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How to Create an Effective PPC Campaign in 2024?

PPC stands for Pay-per-click. It is one of the methods of online advertising in which the advertisers need to pay for every...

Effective PPC Campaign

PPC stands for Pay-per-click. It is one of the methods of online advertising in which the advertisers need to pay for every click on their advertisement. This kind of advertisement can be seen in Google search results. Here, the advertisers are not charged until their ad is clicked upon by a user. Therefore, it has been named pay-per-click. And you need to have an effective PPC campaign that helps you get more leads.

PPC has become one of the most widely used and effective methods of online advertising. It doesn’t matter what the size of the companies willing to post ads is, this method can be used. Hence, PPC is a highly scalable technique. Even low-budget companies can use this technique as they need not pay anything unless their ad is clicked. This strategy of advertising can be used to create wonders in whatever task you want to do; you just need the required budget and it is going to boost your sales. Because of the long list of benefits that the PPC campaigning technique offers, many companies use it. So, to stand out, you need to do something different from others. Read on to find some of the most useful PPC campaigning tips.

1. Use long-tailed keywords

This cannot be considered a new PPC campaigning tip. It is an old but effective way of improving the chances of clicking on your advertisement. If you do not specify details in your keywords, then it is going to be included in a larger pool of pages. So, the fewer the number of words used, the more the search results. Being found from a small number of search results is much easier than from more results. So, try going long while deciding on keywords. For example, if your ad is about running shoes for women, then instead of keeping your keyword as just ‘running shoes, you can keep it as ‘women’s running shoes’ or ‘running shoes for women. This will filter the search results and increase your chances of being found. You can also use ‘the best running shoes for women to come up in the SERP.


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2. Negative Keywords

While you keep worrying about the keywords that will be used to find your page, you also need to think about the words that should not find your page. Being found unnecessarily can affect your SEO ranking as well as it will leave a negative impression on the users upon not finding from your page what they were looking for. Google PPC Campaign lets you add a list of negative keywords too. You can add all the obvious words that you don’t want your page to be associated with. Also, this will save you from additional costs from wrong clicks; remember you will have to pay for every click. Continuing with the ‘running shoes’ example from the previous tip, you can use the following keyword to avoid appearing in unwanted search results: ‘puma running shoes for women’, ‘cheap running shoes for women’, etc. Google allows you to add up to 5000 words to the list of negative keywords.

3. Analyze how your keywords perform

There might be some keywords that are performing better than others. Now, here as you need to pay for every click, the goal is to spend less, but not at the cost of promotion. You want to market your business too. So, look for the keywords that outperform others try to use them, and remove the underperforming keywords. They will unnecessarily add to your expenses and not do any good from the marketing perspective. So, it is like giving rewards to the keywords that have performed better than others. Now, that does not mean you do not experiment with your top performers. You need to keep taking chances to see what better can still be done. If there is the slightest chance that these good-performing keywords would perform better than how they already are upon some customization, then you need to take the chance. If the updates do not give you better results, you can always go back to the previous form. But, if it does perform well, then that is a win for you.

How to identify the keywords that are outperforming others? Well, you need to keep track of your Google Ads dashboard. You can check the quality score there and analyze the keywords and campaigns that are doing exceptionally well. The lessons that you get to learn from these keywords, can be used to improvise the ones that are not performing well. You do not have to give up on them completely. You just need to find some way in which they can be brought into the game.

4. Keep your content engaging

Your ad copy is the most important factor in determining how your ad is going to perform. So, try to keep the content in the ad copy as clear as you can. There should not be any confusion after reading the ad copy; otherwise, it will draw the audience away. To get the most out of your ad copy, try to keep the content simple, and in lucid language. This will make it easy to understand even for a layman.  Everyone who will read your ad doesn’t need to have the same intellect as you. Whenever you work on the content of the ad, create it by keeping in mind the readers’ perspective. There are many instances in which effective PPC campaign advertisements, written in the simplest language, have performed excellently.

5. Decide on the timings wisely

You are not going to keep the ads live for 365 days. And, if you are doing so, then you are probably wasting a lot of your money. You need to pick the appropriate time to have your ad posted online. For example, if you are the owner of a company that sells umbrellas, you do not want your ad to be live throughout the year. Would your target be looking for an umbrella online on a January morning? The answer to this question will guide you in deciding whether your ad should be live at that time or not. Some businesses require their ad to be online the whole year. But they don’t necessarily need it to be live 24×7. Like, a holiday package will not be looked for on a Wednesday morning or a Sunday midnight. See that you save your resources by not using them unnecessarily.

The same applies to your budget. If you are running Google Ads campaigns, you need to know how to manage your Google Ads budget so you don’t overspend your money on advertising on days when there is no point in advertising at all.

6. Dynamic Keyword Insertion

You do not want to have the same ad being shown to everyone at any point in time. You might need different words to be seen by different users at the same time. Dynamic Key Insertion is your way to achieve that. You only need to insert o snippet of code into your ad. This code will randomly or depending on some information decide on the word to be inserted in your dynamic keyword and then that can be shown in the ad. For example, if your ad is about buying fruits online, then you can use the following dynamic keywords: Buy the best quality {Keyword: fruits} to Buy the best quality {seasonal fruits}, Buy the best quality {fresh fruits}, etc. You need to take care of the number of characters in your dynamic keywords so that it does not look like a misfit in your ad as the format of the ad is static.

7. Choose the best-fitting bidding strategy

There are many bidding strategies to choose from. You need to decide on the one that fits your needs the best and only then will you be able to get the most out of it.

Conversion-based bidding techniques: Cost per Acquisition (CPA), return On Ad Spend (ROAS), Maximize Conversions, and Enhanced Cost-Per-Click (ECPC).

Impression-based bidding techniques: Target Search Page, Target Outranking, and Cost per Thousand Viewable Impressions.

Click-based bidding techniques: Maximize Click and Manual Cost-Per-Click.

Interaction-based bidding techniques: Cost per View Bidding.

8. Choose the type of ad you need

There are many types of advertisements such as simple search ads, video ads, display ads, application ads, etc. You decide on the type that suits your requirements the best and invest only in that.

9. Make the best use of GPS

You can make the most optimum use of the geo-location services offered by Google to identify the regions in which you want your ad to be shown. You can decide on the country and the radius of the area in the region in which you wish to show your ad. This way, you will not let your ad reach the untargeted audience and save yourself from paying unnecessary bills for unwanted clicks.

10. Add extensibility to your ads

You can attach links to extend the scope of your advertisements. You cannot provide all the detailed information in the ad. What you can do to provide the rest of the information is you can add a link to your website that has the extra details that can be clicked. This way you can also increase the traffic on your website. The extensions do not necessarily need to be on your website only. You can add extensions to your application on Play Store, location on Google Maps, call, etc. Marketing automation can make a huge difference in your PPC advertising. There are many software options like PPC advertising management software from Adplorer to help you manage your PPC campaigns more efficiently.”

Many other intuitive strategies can be applied to grow your business through Google PPC Campaigning. You need to be ready to adapt to the changes and experiment with the advertisement formats. The aforementioned tips will help in growing your business but they are not just it. There is a scope for using a lot of other strategies. Whatever you do, there will always be something left in Online campaigning, especially in PPC campaigning.


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  1. According to me if you choose your ad location wisely you will get the result as your specific audience will see your ad no irrelevant audience will engage.


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