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How would you encourage customers to buy your products online?

Growing businesses need a content solution that adds value and persuades customers to buy from you. What is a simple yet powerful...

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Why the Product Descriptions Writing Is the Need of the Hour?

Growing businesses need a content solution that adds value and persuades customers to buy from you. What is a simple yet powerful solution to encourage customers to buy your products online? Is it sales and advertising? Or marketing?

But, what is effective marketing without effective content? It’s just another post that doesn’t inspire action. Online sales or advertising is incomplete without standout content. To ensure that your product stands out amongst all the competing websites, you will need to plan, create, and tweak your content regularly.

It comes under the content umbrella which includes product description writing, content services, design services, SEO writing, and more.

Encouraging customers to buy your products is more about providing value and less about selling!

Let’s explore some smart ways through which you can do that.

Write Purposeful Sales Copy

The modern customer receives almost 100 marketing and promotions per day on average. People have become wary of sales and marketing copy that boasts about the features and benefits of a product. Being honest in your sales copy is not only crucial to building a relationship of trust with your customers, but this also builds your credibility. So don’t make claims that you can’t fulfill and while copywriting product descriptions, ensure that you take the expertise of a professional who understands your business and product.

Making your sales copy and product descriptions approachable, honesty, and being real is the key to building quality customers who keep coming back to you. The best practice while writing a sales copy is to highlight the solution the product provides. Being an aid to a customer’s problem will take your brand much farther than any bragging copy could ever do.

Create Valuable Content with Your Blogs

Have you ever wondered which is the most effective way to generate organic traffic that leads to more sales? The answer is blogs. Blogs or long-form written content are still the market leader in driving traffic, increasing sales, and generating more purchases. But here’s the catch. You need to write valuable content in your blogs that help people.

People don’t always buy products online. Sometimes all they are looking for is just an answer to a problem. Through your blogs and content, you need to be addressing those problems first. For instance, a personalized holiday card-maker writes blogs that address the problem of making DIY cards. What’s in it for the business? They are empowering people to make their cards. How does that help this e-commerce business to grow?

In this example, the e-commerce business might help people to make their cards, but it is a known fact that not everyone has that amount of time. So ultimately people buy from the business. It is a smart way to create value and get customers to buy products through their website.

What More Can You Do?

What’s more is that the product descriptions highlight the solutions to the problems faced by customers, especially during the holiday season. How do you do that? How do you create eCommerce product descriptions that stand out? One of the simplest and smartest ways is to hire a professional eCommerce product description writer who can do the work for you. Writing professional product descriptions is difficult and you need an experienced writer who understands the business, and the online market, to make your content extraordinary.

Always Include a Call-to-Action

Getting people to buy your products online means that you not only have to keep their attention but also get them to purchase. An online customer has a fickle attention span. Time matters. Adding a call to action in your product descriptions and advertisements is one of the smartest ways to direct customers where you want them to go.

Encourage Customers to Write a Review

People often buy products online when they see that others have bought from there. A happy customer who leaves a review is a strong vote of acknowledgment for your potential customers that might not have engaged with your brand before. Feature the best reviews but do not delete the negative or disappointing reviews. The core message highlights that you will improve on your service with the customers, reflecting competence and trustworthiness. Customers aren’t keen on sharing their feedback as they might forget or find it time-consuming.

You must always try to ask your customers for feedback or review by sending them a follow-up email after purchase or directly on social media platforms.

Add Media to Your Product
People are engaged with photos and videos 24×7. They are exposed to content at all times. So customers expect that online products should have photos and description videos as they influence their decision-making process. Having high-quality photos and videos of your products is proven to increase sales by 2x.

Consider eCommerce products content — 80% of customers look for videos or multiple photos for e-commerce items before making a purchase decision. Adding media to your products and services enables them to get an accurate sense of what they can expect after purchase. It is a sure-shot way to get browsing customers into purchasing ones. While the overall process might feel daunting, the result will delight your customers and double the number of people who buy your product online.

Provide Different Payment Options/Plans

What if you have a great sales copy, attention-grabbing product descriptions, high-resolution product content, but at the checkout page, your customer can’t make a payment? That means your entire strategy is pointless. A dedicated landing page with multiple pricing plans will help your customer decide faster.

Buying products online means transacting through online payment solutions. Ensuring that the payment process is seamless, simple, and secure can become the difference between a happy customer and a disappointed one. To complete the cycle and ensure that your “encouraged” customers have bought the product, offer different payment methods and payment gateways. Credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and unified payment transactions are some gateways you can explore on your checkout page. Some websites also offer cash on delivery and pay later options.


Increasing sales by encouraging customers to purchase your products online is a marathon and not a sprint. The above tactics are some time-tested ways that help build trust, credibility, and a community of customers who keep giving back. People buy products online from businesses that reflect their value and provide quality service.

The process starts with product description writing that inspires and informs. It goes all the way to social media marketing and design services that find your target customers. Finding quick ways to sell your product online is a wonderful goal for short-term business strategy, but ineffective in the long run. The core idea behind this is to have a dedicated content platform that understands your business needs and works with professionals and excellent creators to create content that adds value and promise. And Pepper Content is the exact place for that – Go visit the Pepper Content Website and avail of the best services at the right prices!


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  1. Simran, good tips buddy. Valued content turns readers into customers. Someone reads your blog, vibes with your content, trusts you and decides to buy your stuff based on trusting your word. If someone enjoys your free content, they know your premium content will rock just as much.


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