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The Ultimate Online Event App Features Checklist

You have meetings, appointments, conferences, fashion shows, trade shows, or any event. It doesn’t seem very easy to manage everything manually. It...

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You have meetings, appointments, conferences, fashion shows, trade shows, or any event. It doesn’t seem very easy to manage everything manually. It would be best to have a fully feature-loaded and user-friendly mobile app that can help you control the experiences without any printed materials. Some of the event mobile app’s required features are maps, speaker profile, ability to view the reason behind the event, and more. We are mentioning a few Features checklist that needed to be considered before developing an Ultimate custom online event app.

Event Promotion Feature

For any event to be successful, event marketing and event promotion is an important feature to emphasize on. Proper marketing of your occasions gives it recognization among the potential audience, and it let people to aware of the upcoming events and shows. Your app must provide the feature of Event promotion or Event marketing. Just by one single click, people can share the details with their friends and colleagues. The event management app must include this feature as they have some marketing tools that help you interact with more audiences. Here we are enlisting way through which you can promote your event:

By adopting the way mentioned above, you can increase your reach to the audience and gain more engagement with your event app’s help.

Registration for Event

Event registration is one of the most critical features required by an online Event app. This feature will create an entry pathway for the audience. With the help of this feature, the audience is going to register for the particular event. Event apps need to have this feature to track registered people to arrange for the event accordingly. These kinds of accessible online registers save time and help make the event well organized. Provide a hassle-free experience for your audience to book their seats for the event at their comfort.

Management Feature

Your event & online e-ticketing app must have this feature, as it enables the organizer to manage everything and have a track of financial records in just a single tap. It will help you to keep an eye on your expenses, sponsors, funds, and savings. You can also plan the budget all over again at each stage smoothly. It helps you in managing your budget and organizing a successful event without any interruptions.

Announcement Feature

To keep all your attendees up to date about your current event. It is required to include a notification feature in your event app. It will help them to be updated with all the information related to events. This enables you to connect with your attendees anytime. You can also share event details, important dates, and required info using this feature only. Push notification served as the best way to send reminders to your attendees, including all the latest events and the event’s preparation.

Attend Community Messaging Feature

Since it is required two maintain two-way communication between attendees and the event organizer app. Your event app must have a section for the attendee’s community to communicate with you using the built-in messaging feature. It helps them to raise their query and suggestions on the platform. It also enables you to circulate notifications to all attendees if you have attended your app’s community.

Event Survey’s Feature

You must require feedback from your attendees about the event, suggestions, or improvement they are looking for. Feedback is crucial as it can provide you a way to improve and come in a better way. The Event survey feature enables you to circulate a set of questions to your user. You can choose the set of questions and their type as needed. You can opt for any question type such as MCQ’S, single answer, multiple answers, or text answer questions. The best thing about a survey is that you can do it any time after or before an event and gain valuable and helpful information from your audience about the events.

Real-Time Polling Feature

This is one of the best tools for interacting with your audience and keep them engaged for the long run. The real-time polling feature allows you to know about your attended opinions by polling in no time, and it will help you make firm decisions related to the event. This feature helps you in creating polls and shares them with your attendees. By using the Real-time polling feature, you can create as many polls as you want. Also, you can send push notifications about the poll created quickly to your attendees, with the help of which they can respond quickly.

Event Analytics & Insight

Event Insight and analytics feature let you know about your event analytics whether you have achieved the set goals or not. Using the Event insight feature, you can easily keep your eye on the click & tap with attendees’ help reported for the event. It will help you to calculate total and unique clicks in different sections under the event application. It provides an in-depth analysis that allows you to come up with firm decisions.

Sponsorship Feature

You can not arrange everything for the event on your own. The events require a large sum of investment. Sponsors can help you with your budget and make your event happen. They play an essential role in the success of your event. Whether you organize an event for a conference, trade shows, college fest, and more, you must need sponsorship. Any high-rated app must have a sponsorship feature in it, which shows the list of sponsors who help to make this event happen. Every sponsor needs something in return, and they make their brand promotion by your event and your app, which show Sponsor attendee’s information.

Social Integration Feature

Social media is a new demand of this modern era. You must have social media integration feature in your app. This feature will help you to integrate your app into all social media platforms. These features are helpful in marketing and brand establishment. As in this digital era, people are busy with social media more than anything. Thus this feature will help you track your Linkedin Profile, Twitter page, Youtube channel, and Facebook. You can share and celebrate your special moments with your audience on social media.

Payment Feature

You must provide a payment feature on your event app, and it gives the facility of making instant and secure payments directly to account directly across the globe. You must include this feature in your event app.

Technical Support

It is one of the main highlights required in an event app. It would be best if you had a technical team to remove and solve all the technical issues arising in the app within the time. So it is essential to have technical support experts in your team who can give you proper solutions to the concerned problems. A technical support feature is required to solve your customer query and troubleshoot any issue concerned with any on-demand mobile apps.


Every online event management app is unique and has its specific kind. You must wisely choose the company that allows you to customize and create your desire event app for your event organization & management. These are few ultimate app features required to be included in your event app, which will help you and your attendees enjoy a great event.

Written by Rahul Mathur
Rahul Mathur is the founder and managing director of the ARKA Softwares, a company renowned for its outstanding mobile app development and website development.

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