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Choosing a Video Editing Software For Beginners

Today’s world is dominated by visual content on social media, films, movies, web series, etc. Thus making captivative and eye-catching videos is...

Video editing software for beginners

Today’s world is dominated by visual content on social media, films, movies, web series, etc. Thus making captivative and eye-catching videos is quite a difficult task though not impossible. When you have knowledge about which software suits you the best, then you will manage to make great videos. We have enlisted the list of best video editing software for beginners to make our videos updated about all the best software in the market. Some ask for quite hefty prices though some are free to use. Most of them provide a few days of free trial to make sure about the features of video editing software.

List of the finest and easiest video editing software for beginners:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe is the best creative video software, especially for free video editing. Whoever is new to video editing should begin with this software. In the market, this is the best giving handy and creative experience. Moreover, it works with Adobe Photoshop to give a user-friendly experience. Originally, it was first launched in 2003 as Adobe Premiere Pro With AI. Now, the version used is a premium pro. This software has been used to edit many Hollywood movies such as Deadpool, Gone Girl, and Terminator. Everyone knows that all these movies have great visual effects and great editing. This video editing enables the editing of HD, 5K, 8K, and VR videos mixing them with 5.1 surround sound. The after-effects of the video can also be modified later on. The video can be imported or exported from or to any source.

2. Final cut pro X

Apple too has launched its own video editing software after seeing the rising demand for such editors. The biggest disadvantage of this software is that it can be used on Apple computers only not on any Windows computer. The subscription to this software is free until you need to access the Creative Cloud. It is surprisingly easy to use and adapted to use with HDR videos.

It has amazing features and advanced tools for color correction. Wide range of colors and effects, amazing grouping features, and simple user-friendly software while editing and adding audio. In case, you have any doubts before buying this software, it also allows to give you 90 90-day free trial.

3. Adobe Premiere Elements

Another product from the Adobe family, this software is quite cheaper than the previous one. This lets you edit videos but does not have incredible features like that of a premium pro. For instance, if you don’t need any high-quality videos or great visual effects, then this product comes to the rescue when your budget is quite low. This software is constantly improved by introducing its newer versions. It has a motion-tracking system and smart technology. The great feature is it can be installed on any Mac platform.

4. Filmora

It has countless features which make this software the best. The main advantage is that it is available on Windows and Mac platforms. This allows editing up to 4K resolution, and also GIF, and has different grading tools. An easily understandable and user-friendly interface allows you to let the video editing experience be fun, even cheaper than any software making it the best video editing software for beginners. Advanced text editor, audio mixer, and video stabilizer have been its best features, and so on. Video can be trimmed, split, or cropped as required by the user.

5. Corel Video Studio Ultimate

This is the easiest software to run when it comes to video editing. Actually, it has hundreds of graphic titles and effects color grading, video stabilization, and enhanced sound quality. You can import and export video files from any source. Moreover, it has friendly tools that combine your photos and videos very well and give eye-catching and engaging quality. Any correction, enhancement, speed effects, or grading can be done for a motion-packed result.

6. Kinemaster

This software is specially designed for Android, iPhone, and iPad platforms. This enables smartphone users to edit their videos which they want to upload on their social media account or on YouTube. Actually, it is quite cheaper than any other video editor. This gives you a few professional editing features to use. You can add handwritten text or text annotation which provides the best color grading and can also precisely add any frame. The only limitation video editing comes with a watermark. To remove that watermark, you need to subscribe to Kinemaster. This is the kind of best video editing software for beginners.

7. Blender

This software is free to use, you don’t need to pay a single penny and it gives you the best video editing experience. When you are a beginner and want to experiment with different videos you could try this blender software. Originally, it was introduced as a 3D animation suite but it comes with a great video editor too. Audio mixing, syncing, adding text, different ranges of visual effects, speed control, and different filters are its main characteristics. The catch is most video editing features are related to 3D animation which makes it quite difficult to understand.

8. Lightworks

One of the amazing and best video editing software for beginners till now. It is full power-packed software with tons of features. It can be exported to 720P videos for the best quality. Moreover, it has more described and detailed video lectures. The free version is also available but it doesn’t contain all the features required for pro editing. Thus, spending quite a penny is worth this software. Wide range of visual effects and it supports almost every video format. This is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Final thoughts

Actually, there is a lot of software present in the market, but we have chosen the best of all the editing software for beginners. Selecting the best out of the given editors comes to your decision. What features do you particularly need while editing your favorite videos?

Mostly, there is every type of software free and paid depending on the features. You should choose the one which suits you the best. To present great video content to your audience, this has been the solution for all of them. Edit and create your favorite videos.


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  1. A great collection of video editing software, all of which will help to make videos comfortable for websites and any social media platform.

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  2. Great collection of video editing software…All of these will help to make video comfortable for website and any social media platform.

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