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5 Essential Tips on How to Become a Full Stack Developer

There is cut-throat competition in the development market these days. Just learning the basics of programming and entering the market is futile....

Become a Full Stack Developer

There is cut-throat competition in the development market these days. Just learning the basics of programming and entering the market is futile. The reason for this is that companies nowadays are looking for full-stack and Lamp Stack Developers. Yes, firms today need developers that are capable of handling both front end development and back end development as well. These developers must be able to take care of the DBMS, servers hosting, website and application design and functionality all at the same time. If any developer is capable of managing it all then he/she can proudly put the tag of full stack developer before their name. 

Full-stack development and lamp stack development has become the hottest topic in the community. And today, every recruiter expects from the developers that they are not just in sync with these industry standards, but have mastered both the front end and backend development. Without these skills in your arsenal, it’s nearly impossible for you to land a job as a developer. 

Now, if you are into the domain of development and are looking to make it big as full-stack or lamp stack developer then don’t you worry. Why because we are going to discuss some of the essential tips that would help you a great deal in becoming a Full Stack Developer. So, just watch out. 

Programming Languages

Now. you can not hope to become a full-stack developer without being proficient in multiple programming languages. These are the basis of development and if you don’t know multiple programming languages then my friends you need to work hard as much as you can. 

A question might arise why multiple programming languages?  When you are a full-stack and a lamp stack developer you will have to work on different projects. Now the choice of the language is very important on the basis of the project requirements. You cannot develop every website and application with just a single programming language. 

So, which programming languages are essential for you to be a full stack developer? Apart from CSS and JavaScript, it is important that you also learn python, pearl, java, ruby, etc. These are important as you will be writing most of your code in these languages. Apart from the languages you also need to learn to work with the complementary framework of these languages. Well, you do have a lot of options when it comes to the framework. But we would recommend you to go with the most recent and stable one like Django for python. So make sure to be a brilliant programmer before you even aim to become a full stack developer


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Front End Tech

Front end technology is becoming more and more important in today’s project and product development. We are crucial in developing the interactive user interface. Without this, the project developed by you is bound to fail as your users won’t find it interactive enough. So you need to master some basic front end technologies that are used in the development of front end of the website and application such as HTML, CSS, and framework supporting these languages. For further customizing the front end for your users you can use the programming languages as discussed above. After this comes the third party libraries such as Angular JS, jQuery, LESS, SASS, react, etc. 

Database Management System

Every project and a completely developed project needs a database to store information. So no matter how good your website or your application is, in the end, it is useless without a database management system. So you need to master at least two database management systems. Well, you can go for the two most used database management system which is my SQL, Hadoop, and MongoDB. This DBMS is enough for you to get started as a full stack developer. Further you learn other database management system but for now, you can use MongoDB for small projects and for the large projects you can go for my SQL. But don’t be hasty, learn to interact with these databases before you use them. 

Be Updated With The Latest Technology

“The one with the latest tech wins” is a saying in the development community. It is true that we are developing at an astonishing rate. The same goes for the development tools we use, with the development of new and advanced technology. A new type of development software came into existence. It is important that you regularly update yourself with these technologies. If you are not learning how to use these advance tech then at the very least read about the development and the ongoing research in your field. This way you will always know where your future is headed to. 

Get Exposure

Well if you are a Beginner as a full stack developer then this tip is for you. You need to remember that reading books won’t help you survive in the real world. You need to try everything yourself. So get exposures to a different project that will increase your practical knowledge, don’t be a bookworm.  

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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