Take Your Business On Mobile: 5 Ways To Create A Mobile-Friendly Web Design!

Your Business On Mobile

Mobile-friendliness is a buzz, especially in the world of webmasters. This also means you can expect a boost in your business if you have a mobile-friendly website. And the bonus, you will see a slight boost in your Google search ranking!

Why you need a mobile-friendly website?

If you think that it’s not worth spending money on mobile websites, then have a look at these stats:

  • There’s a 15% increase in global mobile traffic from the past few years.
  • Brands, with mobile-friendly websites only allure people.
  • There are a number of mobile-shoppers that the shop shopper and many more.

There’s no ending of mobile-related stats, and why should, no one has time to sit in front of big screens to browse anything. So if you have any plans on creating a mobile-based website, here are some tips to follow:

Make it fuss-free:

Small screens don’t demand all the same stuff that you put on your full-size website. So, retrain them. Do not use anything flashy and big, as it can result in the slow load time, which can hamper the mobile user’s experience.

Keep it simple and basic; use simplified and clean designs. Keep in mind that people use mobile websites to get important information, not for the general interest. Aim for designing simple design like Daytona Beach web design use and don’t forget to streamline navigation.

Have a separate mobile domain:

Using the same desktop domain can restrict the load time. So, use domains that are designed especially for browsing things on mobile. Make sure that your mobile domain is completely optimized and user-friendly. Further, having a mobile domain means, fast load times, perfect for small screens, simple process, easy navigation and light interface.

Don’t forget the responsive design:

Responsive web design can automatically adjust and resize the pre-existing website. With a responsive design, you will have one single website to cater to different devices. Use technologies like HTML and CSS to design your responsive website easily.

The layout of the website:

Do not include heavy and widget-loaded layouts; instead, choose a simple one. If the layout of your site has too many columns, navigation bars, and scrolling elements, it might hamper the mobile user experience. Try using simple and single-column layouts for mobile websites. Not only the single column designs eliminate the need of optimizing the websites, but it will also help in cross-device scaling as well as switching design between landscape mode and portrait mode.

Do include a call-to-action button:

Call-to-action button is one of the most important elements of friendly mobile web design. This is one of those buttons that you want the user to click on your website. So, when designing a website, do not hide it. Instead, make it look big and place it at the side from where it is clearly visible to the user. Further, to make them stand out color them and add urgency like “ click to buy” and “ pay now.”

Like other things on the web, a landscape of web design keep on changing with the web, so do test your web design before making it final.

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams is the content creator of ‘Gettheclicks.com’ which is an online platform providing services in SEO, Pay per click, web designing, PHP web development, and so on. With over years of experience, the company offers the best services in the digital arena in Orlando.

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