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3 Ways Amazon Account Management Can Help Grow Your Business

Establishing your business on the Amazon marketplace can seem daunting, and it’s true that the learning curve can be steep. But there...

3 Ways Amazon Account Management Can Help Grow Your Business

Establishing your business on the Amazon marketplace can seem daunting, and it’s true that the learning curve can be steep. But there are services dedicated to smoothing your path toward a thriving eCommerce business and a robust presence as an Amazon seller.

With the right Amazon account managers, like the Amazon PPC experts at Grow Amazon, much of the burden can be taken off your shoulders. Let’s take a look at three areas where user account management services can help you with the most challenging parts of selling on Amazon.

Establish Your Seller Account From the Ground Up

With a presence that reaches more than double the mobile users of other megaretailers like Walmart, Amazon is truly the king of the online retail space. In order to take advantage of Amazon’s reach and consumer confidence, you first need to establish an Amazon Seller Central account.

Seller Central is very user-friendly, but it can be deceptively tricky to use well. That’s why millions of eCommerce companies enlist the help of an Amazon account manager to get them rolling.

Setting Goals

Envisioning where you want to be is an important step for a seller at any stage. Ask yourself these questions, and talk to your prospective account managers about your answers.

  • Do you want to be top-ranking within one or multiple product categories?
  • Do you want to hit a certain number of sales per month?
  • Where do you want your business to be in six months? A year? Five years?
  • How much revenue is necessary to maintain your business? To expand?

Thinking about these kinds of questions can boost your motivation and help you focus on a path forward. 

For inspiration, take a look at some of our client case studies at Grow Amazon. There, you’ll find the stories of eCommerce companies just like your business that have achieved success by partnering with our team and other Amazon experts like us. In discussing your goals and aspirations with you, we can determine how to get you there.

Determining How You Want to Operate

Account management teams are well versed in the ins and outs of the Amazon marketplace, and because we’ve worked with many clients in dozens of industries, we keep up with dynamic methods for business growth.

An account management team can help you navigate important decisions such as:

  • Will you handle your own fulfillment, put it in the hands of managers, or use Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) program?
  • What level of involvement do you want to have in the back end of your Amazon sales?
  • Do you want to manufacture your own product or use another method such as drop-shipping?
  • How will you brand the products you sell and related materials?
  • What level of inventory do you need to keep, and how will deal with inventory management?

Setting Up Your Amazon Seller Central Account

Meticulous organization is necessary when establishing your Seller Central account and maintaining excellent account health, which Amazon describes as “an overview of your selling account’s adherence to the performance targets and policies required to sell on Amazon.”

Management services worth their salt will know exactly what documents, licenses, and other verification documents you need to acquire and maintain in order to meet Amazon’s requirements.

You’ll also need to decide between opening an Individual Account, which is a good choice for low-volume sellers, or a Professional Account for high-volume sellers. Your account management team can help you make the right choice.

Managing Your Listings and Performance

Selling on Amazon can be too much for one person or even a small team, especially when you’re first getting your footing with your Amazon store. Account managers can help you deal with the day-to-day minutiae that keeps the machine moving.

Building and Maintaining Your Product Listings

If you have a vast array of products, a lot of variations within a certain product, or items in multiple categories, account management services are a lifesaving tool for keeping it all organized. 

A management team can:

  • Build your product listings
  • Add professional photo and video elements to showcase your products
  • Optimize your listings using SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Assign and organize SKU (stock-keeping unit) numbers

Establishing Your Brand Presence

Registering and maintaining your presence in Amazon’s ABR (Amazon Brand Registry) program is another helpful area an Amazon seller account manager can help you protect your brand and lend credibility to your product offerings when you work with or create trademarked items. 

You also may want to take advantage of EBC (enhanced brand content) to market your products in the Amazon Marketplace with professional-quality listings and descriptions that go beyond black-and-white text-based listings.

Expanding Your Market Reach

When selling on Amazon takes off for your business, you may decide to expand your sales internationally. This can bring a dramatic increase in sales, but it also means more work, more hoops to jump through, and more requirements and regulations to follow. Account management teams can help take the stress out of an expansion.

Achieving Amazing Sales Through Advertising

With millions of Amazon sellers and thousands of them likely competing in your niche, the best way to make sure you’re reaching your target audience is through sponsored advertising. 

Use Amazon PPC to Launch a Killer Campaign

When you’re ready to launch a product campaign, you’ll find that Amazon has already developed a powerful framework to help you succeed. But just like most other facets of running an Amazon seller account, ad campaigns are exponentially more effective when designed and run by experienced professional management teams.

Amazon’s PPC (pay-per-click) advertising system is highly competitive, and without a great strategy, it can feel like flinging money into the void. Without careful and strategic planning, you may see very poor ROI (return on investment).

A great account manager will build an advertising plan tailored to your business, decrease your ACoS (advertising cost of sale) and maximize your ROI so that every penny you spend comes back to you multiplied. You’ll save time and energy working with experts, and you won’t miss out on the opportunities for growth that are available to smart sellers.

Tracking and Analyzing Your Sales Data

Ups and downs are unavoidable in any business. But making sure an Amazon business’s growth trends upward, it’s necessary to recognize patterns, spot warning signs, read the market, and make adjustments on the fly based on data.

Your Amazon account manager will keep track of your inventory and sales data, analyze it, and keep your Amazon business thriving even when the market goes through challenges.

If you’re ready to level up your seller account with the help of an account management service, get in touch with us at Grow Amazon and let us show you how we can make selling on Amazon a breeze for your business.


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