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How Young Parents Can Get the Childcare They Prefer Through Content Marketing

We live in a world where capitalism and globalization have pushed families apart. The necessity to work longer hours and move to...

Young Parents Can Get Childcare They Prefer Through Content Marketing

We live in a world where capitalism and globalization have pushed families apart. The necessity to work longer hours and move to different cities for employment has pushed entire families asunder. With more and more people living in apartment complexes instead of neighborhoods, communities are more isolated than ever. 

At this time, young parents are facing a crisis. They aren’t getting the support they need to raise their children. Living far away from their parents and raising kids without the support structure of neighbors and close relatives is nightmarish. In this trying time, content marketing may help them get the valuable knowledge and avail services they so desperately need.

Create Keyword-Rich & Valuable Content

Keyword-rich content tracks much better than non-optimized content

Keywords are the foundation of every SEO campaign. Hence, they need to be employed liberally when it comes to content marketing. Young parents will search for certain keywords and key phrases that are extremely common. They will search for what to do when their children are sick or what they need to eat, etc. Hence, optimizing a website or a blog or a certain webpage for these keywords and phrases will help tremendously.

Make sure that you’re inserting those phrases that are part of or complete questions as well. Since parents will usually phrase their query in the form of a question. Also, young parents will usually use their smartphones to voice search as well, and voice searches are usually questions. Optimizing for long-tail keywords will help to improve your websites and blogs for search results.

Create Specific Landing Pages for Specific Searches

Through Content Marketing

Making specific landing pages for specific searches is very important. You may be offering several different services to your customers, but they’ll be looking for very specific things. Hence, you need to research what they are and optimize your landing pages for those questions.

You can make specific landing pages for different services, products, and bundles and packages. You can also optimize landing pages for different demographics. For example, girls will have different needs than boys and single parents will have different needs compared to couples. You can also market to clients and customers based on their lifestyles. Young parents tend to be career-oriented and want the best care for their children. Hence, they will search for an all-rounder childcare facility that will educate their children and let them play. You can also optimize for clients that are full-time moms and just need counseling or assistance. This optimization will allow you to close in on niches rather than appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Use Local SEO for Added Advantage

Through Content Marketing

You can also use local SEO for the added advantage of getting local clients. Young parents usually want to trust their children with services that are close to home or close to work. Hence, if you optimize your content marketing for childcare near me you’re bound to get continuous traffic. 

Try to do some research about young parents that live in certain gated communities or apartment complexes. If you have that information, you can market directly to them. You can optimize your landing pages for communities that will get you the greatest ROI.

Blog About Other Parents’ Experiences

Valuable content always has a greater chance of trending and getting continued hits than SEO content. Don’t get me wrong, SEO is great, but it can’t compete with great content. The greatest content for young parents is the experiences of parents that have been through their ordeal. 

Since young parents don’t live in the communities their parents once did, they can benefit a lot from shared experiences. Tips and advice from more experienced parents and even a few kind words of encouragement can help them along. A lot of parents feel that they’re inadequately raising their children when they can’t keep up. Assurances from older parents and more experienced parents can help them realize they’re not alone. These don’t have to be in the form of written interviews, they can be videos instead. Video content tracks very well; especially when shared through social media.

These are the things that young parents will find valuable and keep coming back to. It’s a great tool to cultivate a loyal customer base and community.

Latent Semantic Indexing Can Help Tremendously

Through Content Marketing

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is a great tool for content marketing childcare for young parents. It helps to relate the keywords you’ve placed in a post or web page to other related keywords. Hence, if you’ve used the phrase “childcare for young parents in Chicago, Illinois”, it’ll be related to other keywords for marketing. These can be “childcare for parents in Chicago, Illinois” or “childcare for parents in Indianapolis, Illinois”.

Offer Combined Services

Don’t forget to offer combined services in your childcare services packages. Most young parents are struggling so they would want a service that would educate their child and let them play. They would also want a service that would feed them and help them learn arts and crafts. You could also bundle classes together that teach children music or dancing, etc.

These content marketing techniques will help young parents find the childcare they so desperately need. Hence, they should be employed whenever possible.

Written by Wendell T
Wendell is a senior content manager at timelinecontent.com. She is responsible for overseeing the content writing services at the site. She enjoys bowling in her free time and loves the works of William Wordsworth. For any content related queries, contact her at timelineseo1@gmail.com.

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