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Exploring Security Measures for Cloud Servers

It seems as if every day brings more breaking news about a new cyberattack on a business. The rising risks of cybercriminal...

Security Measures for Cloud Servers

It seems as if every day brings more breaking news about a new cyberattack on a business. The rising risks of cybercriminal activity are going nowhere, and both large and small businesses are having to adopt new ways of protecting the data that they collect and store.

One of the most popular options for better online security is adopting the use of cloud platforms. Due to their reliance on security, they are much more effective at data storage than the majority of in-house systems, but there remain risks with their use. There are a variety of practical and effective security measures that all cloud users should be used which allows you to enhance the security of cloud platforms and ensure your business and customers are much safer.

Here are the Measures for Cloud Servers:

Know Your Platform

There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to your cloud platform, but all of them vary in significant ways. That means you need to know exactly what your responsibilities are. You will be much more vulnerable to a data breach if you think that you are protected in areas that are not the responsibility of your chosen cloud service. Check with your cloud provider and get information from established security specialists like McAfee so that you can learn how to keep your stored data safe.

Access Control

One of the best ways to ensure that mistakes are less likely with your security is to control who has access to your cloud data and who is restricted. Accidental data exposure is surprisingly common, which is why it’s vital that you only provide cloud access to those that need the specific data that is stored. Make sure you know exactly who needs access and who doesn’t. The more that you can control your cloud access, the safer your cloud security will be.

Use Encryption

If your data is unencrypted then your business is acting irresponsibly. Much of the data that a business collects is highly sensitive, but with the right level of encryption, you can add an entirely new level of security. However, encryption alone is not enough. Just as you control access to your cloud, you will also need to control who has access to your encryption keys. It’s important to remember that the data you collect is your responsibility, and by failing to encrypt, you are failing those that trust you with their private data.

Security Hygiene

Often, it’s the most basic of online security methods that are forgotten about in business management. If your team isn’t given regular updates about the latest methods of cyberattack, then they will be more vulnerable to them. Staff training about the importance of password changes and the use of a password management system is critical. You should also implement multi-factor authentication to give even more robust security against a potential breach.

These are some of the most vital security measures to adopt if your business is using cloud platforms to collect and store data or to manage your applications. Take the time to develop a more thorough understanding of the potential flaws in your cloud security and your business will be safer from the danger of a cyber-attack.

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