The Significance of Complete Shopify App Development

Shopify App Development

Did you know that the founders of Shopify started by selling snowboards online? It is hard to comprehend where this e-commerce giant came from. Today it is one of the best e-commerce platforms that offer a great online shopping experience for both users and visitors. It has over 500,000 stores using it with over $50 billion worth of transactions since it began. The store builder caters to all sorts of stores that offer both physical and digital products. Whether big or small, Shopify offers the best online store services compared to other similar services. It is working with big brands like 50 Cent, Angry Birds, Red Bull, and Foo Fighters. And In this post, we will be talking about the Complete Shopify App Development.

Being a hosted shopping cart solution for store owners, users don’t need to worry about server maintenance, hosting issues, or marketing while presenting their products to clients. Shopify development has dozens of auxiliary applications to take care of all these functions. Users can also manage and customize every aspect of their stores; from stock management, shipping to customers, to contact management. With Shopify development, you can create your store right from scratch with or without coding skills. The store builder is also responsive to mobile devices with easy-to-use features.

You can sell both your products and products from other stores. They have also catered for website design and other elements necessary in running an e-commerce website. Having said here are several benefits of using complete Shopify app development on your eCommerce website. To make work easier you need to get a Shopify app developer to develop Shopify apps for your business.

Benefits of a Complete Shopify App Development

  1. Easy to Install and Use

All web owners are not tech-savvy. This should not deter you from starting your e-commerce store. With Shopify apps, you do not have to worry about code. Shopify takes care of servers and hosting. Just provide your store name and the products you are selling. First, you have to go through a series of tutorials on the Shopify website, and later on, take a few minutes to set up your website. Create an account with Shopify and customize your store as well as upload images of your products. This process is easier than starting a WordPress site. Once images are uploaded, you need to edit the descriptions, add titles to the images, and customize color schemes. The next step is to manage inventories in your dashboard, track orders and sales, and manage transitions which are also very easy.

  1. Reliable and Secure

The worst thing that could happen to your e-commerce website is getting hacked. That is why your website security is critical. With Shopify apps, you do not need to have sleepless nights worrying about your store security as everything is taken care of by this platform. Your website is full of crucial private information about you and your client. If this information gets into the wrong hands, the results will be devastating. Therefore making security the topmost priority guarantees you success in your online store. Shopify is trusted by many online retailers due to its concrete hard security. Website security is not a joke especially if you intend to make a fortune out of it. Users also want to be guaranteed the safety of their private information and if the store can’t offer that, it will be difficult to transact with it. This includes credit card info and bank details.

  1. Mobile Responsiveness

Another important aspect of an e-commerce store that you need to look into is responsiveness. You can’t expect to make profits from your store if you can’t reach your prospective mobile users. It is inevitable to make your website mobile-friendly. You should know that the majority of Internet users nowadays are always on the move and would like to access their online info through mobile devices. Shopify is 100% responsive to any type of screen size. Customers will have a great user experience every time they interact with your website and this increases traffic and conversion rate leading to increased sales and revenue. You should also know that Google uses Mobile-first websites to rank websites, therefore if your website isn’t responsive, you may find it at the bottom of Google rankings. The platform also updates its websites to adhere to the latest responsive requirements. At the end of the day will be left with no other task but to restock and sell your products.

  1. Easy to Install Apps Available

With all the mobile apps being released in the market to perform almost anything, I guess it is safe to say we are living in the App Era! Many people nowadays are using mobile phones to buy stuff online. It is therefore important for e-commerce websites to create mobile apps to simplify online transactions. These apps allow your clients to access your products straight from their mobile phones without necessarily visiting your website. Mobile apps also allow users to manage their stores effectively on the go. You can manage your store from any corner of the globe if you are using Shopify. There are also other apps besides mobile apps – like the WordPress plugin – that can be installed on your website to make it flexible.

  1. Easy Payment Gateway

Online retailers need a secure and reliable payment gateway for convenience. Your payment gateway should offer flexible solutions for your clients to pay using different payment options. You have problems if you are using a self-hosted e-commerce website. Since Shopify handles everything including the payment gateway, you will have an easy time managing transactions in your store. Shopify has partnered with Stripe to allow you and your clients to transact without remitting any transaction fees. Stripe also offers low credit card fees. The best thing is that you don’t need a merchant account to benefit from Stripe services. Those who don’t have credit cards can use other payment options like PayPal to pay for online purchases.


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Final Words

If you are thinking of starting an e-commerce store, get a reputable Shopify developer to help you with app creation. Shopify offers the best services and anyone can build a store with this platform. The reason is you don’t have to have coding skills to manage your store. Shopify handles every aspect of your store. And since they use responsive websites, all your clients including those on mobile can transact with you, making the platform more reliable.

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