How you can use iPad as a Secondary monitor: A working method for 2024


Due to the increasing craze among gamers in the context of gaming activities, there is a very huge demand for a secondary monitor which can be connected to the primary monitor. And not only the gamers, common people do require the connection between two monitors so as to increase their work efficiency and productivity. Simply, connecting two monitors with each other will result in the display of the same things on the secondary monitor which is displayed on the first (Primary) monitor. People who have a profession like fashion designing also uses this method very frequently. For example, if you want to show the sample designs to your client, then the two monitors can be connected to each other and the client will be able to see the designs very conveniently. The dual or secondary monitor is also used by professors in the universities while they are giving a lecture to the students. That’s why they all are in a search of some best methods which can be employed to execute this task. You don’t have to go to the market to purchase a new monitor if you have an iPad with you. We will tell you how to convert the iPad which you own into a secondary monitor. This is a really easy and interesting task, so if you have any doubt in your mind that you will be able to execute this task or not, then please don’t worry. Anyone having the basic knowledge about computers and iPhones can set up the task of the dual monitor.

Setting up of Dual Monitors will also make sure that the data flow between both of them will be smooth. Now, let’s use the iPad as a secondary monitor. You have to make a tutorial for that and in this article, we will guide you through the whole process which you can follow to convert your iPad into a secondary monitor. For this task to be accomplished, you have to download an iOS application from the App Store, and then only you will be able to connect the Apple TV with the iPad as a secondary monitor.

Officially, Apple doesn’t provide or support any sort of software or application to convert the iPad into a secondary monitor. But thanks to the advanced application developers, they had found the solution to this problem too and introduced some brilliant iOS applications on the App store which you can use to execute your task with ease. These applications are available on the App Store for free which simply means that you didn’t require to make a purchase or to pay any subscription charges to use it.

But before you convert your iPad into a secondary monitor, please note that there are some limitations too in this process. First of all, setting up a dual monitor will use more resources on your PC and take more desk space. And secondly, it will consume more data or space in the hard drive because the same data has to be executed in both the monitors. So, please keep in mind these two points and if you are ok with it, then just navigate to the information regarding the accomplishment of this task below:

iOS Applications which has to be installed:

As we mentioned earlier, to accomplish this task, you need to install an iOS application that behaves as the medium or interface between the two connected monitors. Making an iPad as a second monitor is not an easy task, that’s why some advanced IOS applications are developed to accomplish this task. But from all the applications which are available on the App Store, we will list the handpicked applications which are trusted by thousands of users. The name and link of those two applications are:

1) Air Display 3

2) Splashtop Xdisplay

These two applications which are listed above are just magnificent in this field which will guide you to accomplish your task very easily and conveniently. The user interface of these iOS applications is really awesome and iOS users often use them to connect to two apple monitors. Setting up the iPad as a secondary monitor is not a difficult task anymore using these iOS applications. Both of them have very good reviews and ratings on the App Store.

These iOS applications are available in both free and paid versions. There is no such difference at all in the functioning of these applications apart from the display of unusual and unwanted ads. You can easily remove that ad by clicking on the cross icon to close that ad or else you can download an ad blocker software that will help you to block these unwanted ads very easily.

Both applications will serve the same features for you. We will recommend you to buy the paid version of these applications because it will sometimes become very annoying if ads are displayed frequently. If you purchase the paid version, then there will be no need to install any adblocker software tool on your iPad and PC/Mac. It will hardly cost you almost 10USD per year. This is a much fair rate and we will recommend paying this subscription charge to ensure smooth functioning.

App store often offers 50% seasonal discount on these applications frequently. So, you can wait for the discount to come to save half a buck in your pocket. And if you cannot wait, then you just have to pay 10USD as the subscription charges.

Functioning of Dual monitors using Air Display and SplashTopXDisplay:

Now, we will go through the steps which are involved in the functioning of these iOS applications to accomplish our task. But first of all, just download one application on your iPad out of the two available. After you download, just install that application and then proceed with the following steps which are mentioned below:

1) After downloading the application on iPad, the second thing you have to do is that you have to download the drivers and software from the official website of either Air Display or SplashTopXdisplay.

2) You have to install these drivers on your PC/Mac which is behaving as the primary monitor.

3) After you are done with the above two steps, just turn on the Wi-fi router installed in your home or office.

4) You have to connect both of them (PC/Mac and iPad) to the same Wi-fi network.

5) After the connection is done, you have to open the application which you had installed on your iPad followed by configuring the network settings.

6) You will find the complete guide there inside the app and we suggest you watch the tutorial video for a better understanding of the steps which are involved.

7) After configuring the network settings, you will be able to use your iPad as a second monitor.

In the initial stages after the connection has been established, it will take some time to recognize the primary monitor but soon after that data flow will become smooth and you will be able to see all the things on the secondary monitor (iPad) which are being displayed on the primary monitor (PC/Mac).


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Here this article ends and we hope that you had understood all the things related to making the iPad the secondary monitor. We recommend the Air Display 3 application to install on your iPad because it is much convenient and reliable to accomplish the task. Some more applications of the same segment will roll out on the App Store in the future, so we will update this list if we feel so. Till then stay updated with this article and read our other hot topics related to technical stuff. We promise you to bring some more exciting stuff about the iPhone and iPad in the future for sure.

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