Video Marketing 2024: The Future Of Content Marketing

Video Marketing

For the past ten years, the area of digital space has been transforming every day no matter what. A lot of people used to surf from the desktop and laptop computers to find the right content and interact with the right measures every now and then. However, not every other person is preferring mobile devices and tablets over Pcs and desktops.

The important part is to have access to the content you want to see. Many companies have adopted video marketing to have a closer approach to their customers. They can tell a story and connect with their clients through professional video production and high-quality content.

As of now, digital technology is turning completely cheaper which is another reason that people are preferring such measures now and in fact, every digital marketing company has a higher preference for the same. There are no limitations, restrictions, or boundaries in technology and people can freely access whatever they feel like at whatever time, and in whichever place as per their convenience and comfort.

At the current point in time, you can feel free to engage with content that you are interested in or are fascinated about. Currently, the grounds of content marketing have now completely altered as well.

In today’s times, there is an emerging need for content and one can gain success if there is proper delivery of what is the requirement of the consumers, the place where they want it, and in which form it is required.

Luckily, it is simple to keep a track of the changing grounds when there is an investment in the competitive field of content like video marketing. In the present changing world, video marketing is regarded as the best kind of online information and data that renders the value, similarity, and proper versatility needed by the consumers. All this time, a business mainly needs to cater to the requirements of the consumers’ lifestyle and work manner every time.

Well, if you are really looking forward to knowing what exactly is video marketing and why it is regarded as the future of content then scroll below and take a look.

Video Promotion by Numbers 

Aren’t you convinced about why video marketing is trending and how it can act as the future of content? Well, then below are some of the researched statistics that can benefit you in understanding the measures and goals of video marketing.

The following points are about the research from HubSpot.

  • Video is estimated to lay claim to around more than eighty percent of all the traffic of the web by the year 2024.
  • The addition of video towards the marketing emails can level up the click-through rates by two hundred to three hundred percent.
  • By adding the videos on the landing pages can boost the conversation rates by a percentage of eighty.
  • Ninety percent of the customers have made statements that the product video is helpful in the buying decisions.
  • As per YouTube, there has been a rapid growth in video consumption by a hundred percent each year.
  • Around sixty-four percent of customers are more prone to purchase a product from the online market after watching a video related to the same.
  • More than half of the online marketers that are eighty-seven percent of people are keen on using the video content for their digital marketing measures.
  • Every other person present out there is fond of spending their time online and half of that is dedicated to watching different types of videos.
  • The video advertisements are followed for around thirty-five percent of every ad that is spent online.
  • Even the sixty percent of decision-makers of an organization focused on watching a video rather than reading an informational article or a blog
  • A digital marketing expert named James McQuivey has calculated that an individual minute of the video content is equal to the one point eight million words.

The five main reasons for using video marketing is as follows:

As we know that videos are considered great and one of the highest growth in demand amongst people which is the reason that it is a hit among every other person. Everyone should know that video marketing is something that stands completely out from any other measures and due to the same reason every individual is keen on using the same.

Let’s take around to the five best benefits of video marketing:

1. Video content maintains the promotion of brand recall

As per HubSpot, around eighty percent of the customers are great at remembering a video that was watched by them during the last month. One of the greatest strengths of video marketing is that it has a great quality of visual and auditory which implies that it is simple for most of the users to be aware of the information in comparison to the text-based content.

When the customers are aware of the video marketing content provided by you, then eventually they will be aware of the name of your brand as well which can ultimately bring in more sales and leads towards your business.

Getting deeper into it, we can see that customers more probably like sharing the videos that are enjoyed by them and the same can bring in a broad expansion towards the online reach. For making the videos a superb memory, be aware that you are keeping a track of line with the help of your brand strategies. The implication for it refers to keeping the fonts, voice, logos, colors and so much more in the video marketing intact.

It should resemble your articles and blogs. As we know that videos can create miracles that cannot be done by text content, most users must be able to know the format and manner of the brand’s video online.

2. Rise the SEO of the website

Around sixty percent of the decision-makers present in the businesses prefer visiting the website of a marketer after they have taken a look at the branded video. One thing that should be clear is that the quality and resemblance of the video marketing content matter a lot and the same can ultimately improvise the search engine optimization of the website by moving people towards the home page itself. In the same place, videos can help in levelling up the conversion rates easily. The same website HubSpot has even made a statement that more than thirty-nine per cent of the business decision-makers are contacting a vendor after watching a branded video. With the addition of the video to the landing pages, the website, and the content offers, it is simple to improvise the search engine optimization value of an organization and thus improving the click-through rates as well around the board.

3. Better performance on every device

Video content has a great capability of rendering a better performance on each and every device possible. Apparently, the greatest trend driving the world of digital marketing is a highly responsive design. If an organization’s content is not performing well on a particular device or a browser system, then the business that is behind the same can lose traffic and acquire a lowered level of conversions as a result. With good luck, video content is the best fit for consuming it on every device, can range from mobile phones, laptops to computer systems. This can bring in the expansion of the reach for videos and turn it more user-friendly and concentrated on the consumer.

4. Strengthen the brand message

You do not need to worry, as video marketing is a saviour for everything, be it spreading the messages of a brand or raising the persona home for the organization. While using online video in the age of digital marketing techniques and approaches, we have the correct opportunities for embracing the brand messages and leveling up the same. With the subtle and sober elements like branding and designing, to the modernized features like content, video, and audio, the marketing for video is regarded as the best tool for strengthening the identity of the brand and making sure that the customers are aware of the brand or who you are.

5. Go Viral

As per the estimations, it has been noticed that around ninety percent of people who are viewing the mobile videos, do share them with other people as well. Well, this is a huge portion and is greater in comparison to the share rate of many different types of content that is present out there. One of the others discovered that videos are shared more on a twelve hundred per cent level in comparison to the links and the texts that are integrated.

Plus, there is around sixty percent of the viewers engage in the video posts that are present earlier than the next post. Due to the same, the video content is a great tool for any kind of brand that is looking for expansion to reach online or enjoy a higher amount of audiences.

With the creation of deep and curated information that can be easily accessed, easy to interact with the video content, brands can freely allow the development of a fruitful following on the online fronts and thus promote customer recalls as well. For instance, an organization that has been doing the same in a great format considers a meditation application called Headspace which has turned into a two-fifty billion business.


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The application renders various kinds of meditation that employ gamification for raising engagement. Users should complete and master every level of meditation before stepping into the advancing phase. Most of the sessions are present in a video format that can be beautifully crafted through the illustrations and the exact layouts which are original to the brand. The same is elegant, efficient, reliable, and engaging so far on the video.

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