How Customer Engagement Patterns Can Improve Your Social Media Marketing?

How Customer Engagement Patterns Can Improve Your Social Media Marketing?

Now more than ever, consumers are a lot smarter, more empowered, and informed about making their purchases or availing the services they need.

With the advancement of modern digital technology, innovations arise and customers’ needs rapidly change. Therefore, it’s crucial to find great ways to continue improving your sales and marketing campaigns, such as social media marketing, aligning them with your target audience. And this is when customer engagement patterns come into play. 

Identifying customer engagement patterns is highly beneficial to your social media marketing. In this article guide, you’ll learn how customer engagement patterns can improve your social media marketing.

What Are Customer Engagement Patterns?

Customer engagement patterns refer to the changing factors and trends influencing how businesses attract and retain customers further leading to establishing long-term trust and loyalty over time. 

It’s considered an essential indicator of sales and marketing and indicative of your business’s value proposition performance. Hence, it’s crucial to understand how existing customers engage and identify the factors driving those behaviors. These factors may include your competitors’ marketing strategies, customers’ characteristics, and dynamics, and among others. They all makeup customer engagement patterns businesses should be on the lookout for.

Here are some examples of customer engagement patterns evident nowadays:

  • AI Engagement

It involves more and more businesses and consumers making use of artificial intelligence or AI in communication like chatbots and voice assistants.

  • Virtual Engagement

Modern consumers are now more open to virtual marketing, such as virtual tours in real estate businesses and using virtual reality or VR in digital concerts and webinars. 

  • Mobile Engagement

Mobile apps have evolving purposes, from entertainment such as video games to complex business transactions, including appointment setting, online shopping, and payment processing.

  • Personalized Engagement

Consumers are flooded with the same online platforms every day, making them smart enough to identify the difference between automated and generic methods to unique engagement strategies. Influencer marketing, specialized curated content, and the like are some great examples. 

Now that you know the meaning of customer engagement patterns is, it’s time to determine how you can improve your social media marketing with your knowledge about customer engagement patterns.

1. Personalize Approach Using Customer Acquisition Solutions

You can personalize your approach in identifying customer engagement patterns to improve your social media marketing. These software programs can help you view customer data objectively, so you can make more informed social media marketing decisions, such as revamping your ads and tweak posts.

Remember that customer acquisition solutions can inform how you engage with your clients because of their intelligent platform, powered by artificial intelligence and data analytics. By implementing a customer acquisition solution, you can form world-class customer engagement through the following:

  • Customer Profiling

Build rich customer profiles through targeting and deep segmentation, allowing you to implement next-level personalization and create effective loyalty programs.

  • Analytics

Step ahead of the tight business competition by measuring the effectiveness of your social marketing campaign through the help of intelligence modules, allowing you to learn, optimize, and test your strategies.

  •  Digital Toolkit

Run personalized social media marketing campaigns by accelerating your digital transformation using a customizable mobile app, your digital toolkit for customer acquisition solution.

2. Identify The Best Approaches For Customer Engagement Management

According to a research study about understanding customer engagement patterns, there are different approaches for customer engagement management that companies can make use of in creating social media marketing campaigns. They’re as follows:

  • Holistic Approach

It’s crucial to understand the motivational drivers of customers to identify their nature and behavior and engage beyond business relationships. 

  • Emotional Value Approach

Create better interaction within the group through the emotional value approach. Establish a more stable and genuine engagement relationship between customers and the company by building long-term emotional values.

  • Structural Network Approach

It determines customer engagement’s motivational drivers, resulting from network contention and role-playing.

3. Take Advantage Of Free Social Media Communication

Based on the same study, one customer engagement pattern noted is how free communication and information systems affect customer behavior. Customers are now more willing to try different vendors or brands because they can easily access information and reach more businesses free of charge. 

While this leads to decreasing customer retention, businesses can take advantage of free social media communication and information to enhance customer interaction. Improve your social media marketing campaign using this strategy by:

  • Creating A Business Fan Page

Create your business’s social media fan page for free, and use this platform to reach more audiences and engage with them. You can start by inviting closest family and friends to join and follow your page, and share your posts. Ask your employees and loyal customers to do the same.

  • Use Messaging App As A Customer Service Tool

Social media networks have messaging app tie-ups that you can take advantage of to answer customer inquiries, free of charge. For instance, you can create pre-determined greetings and answers to common customer inquiries. Resolve complaints by directly chatting with them through these social media messaging apps.

  • Publish Interesting Social Media Posts

Provide free information to your intended audience through different social media channels. For instance, you can post tutorial videos, helpful textual content, inspiring images, promos, and even interesting audio content. They might find these posts engaging thus may lead to a future relationship.

4. Create Customer Persona For A Straightforward Marketing Strategy

Creating your customer persona is easier by identifying and analyzing customer engagement patterns. Customer persona or buyer persona pertains to a business’s ideal customer, created through in-depth market research, data analysis, and testing.

When creating your social media marketing strategy, you can make use of data analytics to determine the type of consumers attracted to your products and services. Also, it can help you specify the type of content they’re likely engaged in based on their previous activities and encounters on your website. Get to know vital pieces of information such as what web pages they viewed and how much time they spent on each visit.

With all the data and variables you have gathered, you’ll be able to create the best customer persona for your business. In this way, your marketing team avoids the guesswork and can create better social media marketing strategies based on relevant and proven data. 

Creating a customer persona for your social media marketing also provides the following benefits:

  • Save Your Marketing Efforts

Identifying the type of customers you have, including their needs and wants, can help you avoid putting your social media marketing efforts to waste. 

  • Make Customers Happy

Because you understand what your customers need, they end up satisfied and happy with your service. 

  • Increase Your Sales

When your customers are engaged and happy, they’ll more likely refer you to their family and friends on social media and even offline. Hence, helping you keep a consistent flow of customers and profits.

By determining the customer engagement patterns, you’ll be able to decipher the best emerging social media marketing trends that apply to your business.

Check the following social media marketing trends you might want to consider for your business:

  • Influencer Marketing

It’s always been said that social media marketing has a strong partnership with influencer marketing. You probably have an idea about influencers, social media personalities with lots of fans or followers. They could be ordinary people with amazing talents, viral videos, or very entertaining or helpful posts, encouraging many people to follow them.

  • Live Streaming

Many online sellers and businesses use live streaming to engage with social media users, creating their unique content and brand persona that people can relate with. With live streaming, you can take the opportunity to announce your latest collection, inform people about your new product, endorse a partner business, and entertain your customers with your virtual tour.

6. Promote Responsible Social Media Marketing

Not all customers have the same thoughts and feelings with the type of social media posts you publish. Hence, it’s crucial to know the emerging customer engagement patterns that apply to your business niche. Practice and promote social responsibility when creating your marketing campaigns. In this way, you can create the right social marketing strategies that’ll greatly benefit your business.

Bear in mind that people are getting more sensitive in the topic of responsible social media marketing. You can easily relate with your customers and show your genuine concern by addressing adjacent issues or problems before they even arise. Here are some important responsible social media marketing tips:

  • Avoid flooding their social media walls with your ads or practicing responsible posting; 
  • Refrain sharing false claims about your product and never ride on fake news;
  • Steer away from gender-sensitive topics on your posts;
  • Don’t attract politicians or celebrities just to get your post noticed; and,
  • Keep children and teenagers in mind when creating social media ads.


Customer engagement patterns can help improve your social media marketing in many ways. For one, personalizing your approach is highly recommended using a reliable customer acquisition solution. In this way, you can easily profile and segment your audience, identify their needs, and act based on their emerging behaviors.

With the free information and communication that digital technology provides to consumers, businesses can take advantage of social media to promote their brands. Also, creating a customer persona is made a lot easier by analyzing customer engagement patterns. Take your social media marketing to the next level by embracing the latest digital innovations and solutions without compromising genuine customer concern and responsible marketing.

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