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7 Effective Content Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Online Business

Content marketing is one of the most reliable ways to drive traffic, build brand awareness, and gain customer loyalty. More and more...

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Content marketing is one of the most reliable ways to drive traffic, build brand awareness, and gain customer loyalty. More and more companies today are realizing the need to actively work on content marketing ideas.

Today it is not enough just to have an online store, it will not bring the results that the owner expects. In order to increase ROI (return on investment), you need to create a unique online presence. And that’s exactly what you need competently composed content.

An effective content marketing strategy will help you reach your target audience, drive visitor engagement, and more. Also, using this you can get promising leads, improve conversion, and position your business correctly.

According to InGenious Guru‘s calculations, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing efforts. Moreover, this type of marketing brings in three times more leads. In this article, we will try to figure out what content marketing ideas can work. We will also consider the approaches that need to be applied to develop an Internet business.

Email newsletter and content

Email newsletters are a great way to start generating great content. The Campaign Monitor claims that for every dollar spent on email newsletters, $ 38 ROI is returned. Naturally, these results can be achieved with proper email marketing.

Various tools and approaches can be used to properly organize mailings. For example, you can send personalized emails to customers. This category includes welcome and newsletters that are timed to coincide with certain promotions. Seasonal and themed messages positively influence sales. You can also inform customers that the product they need is running out of stock.

Personalization is the key to success. When contacting clients, their interests must be taken into account. Once you have a quality email marketing base, you have a great channel to reach your target audience. Particular attention should be paid to headlines; many buyers lose interest in the text if they are not hooked from the very beginning.


You might be surprised, but magazines remain in vogue and attract readers. Subscription content allows you to build strong relationships with your target audience and turn readers into followers. For online stores and online businesses, magazines can turn into the personification of your business. Consider starting your own magazine or catalog, and you will soon see customer loyalty increase.

With a glossy quality magazine, you can combine physical contact with digital technology. It is also worth using modern technology for the convenience of readers. For example, provide product photos with QR codes so that they can be scanned using a mobile device.

Instructions and product guides

Instructions and so-called product guides have evolved into very convenient and effective content marketing tools. By teaching customers how to use a particular product, you can encourage them to purchase your product.

In such instructions, it is extremely important to provide useful information, to help the consumer, and not to pour water. Detailed instructions will help you build your image as an expert in your industry. Educational videos are also increasingly used. They also help generate traffic.


When doing business online, it is not easy to find sites that will agree to link to your online store. As a rule, site owners do not want to associate their resources with any stores (unless they are paid for it). A good way to get attention is to post on blogs on behalf of your site/store. For example, if you sell baby products, you can write interesting posts on mom forums. By posting useful content, you can link back to your own site and give examples of the products you sell.

To become a successful blogger, it’s important to always remember what you are writing for your audience. No need to make texts overly advertising. Be sure to include visual examples in your texts. Talk to people in the same language so that your post can motivate them. Provide readers with useful and important information; accompany it with photos, videos, graphs, etc. All this raises interest.

User Content

User-generated content is critical to the success of an online business. This content is created by users; we are talking about the materials that they devote to your company or products. This includes reviews, impressions, etc.

User Content posted on the company’s website is well received by visitors. According to Businesswire, 85% of users find this content to be more compelling than content produced by the company/store itself.

It is important to encourage your customers to provide feedback on products and services. To do this, you should also acquire a representative office on social networks. For example, you can encourage users to subscribe to such content with a special hashtag, indicating your brand name.

Life stories

True life stories related to a product/company are always received with a bang. The main thing is not to overdo it. You shouldn’t invent something, the stories should be real. As a rule, a fake is quickly calculated, which leads to serious reputational losses.

With the help of such stories, you can tell about your brand, increase loyalty to it. It is important to present information that will be truly interesting to readers. Do not persist with advertising: the message should be read between the lines, and not hit straight in the forehead. Emotional coloring should be used in the story. It is also recommended to encourage readers to share their own stories.

Large companies often use this marketing technique. For example, tourism clothing and equipment firms often produce themed documentaries. Naturally, the characters in them use the products of the company that ordered the film.

Agents of influence

Bloggers with a large audience, show business stars, etc. are considered effective agents of influence. The main thing is the ability to influence the masses. Any mention of your brand or product by agents of influence will be a plus. Well-chosen, unique content is a great opportunity to stand out from the competition. There are a few key rules to keep in mind when doing this.

  1. No copywriter can tell about your product/services/company better than yourself. Therefore, it is imperative to provide detailed introductory information. It is even better if the person dealing with the content is inside the company and is well aware of all the processes.
  2. There is a big difference between ad copy and outright lies. Don’t lie to your customers and consumers. The lie will definitely be revealed, after which it will be almost impossible to keep the deceived people.
  3. Refuse to copy materials from other sites. In addition to the fact that search engines will immediately detect plagiarism, you will also get a fat minus in your karma. Reputation is something that takes years to build but can be destroyed in one day.

In any case, the content needs to be given increased importance. It is due to correctly selected materials that you can stand out from the competitors. The average consumer is not so important whether to buy this or that product from you or from someone else. Therefore, the main goal should be the desire to hook the consumer. And that’s exactly what content can do.

Written by Nicole Botello
Hello! I'm Nicole Botello, a 28yrs old digital marketer from Texas currently living in Maryland and is obsessed with Programming and web design.

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