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How much should an HTML to WordPress Conversion Cost?

Whenever we talk about web development tools, the name of WordPress is bound to pop up. Such has been the dominance of...

HTML to Wordpress

Whenever we talk about web development tools, the name of WordPress is bound to pop up. Such has been the dominance of WordPress that no other platform has been able to match up the features and benefits that it offers to web developers. Due to its ever-growing feature list and immense popularity, most website owners are converting their current Websites that were developed on other platforms, into WordPress. Like moving their website from plain HTML to WordPress.

HTML is one such website-building platform that lets you develop a basic website with static data. However, most website developers nowadays want their website to be feature-packed that lets them compete aggressively with their competitors.

In this article, we are going to focus on an aspect that cannot be neglected whether you are looking for development or conversion service. That aspect is the cost. The answer to the question regarding the HTML to WordPress conversion cost cannot be answered bluntly. There are many factors that need to be considered.

Who are you choosing for the conversion services?

Nowadays, whenever we are looking to develop a WP website or convert the existing one into WordPress, broadly we come across only two types of developers. First are those that are working in an agency and others are the freelancers. Hiring any of them comes with its pros and cons. Hiring a company for the conversion process would turn out to be an expensive affair for you as they have more overhead and are concerned about the cash flows. Whereas a freelancer would deliver you the services at a much lesser cost and of the same or even better quality. But one downside of hiring a freelancer is that most of them are not reliable. A freelancer can disappear whenever he wants to as he is not liable to you for anything.

What all features do you want?

If you are converting your website from a free blogging platform or from a traditional platform like HTML to a more advanced and feature-rich platform like WordPress, then there will definitely be a concrete reason behind it. The driving force to make your website look visually appealing will lead to enhancing the features and overall functionality of your website. For this WordPress has a wide range of plugins and WordPress themes that can be utilized. Apart from the free ones WordPress has a lot of premium options to choose from. So, in the end, it will come down to your requirements and the design expectations that you have from your website.

DIY HTML to WordPress Conversion

As WordPress is one of the most popular and user-friendly CMS tools, most website owners have significant knowledge about the platform. So, if you want to polish your skills further, you can also perform the HTML to the WordPress conversion process. This will save a lot of your money that you would have otherwise spent hiring a developer. The only cost you will have to bear is for the additional enhancements and functionalities that you would want to implement in your website. So, in this case, you cannot have a clear estimation of the cost beforehand.

Support and Maintenance Services

Once you are done with the HTML to the WordPress conversion process, it doesn’t mean that your job is over. For the proper functioning of your website, it is vital it receives much-needed updates. These updates will enhance its security aspect and fix the bugs in the current version. Apart from the support services, it is evident that sooner or later your website is going to break down. For this, you will have to cater maintenance services to it. All these will involve costs that you will have to bear. Different service providers will charge you different rates. So, it will be up to you to decide the one best suits your budget.


Getting an HTML website converted to WordPress is not that easy as it seems to be. There are various factors that you need to consider before finally undergoing the conversion process. However, if you keep your requirements and expectations clear before the commencement of the conversion process, you will end up getting the website developed as you wanted it to be.


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Written by Kiara Marsh
Kiara Marsh is an experienced WordPress developer, working at WordSuccor Ltd. She provides HTML to responsive WordPress services and has a team of expert developers to assist her in every project. Get in touch with her now for any assistance regarding WordPress development. Follow her company, WordSuccor on Linkedin.

12 Replies to “How much should an HTML to WordPress Conversion Cost?”

  1. Hi,

    It’s not true that freelancer can dissappear whenever they eant. If they are serious it is not good practice for them.
    Second, you, like many others didn’t answer the, what is the cost.

  2. Hi Kiara, thanks for the post! Still, I’m hesitating between DIY option and CMS2CMS tool which looks promising. Do you have any opinion about the latter?

  3. Very informative here and a great article on how to convert from an HTML website to a Content Management System.

  4. You’ve highlighted some important points!
    I had a freelance person set up my site (it was actually HTML rather than WordPress), and It’s another fantastic tutorial. I did not know about the Google and the Pinterest. But I am happy I came to know about it through you.
    Keep up the good work.
    Have a good day.

  5. For these bloggers is that science is very important and very helpful. Especially for those who use WordPress. The point of this article cool.

  6. WordPress is getting huge popularity and there is no doubt on that. Nowadays most online business is trying to migrate their web presence to WordPress and I think from HTML to WordPress migration is also not that tricky. Thank you for sharing this useful guide here.

  7. You’ve highlighted some important points!
    I had a freelance person set up my site (it was actually HTML rather than WordPress) and he’d no sooner done it than he went into hospital for 3 weeks – leaving my site with an incorrect telephone number, and me with no knowledge whatsoever to be able to change it. If it had been WordPress rather than HTML, and I had basic knowledge of WP, I could have changed it myself really quickly.

    Which leads onto the other thing to beware of… and that is ongoing support / change costs. These should be clearly agreed on both sides at the start. I did a WordPress site for a friend who didn’t want to do even the basics, and somehow I ended up doing free maintenance and upgrades for months. It’s not fair to any professional person to expect lifetime free support.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    1. Hi Joy,

      It’s really sad when freelancers or companies left you in the midway. However, you mentioned a good point here – “Customer support cost should be clearly agreed on both sides at the start.”. It will help development companies to build better relations with their clients. Whereas, clients will use those development companies which provide good and affordable (or free) customer support.


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