Top 10 Trending Technologies Developers Are Using For Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are in trend now where it helps the people and businesses. Check out these top 10 trending technologies developers are...

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Mobile apps are in trend now where it helps the people and businesses. Check out these top 10 trending technologies developers are using for mobile aphttps://www.trickyenough.com/crucial-rules-building-successful-on-demand-applications/p development.

This article is dedicated to the top-10 trending technologies developers are using for mobile app development.

One of the biggest advantages of technology is that it makes life simple for many people. Now individuals are turning towards mobile apps for various reasons such as communication, health, entertainment, online payment, and other purposes. As a result, there is a 20% average increase in the in-app time every week, which happened in Quarter 1, 2020. Still, the conditions are not fine, and people are spending more time at their homes, so the mobile app accessing percentage is more than the previous year.

The report published by App Annie says that now users are spending an average of 4.2 hours on mobile apps. Another data says that 1 out of 4 users find app via search. So it shows that how these applications are popular. The Android and iOS platforms have their app repositories; from there, users can download the apps.

The specialists from mobile app development companies in Atlanta reported that most people download the app because of inspiration from the ads. When people find some interesting app-based online, they at least download the app for curiosity. Although people also search for the app on Play Store and App Store for some specific purpose. Many app developers told that multiple users search about the apps related to fitness and cooking during the lockdown. Another percentage of app download is of video calling or meeting apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Behind the success of these apps, there is a crucial contribution of app development technology that facilitates the coders to craft the solutions. Here following is the list of trending technology that developers are using for mobile app development.

Here is the list of top technologies which are trending in 2021 which are using by mobile app development companies to produce the solutions in mobile applications.

So, let’s starts one by one

1. Cloud-Based Apps

It is one of the hot technologies which are trending in 2021 for mobile app development. The reason that makes it more convenient is no limitation of memory and storage. The apps required more space and memory that slow down the device performance, but it is not applied with the cloud-based apps. You can enjoy these apps without botheration and with ease.

Most of the major players are providing backend support to these apps, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Microsoft Azur, IBM, etc. They also distribute their services to the small cloud players. Other than the technological benefits, this technology is also cost-effective and provides the best results. The mobile app development companies in California have a good hold on developing these apps.  

2. Flutter App Development

It is one of the most promising cross-platform app development platforms that use the Dart programming language. For your information, cross-platform apps are being developed using a single code base and run on different platforms such as Android, iOS, etc. It helps app developers in Chicago develop the code in reduced time and promises great UI features, best performance, better bug fixing facility, and much more. It is an open-source platform developed by Google for mobile app development companies where anyone can use it to develop a cross-platform app that performs like native apps. It also provides a wide range of plugins that can be used while developing mobile apps.

3. React Native

It is a JavaScript-based open-source platform that is being used to develop a native mobile application for Android and iOS platforms. It is one of the most favored choices of mobile app development companies in Chicago to produce the applications. The app developer develops the code with the help of JavaScript that offers the best support mechanism to IDEs and various mobile app development tools. It also offers the best features that empower the programmers to design and craft the solutions to cater to the demand of the industry. Its features are writing once use anywhere, UI-focused approach, strong community support, support for 3rd party libraries, and so forth.

4. Ionic

This framework combines and utilizes the power of three technologies which are HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. If one of the app developers in Chicago wants to build a native application, then it will be their first choice because it focuses on native app functionality that uses web view. It also provides cross-platform app development functionality where it offers the features like simplicity, web standards-based, Cordova plugin, framework compatibility, JavaScript components, and various other features. The IONIC enables the app developers to develop the products in a fast-paced environment. It has a rich library of front-end development functions that helps in developing high-performance apps.

5. Xamarin

Again, one of the most promising cross-platform app development platforms that use C# programming language and its advantages for developing apps for platforms like Windows, Android, iOS using a single code base. By having the advantage of code reusability, Xamarin is used by mobile app development companies in California to build native-like apps. It facilitates programmers to develop applications with a time-saving and cost-saving approach with a single .Net code base. The Xamarin supports native platform integration for Android and iOS. Its other features are diagnostic tools, application loader, Google emulator manager, storyboard files, visual studio integration, and many more.

6. Artificial Intelligence Apps 

Artificial Intelligence technology is rapidly growing, and it is influencing our life. There are many applications that are developed on the principles of AI. It is a technique that makes the machine think and act like a human being. Its major application is in robotics. AI is one of the hottest top -10 trending technologies in 2021 that developers are using for mobile app development. There are several companies that are consistently researching it, such as mobile app development, NYC. It is applicable for all industries as it facilitates speech recognition, pattern matching & identification, weather forecasting, disease diagnosis, market predictions, and many other tasks that humans can do.  

 7. Blockchain

As the technology is rapidly growing, security issues are also arising in which data breaching, information stealing, and phishing attacks are major. Due to these issues, businesses and industries are looking forward to the technology that ensures the security of their in-house data as well as their customer’s data. So, here Blockchain is the technology that offers 360-degree security features to organizations and privacy to enterprises. The mobile app development California, Chicago, etc. considers it one of the best top-10 trending technologies developers are suing for mobile app development in terms of security features.

It offers features such as it can’t be corrupted, a decentralized approach, enhanced security features, and industry requirements. It works as one solution for security where there is no need to involve third-party features.

8. Internet of Things

IoT is one of the most popular technology nowadays where people and industries are interested in it. As per the survey and data analysis in 1.1 tr USD is projected as the global spending about IoT in 2023. Till 2019 there were 620 IoT platforms wherein 2021, the growth will be continuing with a surplus of 40%. In 2020 the industrial IoT reached 77.3 billion USD, and in the future, it will be more than this. It can be used in wearable IoT, healthcare, medical devices, smart city project, smart home, agriculture, manufacturing, the automobile industry, and many others.

9. Chatbots

It is such an interesting thing to know about and using Chatbots. These are software applications that communicate with the user in a humanistic way. Whenever a user asks a question, then it automates the answer with details. It is the future of the customer support industry where the user will have all the solutions via a chat with software or mobile application. Now businesses or enterprises are using this technology to involve at their site. It is also in the form of voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Bixby, etc. The mobile app development NYC, California, is in progress to develop some innovative chatbots for some international brands.

10. HTML5

Although many advanced platforms exist for mobile app development, you can’t compare those with HTML5. It works as a base for all platforms because a perfect front-end can’t be developed without the help of HTML5. It is basic technology but has cross-platform and native app development features that make it favorable for all. Many mobile app development companies or individuals such as app developers are using it for offering solutions in the form of an app to the industry.

The Conclusion

Businesses can’t think about growth without technology. One of the prime objectives of any business is to target the audience that can be converted into customers, so those mobile applications are best.  It not only provides the best user experience also helps the enterprises to apply appropriate marketing strategies. When choosing the technology for crafting an app, you can choose any one of the above top-10 trending technologies used by mobile app development companies for mobile app development. The applications based on these technologies are providing the best results. So, if you also want to launch your app, you have to hire some experienced app developers. When your application is developed, then you can proudly launch it.


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