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Why Mobile App Maintenance Service Is Important: 10 Reasons You Must Know

Mobile App Maintenance Service and how to look for a perfect one. Can you imagine a day without using your mobile phone?...

Mobile App Maintenance Service Is Important: Reasons You Must Know

Mobile App Maintenance Service and how to look for a perfect one.

Can you imagine a day without using your mobile phone?

I’m sure the universal answer to this question would be “NO”!

Be it children, millennials, or adults, mobile phones have become an integral part of our day. 

We use n number of applications throughout the day. These applications include navigation, music streaming, OTT platform apps, social media apps, assistant apps to keep a track of our activities. 

Well, do you know mobile apps once created cannot be abandoned? They have to be maintained for a lifetime. The app developing team has to keep putting in efforts to upkeep the app, its appearance, and also its usability. 

Mobile application maintenance services require a list of things:

  • High-end Devices
  • Expert Developers
  • Long Duration Hours 
  • Upgraded Software

Mobile app maintenance service is a lengthy process carried out by the app development company. 

App maintenance becomes a recurring expense for the client. The app maintenance costs around 10-20% of the total development cost. 

BONUS TIP – Everything agreed between the app development agency and the client should be solemnized in the contract along with an NDA. The term that they will provide you with all the support and maintenance after the app deployment should be included in the agreement. A term in writing can always be referred to in the future.

Come, let’s peep into the main reasons behind the importance of mobile app maintenance service:

Reason #1 – Security Purposes

With every passing day, the public is learning more about technology. But, the problem is that not everyone’s intentions are good. There are hackers who are ready to get into your app system and internal database. 

They can cause a considerable amount of damage to your app code or steal the user database or even corrupt the entire app. To be honest, they can do immeasurable damage to your application’s sensitive information. Hence, regular maintenance of mobile apps can help in keeping a check on the possible threats on the net.

Reason #2 – Improved UI for Enhanced UX

An app’s UI and UX are inter-connected. While using the app, a user can get bored of the user interface. Working on improving the look of the app is very important to retain the users of your app. This in turn improves the UX. Such improvements are necessary to retain the users on your app, otherwise, there are 100s of other options, they will switch to other competitor apps. 

Reason #3 – Fixing Bugs, Lagging & Low Performance

Any bugs or performance-related issues reported by the users should be looked into ASAP. If the app lags while in use, this clearly means it requires immediate action otherwise the user will stop using the app. Regular maintenance reduces the possibility of performance problems.

Reason #4 – OS Upgrades

Every Operating System launches upgrades once in a while. The app has to be made compatible with the latest versions as users today have become tech-savvy. If they update their phone system and are unable to use the previous apps, their brand loyalty will decrease. 

Reason #5 – Blacklisted or Downfall in App Store Ranks!

One of the reasons the app loses popularity or gets blacklisted is due to its older version. If the app doesn’t provide regular updates, it won’t appear on the top in Play Store and App Store.

BONUS TIPWhy do you think Facebook’s WhatsApp Messenger has small updates every now and then? 

Reason #6 – New Features

Users look for apps that are the most functional. After a point in time, every app becomes basic. It becomes more than compulsory to add new features to the app. This can help in winning a user’s undivided attention. 

Inspiration for new features can be taken from the competitor applications. Just keep one thing in mind, increase the utility of the app to gain the user’s trust.

Reason #7 – Reduce App Downtime & Loss of Revenue

When an app is down, users look for an alternative app. They use that app either for the time being or completely switch to that app. This way, either for the short term or permanently, you can lose revenue you earn from each customer. Thus, upkeep the app from time to time.

Reason #8 – Tech-Savvy Users

People today have a lot of knowledge of the IT industry and prevalent trends. They love to upgrade their phones as and when new models are launched. If they are so interested in using the latest devices and technology, they will appreciate their favorite apps receiving upgrades.

Suiting the user’s preferences is the primary reason for maintaining an app. A user’s preferences might change, hence any change in the application should be made according to how the users want an app to be. You can also take surveys to understand their individual expectations.

Reason #9 – Corporate Competition

As I said earlier in this blog, app development is not a one-time job. It’s that child which needs grooming every now and then. All competitors work on their created apps continuously so they can provide users with the best app experience.

Reason #10 – App Traffic

Updates in-app features bring in new users. Also, existing users visit and swipe through all the screens of the app. Word of mouth publicity also works in favor of the app owner as more users download and use the app. 

Final Thoughts…

With this, we come to the end of this blog. Above, I have explained 10 main reasons to maintain the mobile application. 

Keep your users happy with the latest upgraded version of your app! 

Happy App Developing to you! 


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