Tips On Using A Presentation Deck To Boost Company Image

Boost Company Image

It is expensive to print brochures and leaflets to promote your business. You can easily save money by using presentation decks instead of printed material. Printouts are also not eco-friendly as they use paper, ink, or toner cartridges that damage the environment. Electronic presentations are not only free but are also easy to update when there are changes in business activities. Read on to find out how you can create an impressive presentation deck for your company without spending too much time or money.

Compile All The Information You Need For Your Presentation Deck Template

Create a list of the information you need to include in the presentation. These should be related topics including financial reports, testimonials, press releases, actions developed with data from different sources such as reports, press releases, and other documents. You can add images such as graphs and charts for a more impressive presentation.

Use Characteristics Of Good Presentation Deck Examples

You should include slides with bold titles accompanied by explanatory text to deliver information about your company. The font style and size used should be easy to read and the content should not appear too cluttered or confusing. Have one main message in each slide to retain the interest of people who will use it for reference purposes only. Use attractive graph makers, graphs, and tables alongside graphics such as arrows, lines, or circles that enhance understanding of key points in your presentation deck.

Using The Tools Online To Build Your Slide Deck Presentation

You will be able to create new slides and add, delete, move around content according to your needs. Use the drawing tool to add images such as graphs, tables, and diagrams. Insert video clips with audio from other databases into your presentation deck. Add hyperlinks that can direct viewers to relevant websites when they click on the links included in the presentation decks.

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Incorporate A Custom Presentation Deck Design In The Background Of Your Slides

You should have a custom background design with bold titles in contrast colors against the chosen background image for an impressive. Avoid using busy backgrounds that confuse viewers or have text that is too small to read. Use a light background with dark text for better visibility, particularly if no one will be giving live presentations.

Incorporate A Custom Presentation Deck Design In The Background Of Your Slides

Use A Variety Of Presentation Slide Deck Types To Present Information

You should use title slides with simple titles and explanatory information to introduce the topic covered in your presentation deck. You can include charts showing company performance accompanied by explanatory notes, graphs, tables, photos of employees, customers, or any other image related to your business activities. If there are links to various videos you have linked on your site, you can insert them as video clips rather than upload them since this saves time during the editing process.

Organize Content Using Traditional Layout Techniques And Creative Slides

Organize content so that there is a natural flow from one section to another. This should be done using the outline feature or by separating text and images so that it is easy to follow and understand. If you need content for your presentation, you can use data from reports and press releases as long as they contain the information you want to present. You can also create graphs, tables, or charts that summarize key points perfectly.

Use One Font Style And Size For Easy Reading And Clarity

The font size and style should be such that people find it easy to read all the information on each page of your presentation deck. The font style should be clear and attractive enough to retain interest without making the whole content appear cluttered or chaotic. Use a single font throughout your presentation because mixing styles may make reading difficult and create confusion.

Use Color Ranging From White To Black For Easy Reading And Comprehension

The background and font color should be such that the content is legible and easily visible to people who will use it for reference purposes only. Use dark shades of white, grey, yellow, or other colors for the backgrounds so that text appears crisp and easy to read. However, avoid using black to ensure visibility. Avoid using too many shades of a single color because this could make information on several pages appear confusing.

For presentation decks with images or graphs, use bright background colors for ease of viewing. You can also add shadows and gradients effects to enhance aesthetics while retaining readability. Add graphics such as arrows to explain important points in the presentation. Use graphs, charts, and tables with text to consolidate information about your business.


Presentation decks are a great way to showcase your company’s values and culture. However, you don’t want it to be too formal or boring. First impressions are everything in business. One of the most important ways to make a good first impression is through your company’s presentation deck. For an effective presentation, you need to show off your company’s best assets and highlight what makes it stand out from the competition.


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