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Valuable Tips That Will Change the Way You Build Links for Your SEO Campaign!

When it comes to digital marketing, the field is evolving and yet to release its full potential, and there are so many...

Build Links for Your SEO

When it comes to digital marketing, the field is evolving and yet to release its full potential, and there are so many different ways in which you can gain more audience. The advancing technologies, tools, skills and other factors associated with the various online marketing strategies have to be taken into account, and you must stay up to date with them to make the most out of them. The ever-changing rules of the marketing methods are not always the easiest ones to adopt, and hence one must learn and know about them first. Without a clear concept of the various marketing methods, it would be difficult to employ them. SEO is an important part of marketing which can influence the traffic and the ranking of your website, and it is important that you take it into consideration. And in this post, I will be sharing tips to build links for your SEO campaign.

Link building – An age-old method for marketing and gaining traffic

Link building is a classic and age-old method for marketing and increasing traffic and more audience for your website. For users who are not very adept at proper strategizing the link building methods, it has been a dead process since the rules keep changing and evolving with time. Here we are going to share with you certain white hat link building techniques which can help you get more exposure for your website and at the same time ensure that your site has maximum traffic possible. The key is to get target audience and have an audience who become dedicated followers and add to the regular traffic source for your website. According to Google, the links are the number one ranking factor and hence you must take care of the link building strategies that you adopt in the first place in order to reap the maximum benefit out of them.

Keep in mind the Google rules for link building

Before you start with link building, it is essential that you take into account the rules set by Google for link building. Since Google is the largest search engine there is, and a majority of the traffic that you get comes from the Google sources and your Google ranking, it is important that you give priority to Google. There are different types of links, and since all the links are not equal, you need to keep in mind the rules before you start to build links for your SEO campaign. The first and foremost rule of link building for Google is keeping the link building natural, and the Googlebot which crawl your website must not conclude that you are trying to manipulate the search algorithm with your methods. If it appears so to Google, it would be considered as a part of the link scheme and violation of the Google webmaster guidelines. The key is the quality, relevancy and the focus on the user when you are opting for a link building campaign. If your users are happy with your website and its information your search ranking would go up, and your business would grow as well. You can also check the marketing tactics list Here.

Avoid too many reciprocal linking

Website owners often come up with an understanding scheme of link exchange. It means that the proprietor of a website would consult with another site owner with a website or blogs for a similar topic and make a deal to link to each other. However, when there is excessively cross-linking between two sites, in particular, it can negatively impact the traffic on your website. The Google algorithms would be violated since this is manipulation in a way and that, in turn, would adversely affect the search result. Partner pages are beneficial for your ranking, but you must ensure that being a partner with another page is not exclusively for the sake of link building and cross-linking.

As long as the reciprocal linking is not done excessively and there is relevance between the links which are being exchanged, it would not affect your Google ranking negatively. There is SEO blueprint guide that can give you more information and ideas regarding the reciprocal linking issues. It is important to have a thorough understanding of this link building method in particular since it is one of the most commonly used ones.

Article marketing or guest posting

When a link has an over-optimized anchor text in the article that is being distributed and marketed on other websites, it can negatively impact your Google ranking and can hurt your SEO. The use of an anchor text in a small paragraph can appear as desperation to generate link backs to the website which is being linked. That is turn would seem to be an obvious way to draw attention to the particular site which is being linked and can result in creating a negative impact on your ranking on Google.

As long as the guest posts which are being made to create links in a natural way and does not forcefully include an unnatural amount of anchor texts in one sentence, it would not pose any trouble for your website ranking. Stuffing with anchor text and commercial keywords can surely get you in trouble when you are trying to create a brand out of your site. To a number of people using the brand keywords and the navigational phrases is a good way to come up with link building strategies for gaining more and more traffic.


There are different types of marketing and link building methods are one of them. The various ways in which you can create a good link building campaign are innovative and very different from each other. With a proper understanding of such methods, you can ensure that you are using white hat link building strategies. It can be concluded that the mentioned methods are some of the classic ways and with the right employment of these techniques you can gain more traffic.

Written by Derek Iwasiuk
Derek Iwasiuk is noted for his concept of the SEO blueprint guide. He is known for providing very authentic information on the various white hate techniques of link building. Follow his blog to know more about current SEO trends and practices.

12 Replies to “Valuable Tips That Will Change the Way You Build Links for Your SEO Campaign!”

  1. As I’m a beginner in the field of SEO, I’ve learned great tips on SEO for my project and for my campaign. It’s really so useful for starting blogging!

  2. Hey, Derek,
    Wonderful stuff!!
    SEO techniques are changing day by day and Google’s restricted rules make even harder for SEO. Only one way we can progress our rank if we follow contextual link building. Yes, only quality link building. Keyword stuffing and doing excessive link exchanging will affect SEO. Great suggestions and strategies you have mentioned in your post. Thanks for sharing these strategies and have a great weekend.

  3. As I’m a beginner in the field of SEO, I’ve learned great tips on SEO for my project and for my campaign. It’s really so useful for who starting blogging !
    Great Thanks!

  4. Hi Derek, Awesome tips there. I do feel Guest Posting is one of the finest ways of link building and driving traffic if done in the right way, not just to create the links. Adding Value!

    Though, apart from that I read a lot of blogs posts and always share my opinion over there to add some value to the post on which a webmaster put on a lot of effort. Apparently, that is also part of link building and considered as a legit one.

    And I do agree with you completely, reciprocal links or any black hat strategy may damage the website and ruin the SEO campaign you are creating around your website. Those might give a positive impact for a while or a certain period but if one is looking for a long run it is never being recommended. Thanks!

    Have a great day ahead!


  5. Hello Derek,
    Link building is one of the tough job for webmasters especially for the new comers. Google strict and penguin updates makes it more difficult for link building. However there are various ways to create backlinks from high authority websites like blog commenting and Guest posting on high authority websites that are relevant to your niche. Thanks for sharing these great tips and insights.

    Have a great day 🙂
    Vishwajeet Kumar

  6. Thanks for sharing the new strategy for link building. Will you please tell me the difference between raciprocal and cross link building?

    Sadhan Pal

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