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8 Plugins to convert a WordPress website into Mobile App

Mobile apps have completely transformed the entire human life. We use apps to perform a vast number of tasks such as social...

WordPress website into Mobile App

Mobile apps have completely transformed the entire human life. We use apps to perform a vast number of tasks such as social media, photo sharing, ticket booking, checking emails, bill payment, etc. Therefore, having a mobile app for your website is essential if you want to stand in front of the competition. we are going to share the plugins which can convert a WordPress website into Mobile App and make things easier.

Previously, mobile websites were in trend; however, now the trend has shifted to mobile apps. Ultimately, they are reliable, secure & easy-to-use.

Hence, if you have made a decision to develop a mobile app, but you are afraid regarding the cost of a mobile app. Then, we have got you covered. 

If you already possess a WordPress website for your business and brand, then we will provide some of the essential plugins that help to turn your website into an app with ease.

Without further ado, let’s get started:

8 Plugins to convert a WordPress website into Mobile App


AppPresser is a simple & effective platform to turn any WordPress site into a mobile app. It consists of a dedicated WordPress theme that is sufficient to turn an app not only of WordPress blog but also WooCommerce or BuddyPress site.

If you want a plugin, which provides a range of features, then go for AppPress. Some of the features of this plugin are given below:

  • Complete customization of the future app
  • Push Notifications
  • Color customization
  • Remove menu
  • Build navigation tabs

The best benefit of this plugin is an effective WordPress Integration. This functionality is not present in various other popular plugins. AppPresser offers complete integration with WordPress to access all the features in a converted app.


If you possess a content-driven site like a newspaper or blog, then you should opt for AndroApp. It allows you to develop an exquisite & profitable app. It is suitable to convert a website into both Android & iOS apps.

Various benefits of this plugin are given below:

  • Infinite push notifications
  • Store content offline
  • Unlimited scroll
  • Allow WordPress/Facebook comments
  • Monetize your app using Admob & Appnext add units
  • Customized app colors as per your needs 
  • Deep linking support and many more

The only drawback of this application is that the free version enables the developer to display their own ads. Lastly, it is an entirely white-labeled app; therefore, no references are needed.


MobiLoud provides a Mobile App Canvas Plugin that is competent for native mobile application development. The plugin offers the next level of incorporation with WordPress, your website content & third-party plugins.

It is one of the most suitable options to convert a WordPress website into a mobile app. The plugin is specially developed for high-traffic websites. Various benefits of MobiLoud are:

  • Multiple theme options
  • Instant content updates
  • Allow push notifications
  • Highly advanced HTML/CSS/PHP code editor to customize various things
  • Google Analytics support
  • Social Sharing and many more

Moreover, as soon as you download the Mobile App Canvas, the team will support you in setting up analytics, monetization, and other things.


WPApp.Ninja not only enables you to develop a native app from your WordPress site but also allows you to publish it on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. To develop an app, you have to buy a single lifetime license for this plugin. 

Various features of this plugin are given below:

  • Supports smartphone devices with Android 4.1 or above and iOS8 or above.
  • Automatic updates for the app
  • Customize name, logo & theme 
  • Allows to save content offline
  • Real-time user statistics
  • Integrate WordPress search engine
  • Social media sharing on different platforms and many more

The team promises to deliver the app within 20 minutes which you can publish on the respective platform.


Blappsta is absolutely free & supports both platforms, Android & iOS. It is another popular plugin to convert your WordPress blog to an app. Various awesome features of the plugin are as follows:

  • Push notifications as soon as the post goes live
  • Enables commenting in the native app
  • Share button for different social media platforms & email
  • Allows arranging content in the app like most popular content at the top & middle & related posts at the bottom.
  • Create navigation & home page design as per your needs and many more

The most stunning feature of this plugin is that it comes with “Blappsta Preview†which enables you to test as well as preview your app prior to releasing it for the public.


Web2App is a popular WordPress plugin that enables you to turn your responsive website into a native application instantly. You can configure the entire setup without any need for coding. 

The plugin will not work like a mobile app, which requires a lot of money to develop, but it comes with a lot of customization features that are responsible for making it a proper and cost-effective replacement.

Various features of the plugin are as follows:

  • Analytics to track what users like
  • Customize push notifications
  • Select & Customize splash screen
  • Upload your own customize the splash screen
  • Chromium webview engine offers a great browsing experience
  • Monetize the app using Admob and many more

The incredible feature of this plugin is that it allows opening external apps from Webview or Drawer. Please note that it allows you to convert only to an Android app.


This plugin allows you to turn your website into an app that supports both the leading platforms, Android & iOS. Appful is developed by a SaaS company that helps various companies, publishers & magazines to target their audience through a mobile app.  

Various featured offered by Appful are as follows:

  • Infinite push notifications
  • Save posts offline & read afterward
  • Sharing on different media platforms
  • Native commenting
  • Robust content caching speed
  • Live editing from anywhere 
  • Content monetization through a subscription model

Popular apps developed using the Appful plugin are Futurism, Peta.org, etc.   


If you want to convert your website into a mobile app in just a few minutes, then opt for WappPress. However, this plugin is not recommended for anyone who wants to customize their app and control various things in the app. 

Various features of the app are as follows:

  • Instant push notifications
  • Automatic updates
  • Customize features of templates as well as pages
  • Create & upload customized launcher icon & splash screen icon
  • Monetization available via Admob

This plugin is best suited for a blogger or a non-profit organization that wants to launch its app on the Android platform.

So, these were the 8 most popular plugins to convert a WordPress website into a mobile app.


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