How to Find Local Customers Using Social Media Channels?


Social media channels are now the most powerful means of communication. Billions of people actively use them. According to a study by IDC Global Technology and Industry, 50% of the budget allocated to Western marketers is spent on social networks. This is due to the fact that social networks allow not only to form content but also to communicate with the target audience in person. In addition, it will enable you to get accurate data about the potential customer’s interests.

How to find local customers using social media channels?

For this reason, social media is a powerful tool that every brand and entrepreneur should use in their best interests. The chief thing is to build the right and trust-based relationship with your customers. You can start with Twitter and make your follower list and take part in popular conversations. Then, create a branded page on Linkedin and attract customers there. Here are more valuable tips to make social media sales incentives effective.

Find the social channel your target audience uses

Promotion through social media channels should start with the basics. The first thing to do is find out where the target customers spend their time online and using those same social channels. Here’s what to do:

  • Carry out a robust analysis of your target demographic group. View the current customers` profiles. Try to find common characteristics of users you haven’t yet converted.
  • As soon as you know who buys your products/services (or who you want to make a customer), you’ll also determine what platforms they use.

Although you can decide to set a presence on every social channel, remember that it takes a great deal of time. Such actions can do more harm than good. That is why it’s better to keep in mind this helpful advice:

✅ Most people use Facebook, but it has lost ground among young people (ages 18 to 29). If you’re aiming for millennials, focus efforts on Instagram and Snapchat.

✅ The age of the target audience is not a guarantee that they will become your customers. Thus, make sure the selected audience takes an interest in buying. If you can reach your audience on their platforms, you’ll increase your chances of making more sales.

Create great content, but go overboard

Social media users are brilliant. If you create poor content, you won’t get the interest you count on. So instead of putting a series of low-quality posts on the Internet, take out the time to create less content but the best quality. Don’t make the posts too obtrusive or commercial. You should remember that social channels are not just for buying and selling. 

Most people are still there for communication. The best way to get people to buy is to give them fascinating and valuable content that will prompt them to become your customers. Driving social media sales with content can be done in several ways.

customers using social media channels

✅ Create images inspired by real-life situations.

✅ Post photos and videos that include recipes and helpful tips for using your products.

✅ Share images of real users testing your products.

✅ Make purchasing accessible through social channels

Make the product/service available through social channels

Brand awareness involves product visibility and recognition. If your branding strategy isn’t as competitive, your business may not reap the expected results. Hence, it can be helpful to make your products or services available on your social media channels to attract more local customers. You can also check the social media platform’s shopping feature to boost your local reach when promoting your products and services.

For instance, Instagram’s shopping feature is a set-in integration that helps users tag products and instantly buy them without leaving their news feed. Using shopping tags on Instagram Stories, enterprises can now tag products and services from the e-commerce site. When a user clicks on an item on the Instagram story, he\she can view its description, price, and title.

Social media channels are an excellent platform for merchandising and service promotion. Even if it is the insurance. For example, by using Instagram or Facebook, an insurance company can launch special offers oriented to reputation:

Prompt response to the brand mention;

Working with negative feedback, a strategy to increase positive feedback;

Posting of valuable materials;

Informing about promotions, new tariffs, and special offers;

Coverage of social and charitable activities;

Communication with subscribers;

Distribution of viral content;

Posts about the company’s achievements;

Publication of press releases, public speeches of employees, and articles in the media.

Online Shopping Travel Insurance is possible now through different social media channels. For more details, look through examples of online travel insurance on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels.

Use social media to generate leads

Social media channels are indeed efficient lead-generating platforms, bringing brands to local audiences. And while leads or prospects can become paying customers through effective social media marketing and engagement strategies, attracting social media users is easier said than done. For one, it entails regular strategy execution and testing of proven-effective techniques.

Having an engaged audience is good, but sales promotion on social media, especially converting your audience into leads, is a unique process. Look at Instagram as an example again. How to connect Instagram features with effective calls to action to generate leads for the business.

  • Create a quality profile.
  • Explain why visitors should interact with your business.
  • Make sure you upload quality images.
  • The profile description (bio) should be eye-catching, so your audience wants to click on the link.
  • Creating fascinating content is a great way to generate leads. First, however, encourage your active subscribers to share their stories and mention your brand to get perfect reach.

Lead generation can be a complex process. But as a good start, you can always explore the idea of working with a social media marketing agency to help you kickstart your lead generation campaign. Moreover, social media agencies can also guide you in launching influencer marketing and paid ads.

Launch paid ads

Frequent high-quality social media posts, and interacting with your audience in the comments aren’t enough to drive sales. There are also paid ads that work well to boost sales on social media. While organic reach continues to come down with a run, paid posts can quickly increase audience engagement. Every social media channel has its advertising opportunities. 

Facebook, for example, offers comprehensive targeting tools. It makes it easy for companies to develop successful promotions. However, even if you post quality content regularly, gaining an audience and engagement is impossible without additional investment. Social media advertisement accounts can help your community promote. You can promote an entire community, a specific post in a community, or an external site on a banner network.

What you pay for in the advertising cabinet:

  • reach or displays: how many people will see an ad or banner;
  • link clicks: how many clicks will be made on the link in the ad or on the banner?

Any advertising office allows you to make a targeting list: the criteria to determine who will see the ad and who will not. In the ideal case, you should have 50-100 thousand users in it. Less than that is too narrow — you may not get in. More than that is too broad, but that’s a good option if you can spend a lot of money on tests. 

From a thousand to ten thousand users should see the ad. In most cases, you can choose which platforms will see the content in the advertising offices. For example, you can target only the mobile versions of the site or only the full versions.

However, don’t get confused with paid ads and boosted posts on social media. Unlike paid ads, boosted posts are regular posts that fan page owners or businesses pay to reach a broader audience. Many startups boost their posts to increase content engagement.


Social media channels are viral nowadays. They have become a part of people’s life. Their development is rapid, and the number of users has been increasing over the years. Through media channels, you can find the target audience to sell your products and services.

That is why social media channels are a good advertising platform with a broad reach. And most significantly, there are the most diverse users with a variety of needs. So, if you want to get the best advertising campaign results, it is necessary to use as many social media channels as possible. But remember that you have to use each of them differently.


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Isabelle Jordan

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