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Crossword app puzzles have been a trend for game enthusiasts since 1913 in the US. It has been adored by one and all across the globe, gaining colossal popularity soon. It became a more superior choice for people than any other word-based game in the world. But soon, crosswords were not just an entertaining game anymore.

Surveys stated that it significantly helped in the enhancement of the cognitive skills of a player. Enhancing coordination, providing clarity in thought processing, and increasing the speed of evaluation to relieve stress, crosswords are some of the fantastic pluses of this classic game. Here, you will explore the top five crossword applications that you can cherish on your iOS and Android devices.

Take Head to Top 5 Crossword Apps

  • Crossword Light

Crossword light is one of the most favored options for crossword puzzle lovers today. It is cherished today by both iOS and Android users. The best part is you can play it online as well on your devices. This app also provides an option for tracking how you are learning and improving as a player every day. You will be interested to know that this app has listed 40+ new puzzles to date and offers the chance to load more crosswords and puzzles. You can get them in their full versions too from highly entrusted websites.

So, if you are really into playing crosswords, you can go ahead and check out 911 crossword answers. It helps you find the answers to cryptic crossword puzzles, British and American-style crosswords, and general knowledge crosswords. All you need to do is put in the pattern and the length of your answer to a better result. It is a unique crossword puzzle dictionary that is used by millions today.

  • 5-Minute Crossword Puzzle

The 5-Minute Crossword Puzzle is simply adored by one and all. It comprises a considerable set of bite-sized puzzles. You can solve them merely on the go. What makes it different from other similar types of puzzles is it offers various game levels. Players can choose the levels of challenges as per their comfort. Also, as per details, you can get them in a total of fifteen different languages, which is a massive plus.

The puzzles in this app are crisp, and brief, and do not consume much of your time. But indeed, they are no less tricky and interesting. Developers have made its interface based on amazing riddles and words that players can solve quickly but with witty and mind-bending challenges. It is flexible enough as you can also skip options and get back to it later if something comes up. You can easily enjoy a 5-minute crossword on your phone or tablet.

  • Word Brain Crossword Apps

Word brain is as interesting in real life as its name suggests. Its popularity graph has hardly looked back since it hit the ground of favorites in 2014. Renowned Swedish game designer MAG Interactive developed it. It is highly compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. There are about seven hundred levels of this made available in fifteen languages for users. 

This makes it even more popular. Also, in terms of features, the word brain is exceptionally unique. It has an extraordinary feature for clearing off the grid if you solve your puzzle right. It has been considered a mind-bending app. This is because it involves interesting and exciting exercises. The game’s gist is about finding hidden words by understanding the interface’s nitty-gritty and using the right tools.

  • Clean Crosswords Apps

Clean Crossword is an easy-to-play game that is specially designed for iOS and Android devices. It was introduced in classic British English to download, explore, and play this game within their own pace and comfort zones. This App provides you with interesting clues that make you think hard and solve the puzzles quickly. It has a friendly interface and can be easily downloaded on your phones and tablets.

  • New York Times Crossword

Last but never least, the New York Times crossword is one of the top-ranked applications that the New York Times Company has introduced. It is made available for free if you want to play it to a basic level. However, there is an option for a subscription if you wish limitless access to the application’s fun. You will also be interested to know that it is a no Wi-Fi game that you can play offline. 

Final Lines about Crossword Apps

Mentioned above were some of the easy-to-play, fun crossword puzzle applications. They include both easy and intricate levels that keep on enhancing your skills. Also, you can download them safely on your device and cherish them whether you are at home or traveling. There is no need for any additional preparation or partner to enjoy these games. If you have a lot of leisure time lately, want some entertainment, or grow your cognitive skills, these puzzles are just perfect for you.


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