Some Glaring Email Marketing Mistakes that You Must Avoid on Instagram

Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing still is regarded as one of the most effective and powerful channels for communicating directly with all those people who wish to hear what you have got to say. This would include your target audience, your clients, people who are willing to partner with you in the upcoming years and even your leads for the unique products and services offered by you. And in this post, we are going to discuss the email marketing mistakes which you must avoid.

As per Your Story, At the point when individuals agree to accept an administration, the most common points are as login subtleties, receipt of procurement, and so forth is relied upon to be conveyed over email. This incorporates conveying important and customized content with the goal that you have your endorsers’ full focus.â€

It is a top priority for several businesses to build an impressive following on Instagram and they certainly have a solid reason for that. As per the statistics about 44 % of the total email recipients are involved in making at least one purchase every year when they are impressed after receiving a promotional email. Email marketing is by no means dead. It is very much an active and robust marketing tool that requires very little investment. Email marketing could happen to be highly advantageous when integrated into your Instagram marketing strategies and efforts. You must certainly keep in mind that if you fail to perform your email marketing in a perfect manner, you could actually be blacklisted. So it is a good idea to steer clear of the most glaring and commonly-made email marketing mistakes made on Instagram. Let us explore all those email mistakes made by marketers present on Instagram.

Mistake: Absence of Clearly-Defined Goals & Objectives

Some people are not aware of what specifically their business objectives are. They have no clearly-defined goals about driving Instagram traffic. However, if you wish to gain success, you must mandatorily have a clearly-defined stratagem for organizing effective email marketing efforts if you want to gain a competitive edge over the others and stand tall among the rest. It is essential on your part to always remain focused and motivated. In this connection, tech-savvy marketers must understand that they could fulfill the marketing goals of their organization with scalable, individualized or custom-tailored email automation. Now businesses could resort to messaging their users via email, pushing notifications with effective real-time behavioral responses.

This again is a frequently made mistake by marketers. They often include in the Instagram bio, broken links or sometimes provide links to such pages that have not yet been launched. This could prove to be highly frustrating for viewers who are not particularly sure whether your brand in marketing should be taken seriously. You must know very well precisely to what you seem to be linking and try to keep everything operational and active as expected. It is quite unfortunate in the case it slips from your mind to repay your outstanding amounts for your domain and then it goes offline no matter even for a little while, you may end up incurring huge losses.

Mistake: Keeping Opt-Ins in the Wrong Place

Many users are in the habit of keeping opt-ins at the bottom. They are then pretty much perplexed about why things are not happening the way they would like to. The simple reason for this is that a majority of the visitors actually do not bother to browse your entire page so they often bounce off even before they come across your opt-in. You must not place opt-ins randomly. It should be placed strategically somewhere close to the top. You could even keep it as just a popup message. Remember to place your opt-ins on precisely your home page and not some other random page that is deeply hidden in your sitemap. Do not forget that your homepage is actually the point where most of the visitors arrive. So it is the best location for CTAs or opt-ins to make sure that you obtain the maximum reach and engagement. Your homepage would be your most visited webpage online. You may contact a reputed digital marketing company to get premium quality Instagram views for your video.

Mistake: Over Targeting

Instagram is a robust and vibrant marketing platform and it involves chiefly promoting your brand to your specific target audience. As such Instagram users seem to be very well aware of the significance of target marketing. However, more often than not, email marketers may resort to overdoing it or over targeting. Over targeting could prove to be immensely harmful, as far as, the success of your marketing and promotion campaign is concerned.

In case you have already segmented your specific target audience but still, you go on filtering them once more, then you could end up eliminating numerous individuals who have already proved their worth to you before, for attaining a relatively higher conversion. Moreover, it may not be the right thing to target specifically the decision-makers without considering the influencers who are known to play a vital role in the decision-making process while executing the segmentation job.

Mistake: Using Poor or Low-Grade Content

You must never forget that content is at the heart of all your marketing campaigns. Your content plays a pivotal role in delivering the brand message or the business message to your precise target audience. So you just do not have the liberty of messing this up. You may be having an amazing offer but unfortunately, your email content is low-grade and not enticing enough to capture audience attention. If your email content is not of high-quality and if it does not appear inviting and alluring enough, your target audience would be too glad to delete your email without even thinking of examining your offers.


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You must consciously stay away from making the above-discussed mistakes as only then you would be able to make the most of the grand integration of email marketing and Instagram marketing efforts. You need to concentrate on winning stratagems. You must necessarily have clearly-defined goals in terms of driving Instagram traffic. Moreover, it is essential to identify where you need to focus your email marketing endeavors in order to be successful in your marketing and brand promotion strategy.

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