10 Crucial Rules For Building Successful On-Demand Applications

On-Demand Applications

Nowadays, people spend a significant part of their life on mobile devices. They live in a dynamic world and don’t have enough time so they want everything at their doorstep. Because of their hectic lifestyle, they are highly dependent on different on-demand service applications in order to perform their daily tasks properly.

These apps make life much more convenient and easy for the users by helping them in performing various day to day tasks without any hassle such as meal delivery, doing the laundry, parking car, delivering packages, booking cabs, etc.

In such a competitive digital landscape, most of the startup geeks are developing exclusive on-demand apps to connect to a large customer base. They execute this process with the help of an experienced application development company that can guide them in building an ideal on-demand application for enhancing the digital reach of their business.

But to build an ideal on-demand app is a daunting task. It might seem simple, but it requires extensive research, careful planning, thorough discussion, and well-organized execution. An experienced application development company can help you build feature-rich on demand app. In order to make your life easier, let’s explore the top ten rules that can help you in creating a successful on-demand application.

  1. Select The Service Which You Are Going To Offer Carefully

First of all, you need to select the service that you are going to offer through your on-demand app. There are numerous services from which you can choose the most appropriate category in accordance with your specific business requirements. Some of the major categories are as follows:

  1. Beauty Services
  2. Car Parking
  3. Delivery Services (like food, flowers, personal packages, etc.)
  4. Health Services such as doctor appointments, house visit arrangements, remote consultations, etc.
  5. Sports and fitness services such as finding the available coaches or groups in accordance with the specific preferences of the users
  6. Household services like laundry, dry cleaning, house cleaning and decoration
  7. Dog Walking
  8. Errands

This is a short list, but you can choose the best service and build a plan to start developing an exclusive on-demand service application. Usually, On-demand apps focus on one industry. But the apps that combine different services are rare. For example, if you find a suitable service provider, you can offer specialized medical consultation or doctors’ appointments as your main service. Also, you can provide the users with taxi transport to and from a hospital. This will be a unique combination and will definitely attract and retain more customers for your business.

  1. Ensure That Your Service Is Solving An Actual Problem Of The Users

You have to make sure that the service you are offering has the potential to solve the actual problems of the users. For instance, it is not a good idea to offer to walk the dogs in a green, peaceful area where the majority of residents are retired. They can easily walk their dogs themselves because for them it will be a relaxing activity.

On the other hand, if you offer the same service in an area where busy office workers are residing, it will be a great help to them and they will surely appreciate it. They will be more than happy when someone else is taking care of their pets on weekdays when they are super busy.

  1. Do An Extensive Market Research & Analysis

Before starting to actually build your own on-demand application, it is mandatory for you to do an extensive market research both primary and secondary. Evaluate other existing on-demand service application in the similar domain and study their features.

This will give you an idea of what is popular and what is not liked by the users. Also, you will get to know what is offered in abundance and what is hard to find. You can also come up with the right range of prices so that you are not too much below or above your competitors.

  1. Involve Reliable & Efficient Service Providers

No matter what service you are going to offer, you will have to get in touch with the people who actually provide that service. For this purpose, you have to find enough service providers to cover the demand and be capable to serve the entire geographical area in which you are planning to operate.

Offer lucrative terms and conditions to the service providers, but don’t ignore the rating. Your customers should be able to easily rate the service level that they have experience. Ratings will ultimately bring the best service providers to the top of the list and the chances of them to get further orders will increase. Also, you can add the customer feedback section so that they can share their opinions about the service they’ve received.

You can also engage service providers by getting in touch with the retail businesses. It will help you get their loyal customers by offering the similar service but bringing it to their doorstep and at a reasonably lower price. In this way, you can find both the providers and customers because of the hard work of finding customers will be done by your retail partners.

  1. Set Reasonable & Affordable Prices For The Services

The price of your on-demand services should be balanced between the absolute minimum, which is free of charge, and the average price for the same service by regular providers. Set the prices in such a way so that the customers get persuaded to opt for your service over others.

In addition, you should not forget to give incentives to your top service providers because they have made sincere efforts in making your customers come back to you again and again. Therefore, respect and value the top contractors by offering them lucrative incentives. Of course, it is an investment, but it will pay back as quality service will attract more clients.

  1. Begin With A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

By building an MVP you can get an idea of whether you are heading towards the right direction. You can evaluate business opportunities at minimum investment. You should design an impressive landing page linked to your price list. Once it is all set up, check how many clicks or signups you are getting as it will let you assess the effectiveness of the on-demand service app that you are planning to build.

  1. Boast Easy & Convenient Registration

Even if your service doesn’t require commitment from customers, but registration will help you in creating user profiles, rating, and personalization. Therefore, it is essential for you to incorporate an easy and straightforward registration functionality in your on-demand app. Also, provide the users with the facility to register or log in through their social media accounts.

Make the registration page as user-friendly as possible so that the customers like it at the very first glance. You also have to add a registration form for your new service providers because your app will evolve with time and in order to meet that increasing demand, you need to have enough professionals.

  1. Add The Feature Of Geo-location

Accurate geolocation is one of the prime features of an on-demand service application. It can save a lot of time for your customers by providing them with service providers who are geographically close to them. It will give the users an idea of where their provider is and how long it will take for him to reach.

Especially, in the delivery and transportation services, this geo-location feature is mandatory so that to specify pickup locations and destinations. Also, it gives a pleasure to the customers to watch the live location of their provider on the map.

  1. Incorporate Easy & Reliable Payment System

Since you are providing paid services, you have to offer payment options. Make sure to incorporate a transparent and reliable payment system because the customers are very careful in money matters.

One of the best possible ways is to use one of the well-reputed service, such as Braintree, PayPal, or Stripe via an API. Also, you can easily include a secure credit card payment engine with multifactor authentication, so that it becomes easier for the customers to make payments for the services they received.

  1. Use Advanced & Relevant Technology

It is important for your on-demand service app to be generally usable, reliable, and available. For ensuring this you need to check whether your app has a solid technological foundation. In order to make sure that your on-demand app is secure, scalable and deliver high performance, you need to choose the best tools and environments both for your frontend and backend.

You should try to estimate the demand peaks and make arrangements for sufficient resources so that to manage the increased demand easily and effectively. There are different cloud-based solutions available on the market that can serve this purpose while keeping the cost of your on-demand app at a reasonable level.

Today’s world is fast moving and leaves the people with a very little time to perform their routine chores. On-demand, apps are a powerful and influential tool that has the potential to provide the customers with comfort and convenience.

Most of the startup and business ideas can be converted into on-demand service apps with the help of an efficient app development company. These apps can open the doors to success for your brand by enhancing the profit margin and making your partners and customers completely satisfied.

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