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Benefits Of Replacing Your In-House SEO Team With A Professional SEO Company

Digital marketing tactics keep changing, with new programs and algorithms bringing forth new marketing opportunities and challenges for marketers. But one thing...

In-House SEO Team

Digital marketing tactics keep changing, with new programs and algorithms bringing forth new marketing opportunities and challenges for marketers.

But one thing remains as strong as ever: the power of promoting your business through search.

And lucky for you, there are experts out there, experts whose sole job is to research far and wide to find out exactly which search strategies fit which business.

The modern buyer is more independent, preferring to be in control of their buying process and not overwhelmed with adverts. According to Internet Live Stats, Google search engine receives over 60,000 searches per second on any given day. That’s A LOT of people, many of whom are searching for or about what you have to offer.

That said, the right approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to successfully engaging this segment of the population—i.e. your target audience. Investing in search marketing is smartly done when you’re getting maximum possible returns, which in terms of SEO means accurate leads and high conversion rate.

For that, you need a search marketing genius. You need the resources, skills, and experience of an SEO company’s services.

Why Hire SEO Services?

Did you know that Google changes its search engine algorithms over 500 times every year? Search engines are quite tricky; figuring out the evolving algorithms, identifying penalties, and staying ahead of the curve, in general, is challenging, bound to give any inexperienced marketer a headache.

An in-house SEO team is responsible for a range of tasks and dividing their time between each, won’t be able to do what, it takes to increase visibility and sales over the Internet while complying with search regulations.

That’s just one of the many reasons why you opt for third-party hire SEO experts in lieu of an in-house SEO team. Here are a few more:

Time-effective access to complete set of skills…

Did you know that 3 out of 4 of users do not check past the websites on the first-page search engine results? You need quick results, and you need them ASAP. Hiring an SEO service you’ve got a ready-made team, trained to face up and coming challenges of search marketing. Imagine your HR team going through the hassle of sorting through resumes, interviewing potential candidates, getting new members on board and training them to fit it the workplace and start of as a moderately skilled SEO team.

Why go through all that when you can squeeze the entire process into one neat step: sending out an order to a third-party SEO service.

SEO moves fast; 50% of people who perform a local search typically visit a physical store within the same day. A good SEO company fully understands industry-specific SEO, and can get your campaign moving quickly.

Focus on associated corrective actions

SEO success, as it happens, is not simply determined by accurate keyword research and analysis. A number of factors—from website load time to the quality of images—can affect SEO results. Improvements in blog content quality on a have, in fact, been known to raise the traffic by as much as 2,000%.

In short, if other aspects of your website are not up to the mark, you can hinder your ranking on the search engine. Your in-house SEO team will have one focus—SEO. Conversely, a third-party SEO team will branch out and review everything else too.

An SEO company specializes in more than just SEO; they objectively assess your current website content, identify mistakes, and suggest corrective measures. If you opt for more than just SEO services, you can renovate your website, or have one designed from scratch with SEO-friendly features.

New, External Perspective And Skill Set

As opposed to the work of an in-house SEO team, a third-party team of SEO experts will bring in more innovative ideas and better experience. In-house teams, while expert at what they do, often get too comfortable with one technique, and are a lot less open to change according to industry change.

On the other hand, working with an SEO company means that your SEO campaign is supervised by people with specialization in search marketing, and who have experience working with other businesses in your industry.

They also have an unbiased way of thinking; they will do what’s really best for you. Combine all these aspects, and you’ve got superb means short and long-term SEO success.

Simple, Straightforward SEO Analytics

Understanding numbers and designing strategies accordingly is a big part of SEO, but it often becomes a hassle for in-house marketers who do not get the specifics of SEO. Calgary SEO Services will provide you with a simplified version of the numbers that matter. Unlike in-house SEO teams, they have access to more sophisticated data analysis tools.

Their methodology includes identifying which keywords perform well and which don’t, and—if you are opting for website development and content marketing services—how much useful traffic your content is generating, and how well it’s converting leads. These quantitative facts and figures can help you reshape your focus.

Cost-Effective Brand Awareness Solution

It’s important for your website to stay on the top, but to do so means investing megabucks in online marketing, right?

Not really. SEO services can be affordable, provided you opt for the right source. Having an in-house SEO team, paying for their salary, benefits, leaves, training—it can all add to your costs considerably.

On the other hand, you may cut costs on your outsourced SEO services. Full-service online marketing companies offer flexible pricing on full-service packages. You can also opt to get services according to your business’s strength; start off with just one or a couple of services, and expand your package as you establish broader goals, beyond improving your search engine visibility.

In-House SEO Team

Better Focus On Tasks Best Done In-House

If you find yourself lacking the time to building your social media to give your audience a more personal look into the business, or writing content about new events, working with an SEO service should free up some of your time. An in-house SEO team may be the same people managing other aspects of online marketing, aspects they won’t be able to pay attention to quite as well when they have extra work to do.

SEO requires time and knowledge, and a seasoned SEO team can provide you with both. They’ll take care of improving your rankings online while you do what you’re good at. You’ll also find that you are a lot less worried about your website’s performance, given that skilled professionals are in charge.

Access To A Toolbox Of Services

Here’s an awesome idea to review your marketing efforts: work with a full service online marketing agency.

SEO is just one of their specialties; you can lean on them for other marketing needs, including SEO-based content development for website blogs, guest blogs and articles, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, website design and development, reputation management, and so on. That many services, all from one company? Bet an in-house team won’t provide you with that!

You can also have complete access to data analytics. SEO companies like SearchBerg have established a sophisticated communication system and a client dashboard where they can see the current progress and performance reports, in a simplified form.


Every little perk of hiring a SEO company contributes to your likelihood of reaching a new height when it comes to marketing on a search engine. A professional SEO expertise is just what you need to create content that both Google algorithms and your users will love.

Comprehensive yet focused SEO is a part of a bigger picture. By handing SEO to the experts, you prioritize it without spending extensive time and resources on it, things which many startups and small businesses do not have.

So get professional SEO services, and get your content out there!

Written by Joseph Dyson
Joseph Dyson is an expert at Search Berg, providing SEO services to small business owners. The firm is an award-winning digital marketing company that specializes in content marketing strategy, SEO services, and small business digital marketing solutions.

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