Best eBook Reader Apps for your Phone

Best eBook Reader Apps for your Phone

Are you an avid book reader? If yes, then you must have been aware of the pain of carrying a hard copy of a book every time. Undoubtedly, books are the best friends of readers; however, why do you need to carry the weight of hardcopies when you can store thousands of books on your mobile device? Yes, you heard that right!

Well, in this digital era, eBook reader apps have replaced printed books. Thanks to smartphones, all you have to do is download one eBook reader app and quickly search for the book you want to search on that particular day.

Furthermore, many of these apps are totally free to download. Additionally, they also offer hundreds of free books which benefits all.

What are eBook Apps?

eBook reader apps or just eBook apps are mobile software that allows you to read books on your mobile device. If you go a few years back, Android users used to access eBooks only via Google Playbooks.

But now, you can find dozens of eBook reader apps on both Android and iOS devices.

Top eBook Reader apps for your phone

Best eBook Reader Apps for your Phone

Here is the list of the top 6 books that we think you must try to download an eBook reader app.

1. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is undoubtedly one of the most popular eBooks reading applications you will find. You can get access to tons of newspapers, books, and magazines with its mobile application.

Unlike the popular misconceptions, you do not need to buy an Amazon Kindle device. The application is downloadable on both iOS and Android devices. You just need to sign up with an online account and get started.

One thing to note here is that although the application itself is free. However, you may have to buy some books before reading.

Top features

  • Customize text size, app background, readability, etc.
  • Search books through trends, topics, and genres.
  • Read samples of both free and paid books.
  • Most eBooks show colored images.
  • Highlight and share information.
  • Adjustable screen brightness.

2. Wattpad

With its global community of more than 90 million readers, Wattpad is one of the easiest eBook reader apps you will find. The application allows you to download several books and create your library with its simple user interface.

The application is also customizable, thus, allowing you to change its font size and color easily. One of the best features of the application is that it allows users to download books in parts.

Additionally, Wattpad also allows its users to join its community. Here, you can both read books written by other users or write your own stories. Furthermore, publishing stories from Wattpad will allow you to get relevant feedback about your story.

At Wattpad, you can not only read comedy, romance, science fiction, adventure, fantasy, but also fanfictions.

Top Features

  • Discover books from professional and amateur writers.
  • Read millions of stories in more than 50 languages.
  • Browse through several popular genres.
  • Get access to a highly engaging Wattpad community.
  • Share or self-publish your stories.
  • Build your library.
  • Get new chapter alerts.

3. Aldiko Book Reader

Another popular eBook reader app, Aldiko book reader, offers you to read almost all types and formats of eBooks.

One of the unique features of this application is that it does not download books automatically. Thus, allowing you to read books online and save your device’s memory.

You can also customize the application into saving your book’s memory by importing the book. Once done, then the book will appear on the app’s virtual shelf for easy accessibility. The book has both free-to-use and premium versions.

Top Features

Features of the free version

  • Supports Adobe DRM, EPub, and PDF formats
  • Download and read public library’s eBooks
  • A customizable application that allows readers to change font size, color, and background colors.
  • User-friendly interface
  • In-app global search, dictionary, and catalogs.

Apart from all the above features, the premium version has the following features,

  • Creating Notes and highlights
  • Editing book cover
  • Creating home widget
  • Importing and exporting annotations
  • Access to unlimited audiobooks
  • No advertisements

4. FBReader

Another highly customizable application, FBReader, allows you to read books on almost all devices, including Windows, Android, and Linux.

To increase your readability, you can change the app’s color, font size, and animations, and add bookmarks, to name a few. Furthermore, the app supports several formats and even allows direct reading from zip files.

Additionally, the application allows offline reading if you have downloaded the application. Comparatively, on its online mode, you can access its numerous eBooks. That said, both free and paid books are available in its catalog.

Top Features

  • The app is primarily an eBook opener and manager.
  • It supports French, English, Polish and Russian libraries.
  • Allows you to read books that are downloaded from other sources.
  • It comprises day and night mode
  • Once paid, you can use its premium features for a lifetime.
  • Allows you to sync bookmarks and libraries.
  • Integrated with external dictionaries such as ColorDict, and Dictation.
  • The Premium version integrates itself with google translate to translate eBooks.

5. AlReader

AlReader is one of the latest and top-rated applications on our list. However, it also supports devices with older Android versions. In addition, it supports multiple formats such as fb2, fbz, HTML, Docx, Doc, and Mobi.

Furthermore, the application supports a text-to-speech function. Thus, allowing readers to hear the pronunciation of words. Additionally, it supports multiple languages such as English, Russian, German, Polish, and Chinese.

It is customizable with features including auto-scroll, readability modes, animations for page-turning, etc. Additionally, the application comes with a local library. Thus, allowing you to search books according to the series, title, author’s name, etc. The app also allows users to set a clock behind the text. Thus, acting as a time-management app for students.

The application is essentially free to use. However, its premium versions, with different rates, are also available. Comparatively speaking, an application with such a high rate of device supportability is rare these days.

Top Features

  • Supports OPDS (network libraries)
  • Supports external dictionaries
  • Users can create up to four separately customized profiles.
  • Allows easy book navigation – by page, and percentage.
  • Fix screen rotation, set clock behind the text, bookmark, shortcuts

6. FullReader

A multi-functional application, FullReader allows you to not only read but also listen to audiobooks. It supports various formats, such as ePub, fb2, Docx, Doc, HTML, and MOBI.

The app’s classic user interface, material design, and simple layout attract every reader’s eye—the app also supports cloud backup using Dropbox, and Google drive.

Readers can also translate texts from 95 different languages. Additionally, it is a free application that also offers a paid premium version.

Top Features

  • The application has a Read aloud feature.
  • No external dictionary is needed
  • Offers different day and night modes
  • Allows users to both add and edit relevant information
  • Allows users to create shortcuts using widgets.
  • Saves memory by using Cloud storage.
  • Stylish and convenient user interface

Are eBook apps really useful?

We are sure that you must be delighted after going through the list of eBook reader apps. However, if you are still in a dilemma about the usefulness of these applications, then we understand.

Here are some benefits of these apps that will clarify your doubts quite easily.

  • Easy to carry around
  • Easy to customize applications
  • Fast navigation between books
  • Store tens of your favorite books
  • Flexible with different book formats
  • Easy unlocking of handy features such as bookmark, etc.


eBook reader apps are one of the best inventions of our digital world. If you are a bookworm, then these eBook reader apps will prove to be the joy of your life. For starters, now you don’t have to worry about carrying one or two books in your bag.

Unfortunately, with so many options out there, you have to first try using these applications. Undeniably, it may be exhaustible to sort through a large number of applications. To lend you a helping hand, we have provided you with a list of eBook reader apps.

So, what are you waiting for


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