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The Importance of Integrating Visual Marketing into Business Strategy

How Visual Marketing Works? A person’s eyes are a direct guide to making a decision. A glance will have more impact on...

The Importance of Integrating Visual Marketing into Business Strategy

How Visual Marketing Works?

A person’s eyes are a direct guide to making a decision. A glance will have more impact on a human’s choice than when a person hears or reads information about it. Humans perceive visual information 60,000 times faster than text information. Mankind doesn’t think in words, but in images instead.

These are all reasons why the visual component of marketing is very important for promotion and profit growth. While previously you could think of visual marketing as billboards or flyers handed out in front of a store, now it’s a whole new concept.

By visual marketing, we mean a range of elaborate solutions, from the logo, fonts, and color scheme of the brand, to any information that can be presented through pictures, infographics (including interactive ones), videos, etc. There are many types of visual marketing.

Why Visual Marketing Sells?

It increases user engagement

Visual marketing is used to engage users because words alone are not enough to promote anything. You need to develop a thoughtful strategy and use quality, unique content to first engage users and then prompt them to interact.

Visual content should not be limited to flickering ads, but rather it’s an opportunity to tell about your product or service, your blog, your organization, etc. The information can be useful to users, including a story, a how-to guide, an important infographic, a table, or any other but certainly helpful concept.

It builds recognition

The brand name is not the only thing to focus on when we talk about the popularity of the brand. When users recognize it by its logo or colors, or even by a specific font, it speaks volumes about the effective management of the business. Managers of such businesses are well aware that recognition is the first step on the customer’s path to purchase. The consumer needs to know the brand to decide to interact with it. Recognition builds customer trust, increases loyalty, and has a competitive advantage.

Creating striking visual content – such as infographics on in-house research – will quickly spread the brand name across social media and other online venues. Outdoor advertising channels, billboards, and car stickers are also an indispensable part of visual marketing to increase awareness and thus potential sales growth.

It contributes to social media sharing

One of the main goals of visual content is to simplify the material. In other words, images and videos should deliver information faster, easier, and more interesting than the text. Facebook and Twitter posts that contain images get more reposts than text-only posts. And platforms like Instagram and Snapchat prioritize visuals, making the text a secondary factor in social engagement. The strategy of visual marketing in social media is to spread the name of the brand as much as possible, engaging users, which will then lead to sales.

Tips for Visual Marketing Campaigns

The Importance of Integrating Visual Marketing into Business Strategy

Incorporate design into branding

Design that is subtly embedded into branding has a positive effect on increasing the value of a product or service among users. It also helps build trust, customer loyalty, and maintain an emotional connection with consumers.

Brand advertising campaigns

Any advertising campaign is aimed at attracting new customers to the brand. However, today’s audience is used to all kinds of promotions online. The branded design incorporated into an advertising campaign allows creating a special image of the company within its target audience, in addition, it provides an opportunity for targeting advertising to consumers who have already formed an impression of your company, and to strengthen relationships with them.

Log the statistics of campaign results

Tracking the results of advertising campaigns helps to build a clear picture of how successful they are, what the shortcomings are, and what can be adjusted to achieve even greater results. Truly effective business management always focuses on metrics, conducts A-B testing, and uses various markers to evaluate digital design among other things.

Use User-Generated Content

Photos, videos, text, and other types of content that Internet users create and post online themselves have an enormous advertising effect on the brand. The images coming directly from users increase brand awareness, authority in the eyes of the users themselves, as well as brand recognition. Allow users a quick share from your website.

Research your competitors

Researching how competitors use visual marketing allows to analyze successful and failed methods, catch popular trends and draw conclusions.

Stick to consistency

Be consistent in your use of visual marketing, don’t grab all the newfangled tricks and trends. Choose only the appropriate and relevant ones for the company. If statistics tell to make changes, test them first and introduce them gradually. If there is no concept and history behind the design, it bounces from trend to trend, it will be difficult to count on such benefits as trust, loyalty, sharing, purchases, and re-purchases. Be unique yet relevant.


Visual marketing is the interconnection between a visual element, such as an image or video, and the message it conveys. Based on cognitive psychology, companies can effectively market their products and services through the visual environment. This makes it much easier for consumers to retain and process information. Thus, in the process of developing a business strategy for any business, it is very important to integrate visual marketing from the very beginning. And what are your thoughts on visual marketing strategy?


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