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Top 10 Career Choices if you are a Techy

Being techy in the contemporary world offers you numerous career opportunities. Technology comes among the fastest-growing careers with several advantages. If you...

10 Top Career Choices if you are a Techy - Tricky Enough

Being techy in the contemporary world offers you numerous career opportunities. Technology comes among the fastest-growing careers with several advantages. If you are interested in technology, you will get well-paying jobs in startups, tech companies, and many other IT departments. There may be many top career choices but techy looks for a job that pays well and make him stay in one place.

Now that we have made your heart inclined towards pursuing techy jobs (high pays are attractive!) you should also consider the hard work and commitment you have to put in. There are some characteristics that will lead you to a successful and joyful career in technology. So all you have to do is work on those characteristics and polish your skill set.

How to have a successful tech career?

Tech careers demand creativity and scientific reasoning ability. Your position barely matters when it comes to working with technology. You will have to look for creative solutions that are accessible and attractive in a visual sense too. Be it Google or IMB, every tech firm is open to investing in creative efforts.

A techy should find problem-solving a joyful task. If you are someone who enjoys fixing their television, WiFi, or motorcycle without any help from the experts, you might be a good fit for this career path. Having patience along with an eagerness to fix things on your own is an appreciable skill not everyone has.

Along with these, you must have the desire to gain knowledge, and learn new things. The pace of technological advancements will make you face systems, equipment, and software that evolve at a rapid pace. Thus, you have to be patient and be up to date with all the necessary knowledge. You may take up an online MCA course to learn with flexibility. You will find online MCA course fees quite affordable. MCA is one of the most popular online degrees that impresses HRs. Having an MCA degree gives a salary hike of 30%-50% on average.

Now that we have our hands on the basics of having a successful tech career, let us look at the top 10 career choices for you.

1. Software Engineering Manager

Software engineer managers supervise other software engineers and guide them on projects such as applications, development, and designing of software and programs.

Employers generally look for a bachelor’s degree in computer science or programming, along with a few years of experience in the job role or some equivalent industry. You should have a good command of programming languages and programs.

Software engineering managers get around 31.2 lakhs on average. The top 10% of workers get more than $43.9 lakhs annually.

2. Mobile Applications Developer

Mobile app development is one of the most rapidly growing and lucrative professions. Businesses, programmers, consumers, and creatives widely adopt it. Everything these days, be it communication, business, current affairs or entertainment, everything is associated with mobile gadgets and software. Those with a degree in information systems or computer science top the preference list of employers.

A mobile application developer in India earns an average of 5.0 lakhs, with remunerations that vary from 1.8 lakhs to 12.3 lakhs.

3. Information Systems Security Manager

Under this job role, you have to take charge to prevent computer viruses, hacker attacks, security lapses, networks, and confidential data. A little mistake can lead to huge financial loss and it can also result in the organisation being fined. Thus firms must implement strict security measures.

Information systems security managers in India earn annually around 16,66,459 on average.

4. Database Manager

As a database manager, you will be responsible to manage and create systems the firm uses for storing and organising business data. You have to make sure that the data is secure, for this you would be following some security procedures. Along with this, the database manager has to supervise the database team, and their daily operations and determine the businesses’ requirement for data storage.

Having a bachelor’ s or an associate’ s degree in computer science, management information systems, or any other relevant field is a requirement for this job.

Database managers’ earnings in India on average is 15 lakhs annually. The wages range from 2 to 36.7 lakhs.

5. Data Security Analyst

The techies in data security have to make sure that the systems are safe from hackers and viruses. One has to assess the firm’s security procedures and figure out its vulnerabilities, and then necessary improvements are recommended with an aim to enhance system efficiency and security.

Those with atleast a bachelor’s in computer science or information science are welcome for the job role. Bachelor of science in information security is a program that is comparatively more relevant for the job opportunity of a data security analyst.

As a data security analyst, you can earn an average pay of 5,29,305 yearly.

6. Product Manager

Product managers connect with the technical team to consider the parameters of any product. Further, they help in the improvisation and development of the product from scratch.

As a product manager, you are expected to create an operating plan that has strategic objectives, build a product portfolio, and execute marketing plans. You should have a good understanding of every aspect of product lifecycle management. Along with this, the product manager should be familiar with various platforms used for managing products. Having good analytical and time management skills helps a lot.

A product manager earns around $100,000 as an average salary on an annual basis.

7. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

An AI engineer’ s job is to create, manage and keep the organisation’ s AI projects under control. You have to be excellent at math and statistics for sure.

Your job responsibilities require good coding skills and knowledge of Torch, Python, and R. You should be aware of the technologies related to AI such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Neural Networks.

The average pay of AI architects is somewhere around $11,000 per year. However, there are several other high-paying jobs within the domain of AI.

8. Full-Stack Developer

It is estimated that by 2023, the number of developers worldwide will be around 27.7 million, making the sector the highest-paid IT career! There is no definite description of the job role and eligibility of a full-stack developer, however broadly it should be somebody who has a good command of front and back-end development.

Responsibilities as a full-stack developer:

  • Ability to design and implement API
  • Knows the fundamentals of web designing
  • Is aware of technologies such as Express.js, Node.js, AngularJS, and MongoDB.
  • Knows scripting and programming
  • Knows about database technology

You are expected to build and construct APIs with MEAN stack technologies, ensure the apps are responsive and match the applicable standards, implement data security, and test the integrity of code.

The average income of a full-stack developer is over $106,000 annually.

9. Cloud Architect

Cloud architects execute the company’s cloud computing strategy and take care of it. You should be well aware of the workings of cloud application architecture, have good communication skills, and have experience in cloud platforms from Microsoft Azure, Google, or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

A cloud architect takes up the charge to define cloud architecture, forming a cloud strategy, and managing how it is implemented and deployed. They have to ensure that everything is done in a correct manner.

A cloud architect earns auto $107,000 on average per year. However, there are jobs that offer a handsome amount within the field of cloud computing.

10. DevOps Engineer

The job makes you a member of the development team who has to help in deploying and network operations, or you can be a part of the operations team who are responsible for application development.

DevOps engineers should know coding, writing scripts, and the procedure for setting up and running a network. You can be given the responsibility to create and maintain a deployment infrastructure, connect cloud services to automate processes, or do shell programming in PHP, Ruby, and Python.

The average annual pay of a DevOps engineer is somewhere around $95,000 to $140,000.


Although we have mentioned above the top 10 career choices that have a good salary package as well, there are various other fields such as digital marketing and cyber security that require skilled professionals so you may consider them if the above list didn’ t excite you.

You can conveniently pursue degrees and training through online learning for the job roles you want to get in. The online MCA course fees or any other relevant courses are quite reasonable. If you are a professional who wants to scale up your CV and add value to it for a salary hike, or you are a student with multiple responsibilities, you can easily enrol yourselves in an online program. The best part of online learning is the flexibility they provide you. You can have semester breaks at your convenience, take exams from anywhere you are comfortable, seek guidance from professional trainers and there’ s much more. You even get opportunities for networking with your classmates who are from all around the globe.

If you want to get into a job that you aspire to, start working on it. A beautiful and successful future awaits you!


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