bad impression about the website is left in mind. A website without an under-construction page could give no hints to your website users or any message.

And even when you’re making changes on your website, you do not want visitors to see that your site is broken. I am not talking about the minor changes, but I am talking about the changes that can be like changing the full WordPress theme or adding some extra functionality. Since you may lose visitors if you allow them to visit a site which shows nothing and sometimes a page which ends nowhere or broken links or related things can happen.

It’s a right call to make an under construction page while you’re working on your website. To make maintenance style page, you simply need to install a plug-in from WordPress plugins repository. Even though there are plenty of plugins which can be found on the official WordPress plugin repository, just some of them are helpful while others are going to waste your time.  But I personally recommend you this under construction WordPress plugin which will make your work lot easier and the under construction page will be up with just clicks and in a matter of minutes.

Under Construction Page

With Under Construction Page you may create visually spectacular views of your under construction website in no time. Even when you’re making changes on your site, you do not want visitors to see that your site is broken. To make maintenance style page, you simply need to install a plug-in from WordPress plugins repository. They have a brief video which explains it all.

How to Install Under Construction Page

This plugin is very easy to install as it is featured in the official WordPress repository. Just got to Plugins -> Add New-> Search for Under Construction Page. Choose and install this plugin. After searching this, you get the plugin in the first position; you can see the below image for the same. 

Main: Disable or Enable Under Construction Mode

If you’re in a hurry, then you can set your site in under construction mode in one click. You’ll find this option under the basic settings. By allowing the understructure style, you’ll make your website’s content imperceptible for all users except the chosen ones. Which means they won’t be capable of accessing your website’s content. There are over twenty stylish themes available for you to pick. 


Rather than actually designing the whole page, the developers have made it as easy as clicking on a button. There are over twenty templates already available to select from, but the amazing part is the plugin gets fresh designs two times each month! Totally free.

Therefore, next time when you’re thinking about making a beautiful to come or upkeep style page, consider this plug-in as your initial choice. This plugin can help you produce a spectacular under construction of the page with just one click. 


Content adds some info to the pictures which you see on the Design tab. The maintenance page will not be much of use when there is no text on it. Therefore, write a custom name, add a description, headlines, and put anything you want in the content field. One more thing which you could empower on this tab will be login button that will lead you to login the kind. It’s shown in the lower right corner of the page. Every theme comes along with social buttons where you could add your social profile connection. There are now 15 social icons which include all popular social networks sites


While working on your website, it’s good to show a maintenance page to other visitors. However, you, other admins, and maybe some other users will still have to access the website that is regular.
Simply choose user roles who might have access to the regular website. You could also select specific users by assessing their usernames.  


Under Construction Page

The last tab holds some frequently asked questions. In addition, it connects you to the support forums where one can ask for help. Don’t forget that you could also contact the developer directly and they’ll be more than pleased to assist you with any problems you could have.  


In my opinion, using a maintenance or under construction page is very important no matter what type of work you’re doing on your website. There may be many maintenance mode WordPress plugins but this is one of the best.
With Under Construction Page, you may set everything up in just about five minutes, and input the manner whenever you require it. Since this plugin offers premium features for free, I propose installing it and giving it a go.
Based on what I’ve experienced and seen on the totally free feature listing, I might easily say that this plugin deserves my stamp of Approval.


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Written by Robin Khokhar
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    This is one best coming soon page maker for WordPress. Thanks for dropping this.

  5. Hi Robin,

    I have used this under construction WordPress plugin a year ago when I was shifting my website to another host. There is no doubt that this plugin does not only have great features even when your website has under construction page it also plays a big role in stay connected your visitors with you.

    Thank you for sharing an informative post with us.

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