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8 Benefits Of Instagram Marketing For Your Business

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks. It has over 55% of the networking use in the United States...

8 Benefits Of Instagram Marketing For Your Business - Tricky Enough

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks. It has over 55% of the networking use in the United States alone. Many have leveraged their businesses in various profitable ways because of its model, wherein photos and videos highlight the feeds of each account user. 

If you’re not marketing on this platform yet, here are reasons why you should start using Instagram to grow your business.

1. Raising Brand Awareness

If you’re looking for a way to save on marketing costs, you can’t go wrong with Instagram. The large user database alone is reason enough to promote brand awareness, with the platform’s photo-centric nature building familiarity among its users.

But to successfully market your business, you must develop deep connections with your target audience by staying active on the platform. One way to do this is by using Instagram Stories. With this feature, you can share still photos, recorded and live videos, as well as boomerangs, which are videos that are composed of several photos and videos. You can even add stickers, such as hashtags, user tags, and locations. Sliding bars, stickers for polls, and questions are other features that will allow you to connect with users and receive helpful feedback from them.

You can also buy Instagram followers to build a following that can become a part of your brand. Buying Instagram followers increases your brand’s visibility on the newsfeed, establishes credibility, makes it easier to land endorsement deals, and helps your business stay relevant.

To begin developing your customer base, you can look for the best places to buy Instagram followers. As you search for them, ensure that you’re buying from a legitimate source.

2. Offering Visual Advantage

In addition to attracting and building your customer base, an essential factor is creating excellent content quality to grow your following. You’re likely to be remembered through engaging photos that leave a lasting impression on Instagram users. 

It can’t be stressed enough how Instagram’s focus on photo-sharing is another advantage that offers businesses the leverage they need. In fact, the platform is unlike other social media networks that focus on texts and links. 

Marketers can take advantage of how visual content is more engaging than text. People can process visual content 600,00 times faster than they do with texts. So, that means about 65% of individuals are visual learners. Besides, most people learn quickly through the use of images and infographics. Hence, marketers will thrive from creating compelling messages with Instagram’s picture-centric nature.

While photos highlight the products you’re offering, videos showcase the services in action. They’re also used to feature company culture in a business setting, as well as behind the scenes of your brand’s unique aspects. What’s more, you can respond to live questions through the comments when you stream videos.

3. Encouraging Users To Purchase Through The App

About a third of Instagram users have purchased from eCommerce sites through the app. That’s one of Instagram’s best features, which is why it’s vital to get your business on the platform. Any business owner who wants to improve their sales should be taking advantage of a feature that helps users take a shortcut to your product or service. 

Instagram has the capability to help you improve ROI, and it partly has to do with the volume of users. If there are over a billion active users monthly on this platform, 70% of that number are likely to purchase a product. To be clear, these are people with a history of buying through the platform—they’re not just followers. So, there’s a high chance that the next purchase could be from your business. 

Moreover, the platform’s feature encourages 75% of its users to head straight to your website after seeing an ad on their feed, with call-to-action texts, such as the ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Contact Us buttons. While not every first click of these buttons guarantees a sale every time, you can retarget them by using ads over and over until users finally decide to buy. 

4. Gaining Insights On What Customers Want

It’s crucial to find out what your customers like. With Instagram, it’s not as complicated as you might think. Getting into the minds of your potential following is a strategy that can help you create the kind of content that will encourage responses from account users. 

Utilizing social media is an efficient way to grow your business. Users like to publish their content. By analyzing their content, you’ll be able to tell what their interests, lifestyle, beliefs, location, and values are. Understanding your audience will help you generate content that will catch people’s attention and appeal to what matters to them. 

Browsing through user content gives you additional information that’ll help you create the profile of a common consumer on which you’ll base your marketing strategy. At the same time, you’ll be able to attract verified leads as you expand your business.

5. Engaging Potential Customers Where They Spend Time 

Considering that over 500,000 users log into their Instagram accounts daily, the volume of users that might encounter your brand isn’t at all surprising. It’s also why retailers and brand owners should take the time to engage their potential customer base. 

About 80% of Instagram account holders are following at least one business, and it’s likely that they started following after seeing enticing image content. The visual approach works for brands that want to avoid announcements, sales copy, and other types of messaging. Instagram allows users the same experience when they follow their friends or family members. When users start following a business, they’ll immediately see the content of the business they followed on their feeds. 

Some businesses can engage existing and potential customers by creating eye-catching captions. As a result of writing interesting captions that come with great image content, they encourage users to spend more time on their pages. Apart from this, engaging captions give businesses more opportunities to express their brand personality and connect and engage with their audience.

The length of effective captions can vary. They can be detailed story-telling or short and straightforward. You can create thought-provoking captions or light-hearted ones too but don’t forget to add a call to action. Customers are more likely to take action, like tagging a friend to the post and liking or sharing a post. When you want more likes and comments, call-to-actions can enhance interaction between your brand and customers.  

6. Boasting Cross-Channel Engagement 

Business sites can feature social networking platforms where customers can follow their favorite brands. Therefore, using Instagram allows you the opportunity to connect with your customers across multiple channels and improve engagement. 

For instance, you may want to display photos on your website from your Instagram account, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that a customer is already following your business on Instagram. But if you arrange them into a gallery of striking Instagram photos, the customer only needs to click them to be redirected to the Instagram account and click the ‘Follow’ button. 

Furthermore, anyone who is following your Instagram account can be redirected to your website which they may not have seen before. You can set up an Instagram shop feature on your account that users can easily follow by clicking the product pages.  

In short, utilizing Instagram photos lets your customers connect with you wherever they are, so your business is able to benefit from a high engagement rate. 

7. Increasing Website Traffic

While most of the business side happens on your website, Instagram is basically a communication platform. It acts as a gateway to your business website and allows followers to become visitors. 

If one of your goals is to drive traffic back to your business website by linking and sponsoring content strategically, you can hit the high-traffic target you want. 

There are a few ways you can promote your website on Instagram: 

  • Post the link to your website all over your profile.
  • Utilize Instagram Insights to access various information about your audience or followers.
  • Collaborate with influencers who have a large following. This will be an opportunity for them to have another source of income. 
  • Use Instagram Stories creatively, such as including a link to your main post or content.

8. Allowing Trackability Of Sales And Leads

If you want to see the status of your business, Instagram allows account holders to see metrics on posts. That’s important when you have a business. You’ll be able to see clearly if there’s ROI, which is a feature that many aren’t using since they prefer to use other services.

With ROI, users can see link clicks directed to lead conversions. They can view details on the active campaign and the cost per result as well. Whatever objective or goal you have, Instagram will display the cost and the number of results achieved. On top of that, the feature lets you access information about the source of the results, which can be by region, age, and type of device.

Observing the metrics offers a glimpse of where your ad expenses should focus while campaigns are active. This is why businesses are using A/B split test ads and ad sets. A/D split testing is when you’re running various ad sets to determine the right combination of ad and audience. The platform’s tracking capabilities and analytics are what make A/B split testing efforts highly effective. 

In a nutshell, metric tracking has become one of Instagram’s most powerful tools. Successful tracking means being able to tell which combination of ad and ad set provides the most revenue.


Instagram isn’t just a social networking platform. It’s a strong marketing tool that draws users with its photo-centric design and increases traffic to websites, helping businesses expand their customer base. Since people remember visuals easily, they become more engaged with companies that focus on interaction.


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