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8 SEO Secrets: A Noob Friendly Guide to Help You Slay Digital Marketing

Content marketing can get pretty tricky. There are tons of metrics to understand and a lot of technical jargon involved – but...

Slay Digital Marketing

Content marketing can get pretty tricky. There are tons of metrics to understand and a lot of technical jargon involved – but it’s not as tough as you think!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a group of tactics that help your content attract tons of attention and also increase its value and rankings. In recent times, businesses and entrepreneurs have realized how far a content marketing strategy takes them ahead – but what’s the secret to brilliant content? SEO, of course!

If you’re a noob at the SEO game, fear not. We’ve got a great guide to help you slay your digital marketing game, just like professional content writers!

Understanding SEO and How It Works

SEO is the process used by search engines to make sure that the most relevant and useful information is presented to the user. Certain metrics make sure that the content that shows up in the SERPs (search engine page results) is useful.

Thus, if you master those certain metrics, your website and content are bound to rank higher than your competitors’. When you do use sound SEO strategies, the following is a description of the success your website will see.

Increased Traffic

Using SEO strategies helps to boost organic traffic – what does this mean? Simply put, it means that more and more people will be prompted or directed towards your website or blogs, increasing the number of viewings and visits you get.

Increased Conversions

With optimized content, your website or blog is also able to have increased conversions, which means customers are more likely to perform the “desired” action. For example, your SEO blog directs them to a store to purchase a CBD supplement – SEO incorporated websites will see more success in making the sale.

Increased Visibility and Recognition

Content and websites that incorporate SEO have a higher chance of being ranked at the top, which increases rankings and also improves recognition for the brand. Because the most optimal tools are used to create content, it fares well on SERPs and that automatically looks reliable to users.

Increased Rapport and Authoritativeness

By ranking well and having increased visibility, using SEO also helps to build a business’s rapport and establishes them as an authority in its niche. This is brilliant for the brand’s reputation and relationship with current and potential customers.

Improved Bounce Rates

Bounce rates are pretty annoying – no one likes to see a high one. When users click open your website and exit it without interacting with the interface, that’s what “bouncing” is. Using SEO, your content is bound to have lower bounce rates, which is definitely an improvement.

8 SEO Secrets For Noobs to Slay Digital Marketing

The wait is over! Here are the 8 best SEO secrets that will skyrocket your brand’s image and help you win the digital marketing game.

1. Use Well Researched Keywords

Keywords are extremely important when it comes to SEO. What are they exactly? Well, these are the short-tailed or long-tailed phrases that people enter into the search engine bar to find answers to – for example, “the best shea butter Atlanta”.

Using keywords that are in demand and have strong numbers to prove their success rate are the ones you should opt for. This way, your content will rank higher on search engines.

2. Use Meta Details

Meta details like Description, Keywords, and Topics are extremely important. These are the first 2 – 3 lines you see when Google gives you the results – and users click on the content depending on how well-phrased the Meta details are.

Make sure your Meta details are captivating and incorporate inviting language – these can really make a difference between someone clicking on your website or the link underneath yours.

3. Make Your Content and Website Readable

Readability is a big factor in SEO. Your content should be easy to scan and simple to understand. Divide your content using headings and subheadings. Use bullet points and arrows.  This way, not only will your rankings do better, but your content will also be easy to understand. No one really spends forever reading long articles, so information divided coherently between headings is a brilliant way to up your marketing game.

4. Use High-Quality Images

Using high-quality images adds aesthetic to your website and content – but that’s not all. Including Image Name, Keywords and ALT tags help the search engines to index your content and website better according to the searches.

In other words, your content will rank better, be more visible through a larger pool of searches and will be seen as relevant. It’s quite cool how adding a few words under the image can do so much for your rankings!

5. Create Backlinks

Building backlinks is a brilliant way to increase your brand’s visibility and also include your website in major search engine results. Backlinking also helps search engines to decipher how legitimate and authoritative your website is, which affects rankings.

For example, create blogs that contain quality backlinks to your website, store or even blog posts. This will help the Search Engine Page Results to include your website more and more.

6. Build Quality Relationships

Yes – believe it or not, this is an SEO trick! Turns out, linking your webpage to various sites can get you banned from certain search engines, so a smart way to go about this is to build a great network with influencers, fellow bloggers, and other internet-savvy people who can produce content that links back to your site.

Pretty smart, right? Whether you have a PR list for your new products or want to collaborate with an influencer, keep in mind that this doubles your visibility and promotes your webpage.

7. Improve Your Website’s Technicalities

Another key SEO tactic is to work on the technicalities of your website. This means, loading time, page speed, the number of elements, interface aesthetics, ease of use, and navigation.

These factors also help search engines decide whether you’re a top-notch website and whether you should be allowed to rank higher. So make sure your elements aren’t crowded, your page and website don’t take more than a few milliseconds to load and your website is easy to use and understand.

8. Get Professional Help

Sure, you’ve been producing great content and increase your rankings, but did you know that hiring article writing services can improve your rankings and branding strategy?

Professional writers know just how to structure and create content that the search engines index well. These writers also know just how to stay on top of the SEO trends to curate brilliant and bankable content for you.

Last Few Tips and Tricks to Slay Digital Marketing

Before you begin hacking away at the aforementioned list, here are some more tips to help you curate the best content for your website.

Consider Mobile Optimization. Mobile optimization makes sure that your website, content, images, etc., load properly across different screens or mediums. It is a major way of ranking high in the search engine sorting process.

Consider a Posting Schedule. Another way to make sure your content and website are streamlined and visible is to stick to a posting schedule – pick a certain time or days in a week.

Hire a Team of Professional Writers. A great way to ensure that your digital marketing plan is paying is to hire professional writers. You’ll never go wrong with professionally curated and planned content!

So there you have it – 8 super easy ways even noobs can ace the digital marketing game!

Written by Dave Brown
As a Sr. Editor, Dave and his team of article writers have helped small and large businesses get results through content. Look no further if you’re looking for a copy that stands out, makes an impact, and converts. Here they help you achieve your marketing goals through creative, well-researched content that follows the best SEO practices. Get in touch today!

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