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10 Easy Tips for Growing Your Creative Career on Instagram

Social media is responsible for completely altering the lives that people currently lead. This is particularly true for small business owners and...

Creative Career on Instagram

Social media is responsible for completely altering the lives that people currently lead. This is particularly true for small business owners and artists who are constantly looking for ideal places to sell their work. If you are also one among them, you need to ensure that you have the right strategies so that you gain attention from people who are not only going to be your followers but will also turn into your customers at one point in time. One of the most important and powerful tools for marketing your work is undoubtedly Instagram. 

Consider the list of Instagram tips that will help in concentrating on growing your creative career.

Work on gaining followers

An important thing that you have to keep in your mind is that every Instagram account starts with 0 followers. Even Kim Kardashian did not have any followers on Instagram. It can indeed be extremely discouraging to upload pictures and find out that no one is viewing them. However, if you are capable of pushing through the rate of low followers, you are going to see a change within 6 months only. As soon as you start gaining followers steadily, you need to start working on your Instagram account, so that your followers do not end up unfollowing you. 


Hashtags can help other people discover your content. They are powerful and valuable search tools and therefore you need to use 7 to 10 hashtags in every post, as stated by www.mymordernmet.com. Some hashtags, however, are known to have millions of posts. This means that the popular hashtags are going to shove your content down because people are posting constantly. Therefore, you need to strategically use hashtags, so that your content gets seen easily and are not pushed down. 

Engage with the audience

Instagram is an important social media platform for a crucial reason- it helps in interacting with your followers. Engaging is significant as it helps in gaining more followers. This can be done in two ways. One way is, like the posts that your followers post and they are going to return the favor. The second way is leaving comments, which will depict that you are interested in the kind of content that your follower is posting. However, stay away from disingenuous and spammy comments; they are not going to win you new fans. If you are interested in getting genuine likes, visit the reputed website of stormlikes.

Post pictures that stand out for people and make them need to share:

How to get active audience engagement? The key is to ensure that you’re offering both a great design and value. An image worth a thousand words…so ensure you’re stating the right ones!! 

You can use applications like WordSwag and Typorama to create all of your posts. No requirement for expensive designers, these tools make your stuff look totally professional for absolutely no cost (and they’re EASY to utilize.) 

SFS (“share for share”).

SFS strategies whereby you share and elevate promote other partners to work on your page. Look at other players in your space with similar-sized (or slightly larger) accounts. You can begin by reposting their pictures and tagging them in the picture and afterward, over time, they’ll begin doing likewise for you as the number of your follower’s increases.

(You can DM their record to expedite this process after you’ve demonstrated some love.) Having different records share your content is huge. Creating a team (or ‘syndicate’) of partners all cross-promoting each other’s work is incredible for introduction, brand awareness, and building authority in your space. And it’ll grow your account … FAST.

Plan for the future

A great and appropriate strategy requires proper planning. You can consider downloading applications that will permit you to schedule posts. Without a proper plan, it is going to become practically impossible to succeed as a creative on Instagram

Mix in some “lifestyle†shots

Here’s where the more “Instagrammy” stuff matters–the piece of the personal branding the formula that a few people are resistant to and that numerous professionals don’t think applies to them. As you think about demonstrating a slice of your lifestyle, think about which activities and places you’re displaying around which there is substantial community individual who shares comparative interests (from baking pies to snowboarding) you can begin a conversation with around that photograph.

Simply found another wine bar in your neighborhood that you’ve been hitting up on ends of the week? Offer a photograph from that point; label it by area, and after that see that’s done likewise. This applies even if the lifestyle isn’t too essential to your industry–since chances are something more than just the individuals in your field enjoy a great conversation over a glass of wine and light eats. 

What’s more, that, thusly, can help extend your entrance to people and opportunities you may not have thought about. Remember, Instagram can serve as your “interests” brought to life, curate in a way that lets you highlight the ones that you think will most resonate with your targeted audience whether that is recruiters, managers, colleagues, or just other professionals who do what you do

Use shout-outs to widen your reach

Another extraordinary method to manufacture your network on Instagram is through “shout-outs.” That’s when one profile tags you and praises your account, commonly in exchange for doing the same for them. 

This is something Instagram influencers will, in general, accomplish more regularly than ordinary users; however, it’s a strategy anyone can take advantage of. Find records of comparable sizes in followers and who have comparable backgrounds and interests, at that point send them an asking them to do a shout-out.

Realize when to pull-back

Like all types of social networking, it’s possible to overdo it hard and end up observing diminishing returns. It will become evident that you’re wasting your time when your endeavors to interface with your target market keep falling flat some of this is intuitive. For example, if fashion isn’t your cup of tea, don’t spend too much time & energy engaging with followers for Vogue’s account or users utilizing the #fashionista hashtag. 

Something else, simply analyze a little and accomplish a greater amount of what works. What is incredible about social media is that the reaction is immediate; you see the outcomes instantly as others draw in with you–or don’t. 

To an ever-increasing extent, having a meaningful social following is simply one more type of networking- it’s an approach to demonstrate the intensity of your ideas and influence in a specific industry, and it gives you a base of like-minded experts & professionals to take advantage of advice and opportunities. In any case, the familiar maxim to “know thyself” applies just as well to modern technology as it generally needs to live itself. 

Complete a touch of conceptualizing in advance about how you want to position yourself and whom you most need to connect with. At that point get to it!

Switch to a business account

The business account is ultimately going to help in making the conversion that you are interested in. Eric J Dalius and understand how your business account is going to provide access to Instagram analytics as well. You will understand the peak posting time, the statistics to understand how your posts are performing, and understand your demographics. 


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As a creative, it is not easy to let the world know about the work you do. However, if you are appropriately using Instagram, you are going to get clients that will help you to grow your business.

Written by Pete Campbell
Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients by helping them real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.

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  2. There’s a high bar for originality and inventiveness across social media, and not just in the art space: photos that look processed or overly edited tend not to do well, but ones that capture a distinctive perspective or defining moment stand out.

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