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Best Online Digital Business Card Makers In 2024

A digital business card is one of the most effective ways to network and makes new connections in the digital world. Professional...

Best Online Digital Business Card Makers In 2023 - Tricky Enough

A digital business card is one of the most effective ways to network and makes new connections in the digital world. Professional designers are creating creative ways to present their contact information to stand out from the competition.

Creating your digital business card as an online designer can be tricky with so many options. From ready-made templates to more specialized sites that let you upload your images, fonts, and logos. However, logo design is often not the best choice for a business card. From ready-made business card templates to more specialized sites that let you upload your images, fonts, and logos.

The template sites have very limited customization, but they’re perfect for someone who doesn’t have much experience with HTML or CSS.

If you have some coding knowledge and are looking for something more advanced than a template site.

Check out these best online digital business card makers in 2024

1. Designhill

Designhill is one of the best business card design tools because it lets you quickly make digital business cards. You can easily get all the tools you need to come up with ideas for designs, make the card design, and change it to your liking.

Designhill’s digital business card maker has a lot of useful features, like the ability to quickly share the feedback design and add multimedia.

2. HiHello

HiHello is another digital business card maker that a lot of people use. Like Beaconstac, it is known for its easy-to-use interface and dashboard for making virtual business cards.

It also has a great design and sharing features. For instance, you can make cards that look nice and professional and send them via email, a URL link, a text message, or a QR code.

3. Blinq

What Blinq is all about is making it easy to share contacts. And it’s still one of the best-rated business card apps for mobile devices. The platform has a sharing feature that is better than most of the others on this list. It also lets you add all the information you need to finish your contact section without giving up any important information.

4. Haystack

When you go to the Haystack website, you first see the phrase “Make a great first impression.” If you sign up for a free trial, you’ll quickly see that this solution’s sole purpose is to help you market your business.

Haystack wants people to know about you, and this is clear from the analytics, design tools, and integrations.

5. QR Code Generator Pro

You may know QR Code Generator as a platform for QR Codes, but it also lets you make a digital business card with a QR Code online. It lets you make a digital copy of your real card that you can link with QR codes.


It digitizes the conventional business card and makes it a tool for company-wide communication. The software makes it simple to list your complete contact details, including email, social media handles, business address, and phone number.

You can also add a video to your digital business card, another perk. You can use Know.ee to make business cards with your company’s name on them for all of your employees, or if you’re a solopreneur, you can use the free plan for individuals.

7. L-Card

L-Card has everything you need to make business cards online on your mobile device that looks professional. You can choose from several templates that have already been made to make the design process easier.

L-Card digital business cards are great since they are accessible from anywhere and appear professional on any mobile device. In addition, the app’s organization features allow you to create a card catalog that is simple to navigate.

8. Clinck

On iOS and Android devices, the Clinck app makes it easy to make, send, and store business cards. I like that getting in touch with people who’ve given you their cards is easy.

The Clinck app is different because the other person can see your business card even if they don’t have the app. You can make business cards with your brand that look like traditional paper cards.

9. Onecard

OneCard is a digital business card maker that makes it easy to make cards using your web browser.

The good thing is that you don’t have to put an app on your phone. You can easily add videos and all the other information you need.

With a unique URL, your digital business card is easy to share. This makes sharing easy via email, text, social media, and even QR codes.

Reasons Why You Should Have A Digital Business Card

1. Make sharing easy and convenient.

Almost everyone has a smartphone, so almost everyone can quickly access any digital business card. You don’t have to hand out hundreds of paper cards when you go digital. Instead, all the information can be saved on the phone with a tap.

2. Give a contactless answer

You’ll have to meet clients, potential clients, or business partners in person to give them a physical business card. You can skip this step and use a contactless method instead.

3. Stay up-to-date on what you know.

Always make sure that the information on your business card is correct. Imagine that you have already printed a lot of cards. If you’re using paper cards, even a small change to one detail means you have to start over with print.

Avoid this problem by using electronic business cards that you can update whenever you need to. You get to make sure that everyone has the most up-to-date information.

4. Keep track of how well your virtual business card is doing.

You wouldn’t know who is using or how many people are using your physical cards unless they do something like call your company.

You can keep track of data like the number of views, locations, and clicks with digital business cards. And if you use a good digital card service, you’ll be able to set up retargeting for people who leave your site.

5. People want digital business cards a lot.

As businesses move online, they need to find new ways to share important information with their clients and prospects, no matter where they are. Digital business cards, of course, make it possible to do this. And that’s one reason why they’re in high demand right now.

Things to Think About A Digital Business Card

If you are thinking to get a business card, you should include your professional details in it and your business logo as well. If you do not have a logo for your business to thinking to redesign it? You can make your own logo using a free logo creator.

Now let’s discuss what else you should consider while getting a logo-

1. Usability

Is the solution easy to figure out and use? Does it have a user interface that looks clean? Does it make you go through a long and hard process of learning? These are some of the questions you can ask to figure out how useful something is.

Usability isn’t just about how a platform “looks.” It’s more about how it’s put together and how it flows. Also, it directly affects your experience as a user, so it’s always a good idea to check out how easy it is to use a platform before pulling out your wallet. See if the platform you want to use has a free trial.

2. Page design

A good platform for digital business cards might be easy to use. But can you make beautiful designs for your e-business cards with it? Can you be as detailed as you want when adding information?

Digital business cards are meant to hold many personal and business information, so choose a platform that lets you add more than just the basics.

3. Keeping track and analyzing

Page design is there to help you look like an expert and professional, which will help you attract the right people. But can the solution track engagement once you have attracted the leads, clients, and customers you want?

The best digital solutions have full tracking, so you can keep track of important metrics like views, shares, and where your audience is. Some will even let you connect to Google Analytics to get more useful information.

4. Security

Many businesses, no matter how big or small, choose a cloud-based service based on how secure it is. Security threats can happen when you do anything online. Since your name and other important information are on your electronic business card, it’s best to ensure that you and your clients are safe.

If you can, choose one that meets the requirements of SOC-2 Type 2. But so far, only one platform has this level of security. Still, it would be best to focus on things that can’t be changed, like complying with GDPR, encrypting data, and using SSO authentication.

5. Value for money

Prices are different for each digital business card service. So, do you think your platform is worth the money?

For example, some companies that make digital business cards get people to use them by offering low-cost plans. But that doesn’t mean they’re always the best option. Low subscription costs often come with big problems, like fewer features and less security. So, get a good digital business card solution and make an e-business card so you can worry less in the future.

Final words

More and more businesses are using digital cards. And the recent pandemic made this happen even faster.

Even though physical business cards are still important, especially for in-person meetings and events, going digital can make a huge difference in the number of people who see and interact with your business.

When choosing a service, you should think about both your needs and the needs of the people you want to reach.

Great platforms for digital business cards don’t just give you the tools you need to digitize contact info. Also, they make it easy for you to share them with the people who matter. Hope this complete list of the best digital business cards helps you stand out in this digital age.


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Written by Henny kel
I am a digital marketer, brand consultant, and business strategist with Designhill. With extensive experience working both client side and within the agency.

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  1. “Your blog post brilliantly underscores how business cards can transform the way we connect and do business. It’s fascinating how such a small, tangible item can simplify and streamline interactions. Including a business card just feels natural – it’s like extending a warm handshake in the business world. In an era of digital complexity, a well-designed card offers a refreshing simplicity that eases communication and leaves a lasting impression. It’s a small gesture that can have a big impact.”

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