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Various Steps To Check Screen Time on Android Devices

In the era of digitization, an android device is quite common consequently, most people devote their valuable time in futile. They settle...

In the era of digitization, an android device is quite common consequently, most people devote their valuable time in futile. They settle down becoming an egocentric person. They love spending time on their devices scrolling down on their social media handles. This article will help us to know how much time you and your kids spend on screen giving us an idea of the average screen time on Android devices. Additionally, we will also learn about the enabling of digital well-being and parental controls. It also highlights the topics such as app timers and many more.

Giving A Structure On Digital Well-being On Android Devices

The Digital Well-being feature on Android tracks the screen time on Android which you spend daily. It also notifies you about alerting and the phone unlocks. Following are the steps to establish it on your device:

  1. Click on the Settings icon of your device.
  2. Select Digital Well-being and Parental Controls.
  3. Click on the three vertically stacked dots menu in the upper-right corner of the screen and choose to Manage Your Data.
  4. Turn on the slider right next to Daily Device Practice.
Showing Digital well being, Management of data and daily device usage with toggle switch to limit screen time on Android

5. Your smart device will now log app practice, alerts, and devices unravel.

Retain Your Own Screen Time On Android Curb

The Digital Well-being feature has different types of tools to use that helps you to lessen screen time on Android these are: Ways to Disconnect and Reduce Interruptions.

Ways to Disconnect consists of app timers, bedtime mode, etc. Conversely, Reduce Interruptions has Do Not Muddle mode and shortcuts to app notification management.

Setup Of App Timers To Reduce Screen Time On Android

Setting up a bar on screen time, you can stow a time limit for the freeware you use as a lion’s share, so you don’t have to cement down the Instagram chinchilla or play games while interrelating with others. Subsequently, you will receive a notification of the time deplete, the freeware will turn grey and you won’t be able to open it before the witching hour except you turn it off manually. Follow the steps to have an idea about it:

  1. Click Dashboard.
  2. A menu will show you the apps that you use on daily basis. Tap on any app to know about the screen time, notification, and how many times you open the app daily. If you want to set a chronometer simply click on the Hourglass icon next to an app.
  3. Choose a Time limit and click on OK.
Showing Digital Well-being total time, Screen time on Android and App timer

4. If you want to detach a Chronometer click on the Garbage Can icon next to it.

Steps To Set Bedtime Mode

It is a feature that enables you to tail off by setting up your phone on Silent mode and side-road the greyscale of the app. So, you are unable to scroll down your social media during late nights.

You can also set up the bedtime mode according to the time when you plug in your phone on charge and go to bed to sleep. Both scenarios enable you to enable sleep time and wake time for your device.

Access to bedtime mode, time based on schedule and time when charging at bedtime to limit screen time on Android

Click on the Customise option to turn on Do Not Disturb when you drift off. Furthermore, you can also choose the screen to go to Greyscale.

Showing bedtime mode, customize mode, and grey scale mode

In What Manner You Can Use Focus Mode?

This feature helps you in setting up a time limit on apps manually. In this, you have the authority to choose a time and day of a week.`

You can also recline from Focus Mode if you demand time to clod around.

Turning on focus mode, take a break, and time given to take a break to limit screen time

Bring Down Interruptions In Digital Well-being

In this section, you can manage app notifications, and also you can enable Do not Muddle mode.

Showing Digital Well-being, app notification and Do Not Disturb mode

Managing Kids’ Screen Time On Android With Parental Lock

The appendage is all about Parental Controls. It helps us in managing a child’s account if you have a default parent account on their device.

Setting Up Parental Control On Your Device

You can set up Parental Lock on your devices from the digital well-being environs page, but you need to install a family link. The requirement of the app is both of you need to have a Google account.

  1. Click on Settings> Digital Well-being & Parental Controls.
  2. Click on Set up Parental Lock on the bottom of the screen of your device.
  3. On the next screen, click on Get Started.
  4. Click on the Parent option shown on the screen.
Setting up Parental lock as a parent

5. You will have a prompt. On that, you will receive the Family link app. Download and install it and don’t forget to follow the on-screen elicits.

Installation of a Google Play Store app Family Link

Setting up Your Child’s Phone

You have to relate yourself’s account on your child’s phone before managing their screen time and other environs:

  1. On that phone, click on Settings>Digital Well-being and Parental Controls.
  2. Click on Setup Parental Controls shown at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on Get Started shown in the center of the next screen.
  4. Select Child or Teen.
  5. Create an account for your child with Parental Controls by clicking on Add or Create an account for Your Child. Furthermore, after adding the account, follow the on-screen elicits.
Setting up Parental lock for a Child to keep an eye on screen time on Android


Concluding this article, I hope that the steps mentioned in this will help you in controlling your Child’s as well as your own screen-time on Android devices. Conversely, if you feel any issues while applying the steps for Parental control feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below and we will help you out with the same.


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