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How Your Blog Writer Can Improve Lead Generation for Your Business?

Blogging was long seen as an equivalent of an online diary. Nowadays, this reputation has turned itself around. Blogging has become an...

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Blogging was long seen as an equivalent of an online diary. Nowadays, this reputation has turned itself around. Blogging has become an important tool for businesses for all sorts of promotional activities, such as brand awareness, lead generation, and even conveying recent news and events.

When carried out the right way, blogging can boost your SEO rankings and give your consumers a look into what the business’s workplace is like, and educate your potential consumers on your products and services, all of which are important aspects of lead generations.

Research shows that companies with active blogs are likely to get 55% more visits to their website than those who don’t and are linked 97% more times as well.

Blog writers are there to create high-quality content for your website. Using their skills, they can create content that is easily readable and addresses the target audience in the right way. This is always an ongoing process, but skilled blog writers will be able to understand how their audience is evolving and adapt to these changes to keep them engaged.

Exclusive Content

An important part of marketing is differentiation. Nobody would be interested in something they’ve seen a hundred times already, which is why creating exclusive content for your blog is so important. You do not need to be good at writing blogs, but you also need to be able to stand out from the clutter and provide something new to your audience. This doesn’t always mean that you have to provide something completely new – after all, there are only so many things to write about.

However, you need to provide at least one thing that can’t be found anywhere else – that is how you will create value for your blog and draw readers in. Remember: the algorithms are always looking for content that provides audiences value. If you can provide something that other blogs and websites can’t provide, you’ll get pushed up the rankings, bringing in new leads.

The Comments

The comment section of your blog post is a goldmine for ideas. Professional blog writers don’t just write blogs for you. They know how to look through the comments to figure out what the readers want to see, or what kind of content they will engage with the most, even if the comments don’t state so outright. The comment section will always be a mix of criticisms, analyses, and praise, but the key is to figure out what readers want from you by looking at those comments. There is always a hint somewhere, and the right blog writers will be able to pick those out and use it to make your business much more successful.


With the way algorithms work nowadays, consistency is key. You want to make regular posts on your blog to keep your readers engaged, but you also want to produce quality content. Churning out posts every day and compromising on quality is not the solution, but you can’t fall behind either. Finding the right balance between both can be complicated, but if you hire professional blog writing services, you can manage to keep an eye on both aspects. This doesn’t mean you need to post every day but keep a regular posting schedule that isn’t too far apart and follow this schedule. If you continue to post with consistency, the lead generation takes care of itself. It takes time to build leads, but if you keep being consistent with your posts and make relevant content, this becomes a piece of cake. 


While you might think blogs don’t necessarily need external links due to being original content, having links in your posts that go back to your website can boost your rankings on search engines. Reaching the top of the search results page means that you get more traffic, which means that the links you put in your blogs will get more clicks, conversions, and, eventually, revenue.

If you were to link sources from authority websites to your blog, it looks more trustworthy – not just to your readers, but also on Google. You can also add internal links, i.e., other blogs within your website. Following this tactic can create a loop of positive feedback, which will eventually help with your site rankings.

Redoing Old Material

Have you ever thought of taking out something you were once proud of and redoing it from scratch to see how much you’ve improved over time? You can do the same with blog posts. In fact, at some point, it even becomes a necessity for a blog writer to pick out older content and repurpose it for the sake of an ongoing holiday, event, or even a trend that the content seems to fit. After all, you can’t get new ideas for blogs every day, and having old content on hand to redo can not just get those creative juices flowing, they can also help with your readership.

After all, if you have a post that deals with events that are similar to current ones, wouldn’t such content make you seem more relevant? To stay relevant, you will have to take an old post and redo it a bit to better fit the current events better. By doing this, you can also incorporate any feedback and generate better leads.

Following Trends

You never know what the trends for tomorrow will be. With the way the internet works nowadays, you can never be sure what tomorrow’s hot topic is going to be because information moves fast and people’s attention spans are small. While you can’t control or anticipate what people are going to be interested in, you can use existing trends to your advantage.

The best way to get readers is to talk about what’s going on right now in a way that provides value to your readers. Blog writers can make content for you that is not just relevant to trending topics but is also specifically catered to your niche to make it more appealing. When trying to generate leads, you can’t miss the opportunity to use trends. While trends are short-lasting and will often result in short-term gains, the spike of leads you get during that time can be used and leveraged for quite a while, which means that if you let go of the opportunity, you may miss out on a lot.


The biggest benefit of hiring blog writers instead of simply writing your content yourself lies beyond their writing, research, and analytical skills. Blog writing services are focused on all aspects of their work and train their personnel as such. Therefore, blog writers will be able to make sure your content is SEO friendly by using the right keywords in a way that feels organic, while also appealing to search engines. After all, you want Google to show your website and show it on the first page, right? Hiring a blog writer will make sure that your blog posts have all the necessary keywords to be used and that they are easily accessible on the internet. Boosting your results up on the searches will be good for lead generation.

Professional writers are not an expense to be incurred, but an investment – the right blog writers with the best skills will be able to generate more leads in ways that the business couldn’t even imagine. Keeping a blog for your business can be very useful in carrying out many tasks, while engaging with the consumers is another, with each one being important in its own right.

Written by Dave Brown
Dave Brown is a Sr. Editor at Content Development Pros – a leading inbound marketing company that provides comprehensive content solutions, blog writing services, web design and development, SEO, and content writing services to small and mid-sized businesses. He also leads a small army of content writers that help businesses get results through amazing content.

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