How Many AdSense Ad Units are Allowed Per Page?

According to the bloggers, I don’t think that there isn’t any better-monetizing network than Google AdSense, it is considered as one of the best ways to make money online. Being a blogger myself, I would always give my first preference to the Google AdSense than any other monetizing network. If you are a regular internet surfer or do internet marketing or blogging, then you can see yourself that there are millions of blogs and website which are making millions by using Google AdSense network and some of them are making a living through it.

Google has defined many terms and conditions with their different services and products, and likewise, Google AdSense has many requirements. Many bloggers are able to get their AdSense Approved within a single try, and some fail to get it approved many times. And if you are the one who hasn’t got your Google AdSense Approved then you must check this post of mine, “How can you approve your Google AdSense Account?” I wrote this post as a guest post on my friend’s Blog named Philip Varghese Ariel (He is a very good friend of mine and is an expert in making Roundup Posts).

Actually, This article is about that how many AdSense ads per unit you can allow on your website or pages. Months before I got my Google AdSense approved, and from some Sources I heard that we could only place three Google AdSense ads per page, and I was going with same but then one of my friends told me that we could place more ads, and even he has put like six ads on his blog, and I was amazed. I never wanted to get my AdSense account banned because of some inappropriate reasons which lead me to read all the terms and conditions of Google AdSense. So let me tell you some reasons that why Google bans AdSense Account.

Reasons for Banning AdSense Account:

If you are making a mistake by not following the rules and regulations set by the Google AdSense then surely your account will be banned. Usually, people don’t read the terms and conditions set by Google, and it has become one of the primary reason for Banning account. And these are some of the things which you must avoid:

  • Clicking on your own Ads.
  • Displaying more than enough ads on the Posts and Pages.
  • Getting Fake Clicks.
  • Asking clicks on the ads from your friends or relatives.
  • Directing user’s attention to click on ads using some graphical gimmicks and arrows.
  • Placing the ads in script box.
  • Formatting site in such a way that it gets difficult to distinguish content from ads.
  • Publishing Adult or violent content.
  • Writing content about hacking.
  • Promoting Illegal content or services.

Although there are many such rules which you can check by visiting Google AdSense Program and policies, which every AdSense account holder must follow.


Top sins of internet marketing.

In actual how many AdSense ad units you can place on your website?

Using the Google AdSense ad unit, you can display up to 3 ad units on each page. By following the rules of the Google‘s AdSense Ad Placement policies, you can simply implement the code on the website:

  • Archive
  • Category
  • Single page
  • Single post
  • Front Page

You can display three link ads, three standard ads (banner-like ads) and two ads for the Search boxes (making sure that the logo of Google is visible). I know there must be many who will not be familiar with the Google search box ads, so I have found an amazing tutorial for those who want to implement this type of ad. I found it on Shout me loud, so just follow the link.

Likewise, you can add up to 3 standard ads per page with an AdSense Account. And among those three ads, you can display one large Ad along with the two more ads with different sizes.

Large size can be of these dimensions like 300×600 format. And some other formats of large ads would include 300×1050, 970×250, 750×200, 728×90 and 580×400 formats, and some other dimensions like these.

You can also place three links ads in the format of 728×15, 468×15, 200×90, 180×90, 160×190, 120×90 and one responsive too.

With the addition of the three standard ads and three link ads, you can also display two more ads on each web page.

So, you can place up to 8 ad elements per web page on your website. But Google AdSense has now come up with new Page-Level Ads, and if we count them in then, we can display up to 9 to 10 ads per website.

Try Google’s new page-level Ads:

Google AdSense has come up with new types of ad unit for the AdSense publishers to generate more revenue. So tell me also cover these new page-level ads on this topic of mine.

As the page-level ads are new, so I will be sharing a little tutorial with you about it.

According to the Google AdSense blog update, Page-level ads is from the family of an ad format that aims to offer innovative and new ways to earn money using the mobile devices.

In actual, these ads are optimized for mobile devices only. You won’t be able to experience these ads with Personal computers or laptops.

Google claims that these ads appear automatically in the right format and at the right time on the pages of your website, That means these ads will not be visible for all the time like the standard and link ads.

Some of the Benefits of Using Page-Level Ads:

  • More optimized ads
  • Will not be counted with the other three ad unit (additional ads)
  • Need one One-time set-up only
  • You can fully control to enable and disable these ads


How can you make $100 per day using Google AdSense?

How can you Enable these Page level Ads?

I think this is the easiest thing that you can do without any help; I will be making it a little more quick and easy. You just need to enable them. You can check the below image for better understanding.

How Many AdSense Ad Units

After you have enabled the ads then, you can move to the second portion of getting the code.


Google Adsense has taken the Page-level ads to the next level and renaming it the Google Auto Ads. Which is far better than placing the ads manually. In this, the AI of the Google decides where to put the ad on your blog or website to generate more revenue for you.

How can you install these Page-Level Ads on your Blog or Website?

It is very easy to install the code on any website or blog, and by just placing this code you get the ability to earn some extra cash.

Page-Level ads

Just get the code for both the ads (the above image will help you with the same). Now copy that code and place that code in the header section <head> Page-level ads code</head>, your ads will be placed perfectly.

Page-level ads WordPress

And for the WordPress users, they can place the code in the header.php file in the editor. I have done the same, and my ads are running successfully, you can get help from the above image.

How can you test these Ads?

To check these ads that they are placed in the right position or are placed correctly, you can open up the mobile version of your website and type “#googleads” at the end of the URL of your website and refresh it.

You could get a message if you will be doing it on the computer and ads might appear up after testing it. Indicating that you have placed the ads perfectly.

With which you are not permitted to show Google AdSense Ad Units:

  • Don’t show the advertisements in pop-up windows.
  • Try to remove the ads On 404 Page,
  • Also don’t show the ads on the Dynamic content (g., comments, instant messaging and live chats, etc.),
  • In Emails.
  • Don’t show ads on Login Pages.

Finally, What I want to say:

You can see that my blog is also monetized with Google AdSense, and I try to keep my ads user-friendly. I always take care that these ads do not spoil the user experience of my blog visitors. Moreover, act smartly you have the opportunity to place almost ten ads on one website. I have explained above, so earn with it and don’t try to overdo it. Although Google AdSense has given you the opportunity to create hundreds of Ad units, but use them wisely and smartly.

I hope this post of mine about how many Google AdSense ad unit we can display on our website is helpful. I can’t wait to get a response to my post in the comments.

Have fun and earn more.

Robin Khokhar

I do web development and SEO. But when I get time, I do write and share tips and tricks about marketing and technology.

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  3. Hey Robin,

    Interesting article!

    Personally, I don’t use Adsense because I don’t like the design of the ads and the pay is also not good enough for me. I prefer to promote affiliate products that have residual commissions, that’s what I’m working on now, and so far it’s going okay. Still, interesting article, if I ever decide to use Adsense again, I’ll come back and re-read this article. Thanks for taking the time to write it for us.


    1. Hi Timothy,
      I know affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online but if we will monetize the google Ads perfectly we can earn a little bit more than deserved.
      Although, thanks for stopping by and writing a comment.

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    I do think I ma not the only stranger in Bethlehem. There is no doubt Adsense is the mother of all CPC networks. You’ve cleared my mind on certain myths about them.


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  6. Hi Robin ,
    Good, you mentioned what not to do wth the adds, like clicking yourself on them or ask friends to do . I think many got banned because they did not know this .
    I like this new page level adds ,good it is no need to place them .
    Thank you for your informative post and the nice tutorial.

  7. Hi Robin,
    It’s rally good article.I got to know something new from this article about Adsense.
    I have a question, If I show 3 ads in my website then Can I insert Adsense in search bar?

    1. Hi Pritam,
      I think you haven’t read the full post. and yes, you can pace search ads. Please give a read the post once again and i am sure you will not be having any questions.

  8. Hi Robin

    What a great post. It is great that you explained the rules and regulations for adsense which has been a headache for so many content creators. It is also great that Google has introduced more features for adsense.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  9. Very informative post. Thanks for sharing it. Could you please guide me that at least how much traffic per day is required to apply for Google Adsense?

  10. hello robin,
    happy to visit your blog once again, it was really a good post, many of the bloggers donot know, how the adsense should be used in a desired way, you just explained in a awesome way, and i got to know many points, thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Dhanunjai,
      RPM depends on the number of visitors visit your site. And secondly, You can place approximately 10 ads on your Blog using Google AdSense. I think You haven’t read the post properly. 3 standard ads, 3 link ads, 2 search box ads and 2 Mobile level ads.
      And I can see that your blog has only 4-5 standard ads only. so, Change your ads placement. First, read this post properly and secondly apply the other ads too, check my blogs placement of ads, I am sure it will help you.

  11. Hi Robin,

    According to my skills we can use 3 ad unit on single page but if you have approved premium adsense account then we can add more than 3 ad unit, Is it right Robin?

    Ashlay Jones

    1. Hi Ashley,
      No, One who have got Adsense Approved on his or her blog can display up to 10 ads. As I have explained in the post. And a premium account holder can display ads on multiple sites including Youtube.

  12. Hello Robin,

    I can’t believe i’ve been missing out so much on my revenue as i have been displaying only 3 ads on my blog all this while.

    Thanks for the elaborate way in which you explained this subject matter.

    Have a nice day Robin.

  13. So, I can add 3 link ads with 3 standard ads(banner ads+text ads)? and it doesn’t disturb adsense terms?

    Link and text aren’t same? I am confused!
    Please leave reply!

  14. Great Post Robin, But my question is nowadays the CPC of my blog is Quite low as Compare to last year. Can you tell me how to improve the CPC of the Site.
    Thanks in Advance

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      Really incredible and interesting article. Keep the good work. I really appreciate your effort on putting such thoughts in the post.
      Thanks for sharing with us.

  15. Thanks sir, this article really helped me for AdSense. And I want to tell you one thing. I have been searching this guide from long day even I read many big blog’s but I didn’t get my question of answer and after reading this article, my all doubts has solved.

    Thanks for this awesome guide
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  16. Thanks for this article. I am not using AdSense on my site, I fully depend on affiliates income. But I am going to start Adsense as well. It’s really helpful as an Adsense beginner like me

  17. “Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon every
    day. It’s always useful to read content from other writers and use something from other web sites.”

  18. I never put more than 5 ads on a page, but i think more are allowed. It depends on the size of an article and also many ads slow down loading speed which is not good for SEO.

  19. Robbin thank you very much for the content, digital marketing and marketing and really the Google Ads is one of the best ways to monetize a website. You were very direct and you helped me a lot, thank you!

  20. I personally would advise against the aggressive approach of blocking adblock users access to the content. Tested it on one site – it increased bounce rate and it seems the visitors just went away instead of disabling adblock. Even if adblock users are not direct income source, they may share your content and increase your popularity.

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